New Xbox Experience brings RRoD

Oy vey... Looks like the New Xbox Experience dashboard update is experiencing some not-so-new Xbox woes. November 19: launch day for the NXE update. Not 24 hours after it went live, complaints are already piling up.

Various forums online have threads and threads of people reporting anything from connection freezes, slow downs, lock ups, broken TV connections, and so many other different numerical errors that, if all of them were strung together, could potentially measure all the way from Earth to the moon (and back).

No, but seriously though.

There are even reports of brickage - yes, the famed red ring of death is back. Some say it's limited to modded consoles only (no surprise there) but other untainted units seem to be affected by the same problem too.

We've yet to hear any official response from Major Nelson or any of the Microsoft staff. Some say the slow downs are caused by the simple fact of surging traffic accessing XBL, but the other problems are still unaccounted for.

If you are experiencing any problems with the NXE update, you might want to contact customer service (good luuuuuck!) or check out the forums to ask around if anyone's getting the same problem as you.

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tortella3198d ago

since 3 year warantees have run out for like a million gamers worldwide


poor MS

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3198d ago

But why do it now Micro$oft??? In November for??? It's a busy time of the year and all that. Don't make sense really to me, to do a big update near xMas. Oh well!
Oh O.K FanBoy bit, pp would do it to PS3 Fans!!! ;-D


Anton Chigurh3198d ago

remember 2.40 fw ???? nasim ?? do you actually have one = PS3 ??

mine is a launch model and I updated it without any issue

another BS news from SDF

Hentai3198d ago

Time for 360 fans to go get laid.

morganfell3198d ago

You can't even begin to compare the few issues with 2.40 to the mountain of persistent and worldwide problems called RROD. It's like comparing a mosquito bite to a decapitation.

MS did this because they believe owners will turn around and either pay for the repairs or just buy a new 360 outright. The fact that they waited for warranties to expire reeks and is obviously a a deliberate, money grubbing action.

chaosatom3198d ago

LOL, Just buy a ps3 PP, you'll be Happy.


ultimolu3198d ago

Well, I guess 360 fanboys forgot this article.


What, that's bullsh*t too?

0verdrive3198d ago

ho ho ho

ok fanboyism aside, that sucks for the xbox community. i just find it funny that a lotta xbox fanboys on this side are trying to say that the sony fanboys are spinning this, when the source is an xbox site. just something i found amusing.

Rick Astley3198d ago

Somebody get Bloodmask some tissues his 360 just got the RROD.


This is truly the funniest crap i've seen a long time. How desperate are the droids these days. Seems like everyday there is another SDF member writing a blog about the 360 and MS and they're never even close on their claims. The fact is the only hang ups are due to the volume of people on live playing around with all the new features. This will be resolved quite quickly. Tomorrow when we all sign in there will be no freezing issues. Droid desperation/Jealousy stinks really bad. They're all butt-hurt because XBL got a whole new look and feel before HOME is released and it was announced WAY after HOME was.. Another case of MS delivering and Droids grasping at straws. This site has turned into: post a link to an SDF member's blog, have a flamebait title that people will read and take as truth and then spam every thread with incorrect info. And for the legit articles?? keep that flamebait title because you know damn well a droid won't actually open the link to read the information. N4G is a digital comedy show. and the comedians are PP, sir Ken the qu33r, Juuken,Dark sniper,canadianguy,rick astley, Ali the brit etc. These people need to be banned

Xlll3198d ago

@Anton Chigurh - at least with 2.40 our consoles didn't die on us. Nice try at damage control but much like those 360's you failed.

BLuKhaos3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )


0verdrive3198d ago

its sad that you assume that the writer of this article is a ps3 fanboy, because, what if he isnt? why do you assume that EVERY single negative article is written by a ps3 fanboy? equally as stupid is when ps3 fanboys claim that ms pays off all its reviewers.

but the point is, look at the site. its not just some blog that someone made up to try and slander the 360 name. its a legitimate xbox360 site, with a legitimate xbox team, who so happens to be posting problems they see occurring with the nxe.

fanboy? fake blogs? SDF? your just making yourself sound like a diluted fanboy, that discredits news about your own console from a site dedicated to your console, just because you dont like it. its a real shame that your belittling the work of whoever wrote this article as well, ESPECIALLY since he is catering to the likes of YOU.

pixelsword3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

quick: stop, drop and roll!

All kidding aside, I hope you guys get a quick solution and are back to playing Gears 2 again.

I want to see if the Falcon-chipped 360's are going bad...

...and to see what happens to people who own a 360 past their warranty date.

ELite_Ghost3197d ago


sounds like the good old experience 360 fanboys have been getting for 3 years...

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Spike473198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

hopefully MS will fix it soon. Kind of funny how its like Star Wars, seeing as the xbox360's lights are green and all and RROD is red(dark side). I don't know I just wanted to point that out.

tortella3198d ago

plus MS themselves issued a warning too

I believe NXE was rushed and why not u are competiting with 2D avatars against 3D virtual space like HOME

The best idea is to make an impression before HOME arrives and HOME is phenomenal


This is shocking.
MS should get ready to lose more money in replacing the consoles and now most people 3years warranty is up i can be %100 they will be a lot of pissed of 360 gamers "REALLY PISSED OFF" some might just end switching to the ps3.

fadeawayjae3198d ago

it just reminds me of christmas

HighDefinition3198d ago

The original warranties are almost up.

RememberThe3573198d ago

This seems like the something Sony went through with firmware 2.40.

B4st10n3198d ago

... following the 10% brickage NXE brought the Xbox 360, Microsoft is pleased to announce that Xbox live accounts have gone up tremendously during the last weeks. User accounts went from 15 millions to almost 17 millions in just a handful of days. Steve Ballmer was seen throwing chairs at the Sony building shouting "You can't compete with us! I will f*ckin bury you!".

Bnet3433198d ago

I knew this would come up. Oh well, sucks for those guys. If mines RROD'd I'd be covered and have my PS3 to hold me out till' it would come back.

Hentai3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Time to fix the problem.

3198d ago
HighDefinition3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

The RROD is NOT a conspiracy!!!!

2-3 "ring out" at every gaming event, MS is lucky one has done it during a presentation!

chaosatom3198d ago

Like xbox has been left 4 dead.

or He wasn't able to finish the fight.


But Seriously, Microsoft should get right on the issue.

f7897903198d ago

And whoever disagreed with RememberThe357 and the ps3's 2.4 update problems has their head up their a$$. It did bring problems when it first came out. I only have a ps3 and I admit there were slowdowns at first.

barakiu3198d ago

i had an XBoX1 and I bought 20 games, but come to find out my drive was defective and all the games i attempted to play got scratched to death.

i never want to see another Microsoft console again.

donate to impoverished, starving people instead of wasting your money on a XBoX, at least you'll see a return insomuch as having a happier outlook on society.

SonyOwnsNextYear3198d ago

watch microsofts "repairs" be added into "sales" for the holiday season, that way they can technically say "WE moved xxxxxxx (number) of x360s"

gamesmaster3198d ago

"the xbox has been left 4 dead" that actually made me laugh out loud bubbles for that one.

JD_Shadow3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

So where is the proof that it's NOT happening?

By the way, I guess you're the only one that didn't concede that there is a problem, since we have two sources saying there are issues. Why is it that there is always one person that has a tin foil hat on every single time these stories come up and say "OMG CONSPIRACY!" to everything.

@RememberThe357 & f789790: It's not the same thing. When people were having issues with 2.40, Sony IMMEDIATELY went to rectify the problem that was not before an issue (the first widespread hardware issue with the PS3 that I was aware of). Not so here. And it's making something that they said wasn't an issue anymore come back up and bite them in the ass, and they STILL have no answer to it. Yet we're to blame for making it an issue and for bringing the RROD up in the FIRST place? Figure THAT one out!

@disagree(s): Please at least TELL me WHY you disagree instead of hiding behind it. God, why does no one listen when I said N4G needs SOME record as to who agrees and disagrees to comments so no one can hide behind them?