New 50 Cent looking good. No, seriously. - Gameplayer

Quote from hands-on preview: Wow… just, WOW. When our very friendly, very theatrical, THQ representative visited us today, he decided to dig into his duffle bag and hold aloft a single disc – not unlike Link with a Gold Skulltula...

The disc was labeled '50 CENT' in big letters, and it immediately caused a shockwave of very mixed reactions in the office...

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pixelsword3591d ago

...the game mechanic looked a lot like Eight Days with you sliding for cover and stuff like that, so It'll be interesting if this game does the gist of what SONY's game was supposed to do, but also be multiplat. Then that only means that SONY has to step-up their game for being usurped.

TheFreak3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

lol 50 cent.It seems that the game has a original storyline LOL.
Who are buying these types of games??

PS360PCROCKS3591d ago

lol "so we settled on listening to the touching love ballad “I got Hoes”. " lmao classic. lol "love ballad"

InMyOpinion3591d ago

Hate that site. Always report bs.

Fishy Fingers3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

Stop clicking on gameplayer articles.

andron6663591d ago

That site has a lot of bull. A few good articles too, but a lot of bull...

thetan50003591d ago

You just want to punch those two douche bags wearing the hoodies in the face.

InMyOpinion3591d ago

Thx for the tip fishy. Will do.

SlappingOysters3591d ago

Picked on a school by the cool kids were you.

I haven't played the game. But the site's reviews are generally spot on so I am willing to hope this is a good successor to the club.

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The story is too old to be commented.