Blu-ray Hits BitTorrents.

First those pesky pirates cracked Sony's shiny new copy protection. Now they've added insult to injury by sharing Hi-Def movies with the world.

Sony's struggling to keep a lid on Blu-Ray. First we hear it's been cracked by diligent hackers, and now they're salting Sony's wounds by uploading the Hi-Def goods to BitTorrent websites.

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specialguest4307d ago

As tempting as it is to download a Blu-ray movie file, I think it's not worth the time and effort. How big is the file anyway? It's going to take forever and what if it doesn't even work at the end? I want my Hi-def movies watched on my 50inch HDTV, not my monitor.

(note: I still support the pirate community though)

kingboy4307d ago

downloading anything more than 4Giggs isn`t always pleasant

DC RID3R4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

stop trying to douse the flames, the rain's coming!!!!

i can see winrar iso's and ciso's (not that i condone that sort of thing?) dropping out the sky in NO-TIME :)


specialguest4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

I run at 6mb cable connection. I think that's pretty decent, but it still takes me forever to dl a 4GB file. If I was dl at a consistant 75-100kbs, then it would not be a problem at all, but that's usually not the case when it comes to P2P file sharing.

nobody's making excuses just because it's Blu-ray here. 25GB takes forever, especially if there are not enough seeds and peers.

richie007bond4307d ago

To be honest i wouldn't waste my time downloading 25 gig movies it would take forever,besides after watching movies on my HD DVD i couldn't go back to watching low bitrate pirate copy's,i would rather go out and spend £15 on a brand new legit movie that i could watch in its full HD glory and take pride of place in my collection.Pirate copy films at the end of the day hurt the industry as a whole driving up prices and costing jobs

BrotherSic4307d ago

guess it all depends on your internet connection...

I remember the days when 4GB was hassle but on a 8mb line you can download that in a few of hours.

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