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New Xbox Experience brings RRoD

Oy vey... Looks like the New Xbox Experience dashboard update is experiencing some not-so-new Xbox woes. November 19: launch day for the NXE update. Not 24 hours after it went live, complaints are already piling up.

Various forums online have threads and threads of people reporting anything from connection freezes, slow downs, lock ups, broken TV connections, and so many other different numerical errors that, if all of them were strung together, could potentially measure all the way from Earth to the moon (and back).

No, but seriously though.

There are even reports of brickage - yes, the famed red ring of death is back. Some say it's limited to modded consoles only (no surprise there) but other untainted units seem to be affected by the same problem too.

We've yet to hear any official response from Major Nelson or any of the Microsoft staff. Some say the slow downs are caused by the simple fact of surging traffic accessing XBL, but the other problems are still unaccounted for.

If you are experiencing any problems with the NXE update, you might want to contact customer service (good luuuuuck!) or check out the forums to ask around if anyone's getting the same problem as you. (Xbox 360)

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tortella  +   2515d ago
Expect massive hues and cries
since 3 year warantees have run out for like a million gamers worldwide


poor MS
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2515d ago
I'm not going to be a FanBoy for once(SHOCK!HORROR!!!) ;-D
But why do it now Micro$oft??? In November for??? It's a busy time of the year and all that. Don't make sense really to me, to do a big update near xMas. Oh well!
Oh O.K FanBoy bit, pp would do it to PS3 Fans!!! ;-D


Anton Chigurh  +   2515d ago
remember 2.40 fw ???? nasim ?? do you actually have one = PS3 ??

mine is a launch model and I updated it without any issue

another BS news from SDF
Hentai  +   2515d ago
RROD is a sign
Time for 360 fans to go get laid.
morganfell  +   2515d ago
You can't even begin to compare the few issues with 2.40 to the mountain of persistent and worldwide problems called RROD. It's like comparing a mosquito bite to a decapitation.

MS did this because they believe owners will turn around and either pay for the repairs or just buy a new 360 outright. The fact that they waited for warranties to expire reeks and is obviously a a deliberate, money grubbing action.
chaosatom  +   2515d ago
"so many other different numerical errors that, if all of them were strung together, could potentially measure all the way from Earth to the m...
LOL, Just buy a ps3 PP, you'll be Happy.

ultimolu  +   2515d ago
Well, I guess 360 fanboys forgot this article.


What, that's bullsh*t too?
Rick Astley  +   2515d ago
Merry Xmas, Xbots. :)
0verdrive  +   2515d ago
ho ho ho

ok fanboyism aside, that sucks for the xbox community. i just find it funny that a lotta xbox fanboys on this side are trying to say that the sony fanboys are spinning this, when the source is an xbox site. just something i found amusing.
Rick Astley  +   2515d ago
Somebody get Bloodmask some tissues his 360 just got the RROD.
BUKKAKALYPSE  +   2515d ago
This is truly the funniest crap i've seen a long time. How desperate are the droids these days. Seems like everyday there is another SDF member writing a blog about the 360 and MS and they're never even close on their claims. The fact is the only hang ups are due to the volume of people on live playing around with all the new features. This will be resolved quite quickly. Tomorrow when we all sign in there will be no freezing issues. Droid desperation/Jealousy stinks really bad. They're all butt-hurt because XBL got a whole new look and feel before HOME is released and it was announced WAY after HOME was.. Another case of MS delivering and Droids grasping at straws. This site has turned into: post a link to an SDF member's blog, have a flamebait title that people will read and take as truth and then spam every thread with incorrect info. And for the legit articles?? keep that flamebait title because you know damn well a droid won't actually open the link to read the information. N4G is a digital comedy show. and the comedians are PP, sir Ken the qu33r, Juuken,Dark sniper,canadianguy,rick astley, Ali the brit etc. These people need to be banned
Xlll  +   2515d ago
@Anton Chigurh - at least with 2.40 our consoles didn't die on us. Nice try at damage control but much like those 360's you failed.
BLuKhaos  +   2515d ago

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0verdrive  +   2515d ago
its sad that you assume that the writer of this article is a ps3 fanboy, because, what if he isnt? why do you assume that EVERY single negative article is written by a ps3 fanboy? equally as stupid is when ps3 fanboys claim that ms pays off all its reviewers.

but the point is, look at the site. its not just some blog that someone made up to try and slander the 360 name. its a legitimate xbox360 site, with a legitimate xbox team, who so happens to be posting problems they see occurring with the nxe.

fanboy? fake blogs? SDF? your just making yourself sound like a diluted fanboy, that discredits news about your own console from a site dedicated to your console, just because you dont like it. its a real shame that your belittling the work of whoever wrote this article as well, ESPECIALLY since he is catering to the likes of YOU.
TheFreak  +   2515d ago
Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Fire Song
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pixelsword  +   2515d ago
OH, NOES! j00 gots "Ring around teh console"!
quick: stop, drop and roll!

All kidding aside, I hope you guys get a quick solution and are back to playing Gears 2 again.

I want to see if the Falcon-chipped 360's are going bad...

...and to see what happens to people who own a 360 past their warranty date.
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ELite_Ghost  +   2515d ago

sounds like the good old experience 360 fanboys have been getting for 3 years...
Spike47  +   2515d ago
Not good
hopefully MS will fix it soon. Kind of funny how its like Star Wars, seeing as the xbox360's lights are green and all and RROD is red(dark side). I don't know I just wanted to point that out.
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tortella  +   2515d ago
The 3 year warantees of a million xboxes have expired since 4th November
plus MS themselves issued a warning too

I believe NXE was rushed and why not u are competiting with 2D avatars against 3D virtual space like HOME

The best idea is to make an impression before HOME arrives and HOME is phenomenal
WANNA GET HIGH  +   2515d ago
This is shocking.
MS should get ready to lose more money in replacing the consoles and now most people 3years warranty is up i can be %100 they will be a lot of pissed of 360 gamers "REALLY PISSED OFF" some might just end switching to the ps3.
fadeawayjae  +   2515d ago
It is the Holiday season
it just reminds me of christmas
HighDefinition  +   2515d ago
The sad thing is.....
The original warranties are almost up.
RememberThe357  +   2515d ago
I think it will end up being ok
This seems like the something Sony went through with firmware 2.40.
B4st10n  +   2515d ago
In other future news...
... following the 10% brickage NXE brought the Xbox 360, Microsoft is pleased to announce that Xbox live accounts have gone up tremendously during the last weeks. User accounts went from 15 millions to almost 17 millions in just a handful of days. Steve Ballmer was seen throwing chairs at the Sony building shouting "You can't compete with us! I will f*ckin bury you!".
Bnet343  +   2515d ago
I knew this would come up. Oh well, sucks for those guys. If mines RROD'd I'd be covered and have my PS3 to hold me out till' it would come back.
Hentai  +   2515d ago
RROD returning is a sign.
Time to fix the problem.
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arrrgh   2515d ago | Spam
HighDefinition  +   2515d ago
The RROD is NOT a conspiracy!!!!

2-3 "ring out" at every gaming event, MS is lucky one has done it during a presentation!
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sonarus  +   2515d ago
But we were warned
chaosatom  +   2515d ago
LOL, they are so many funny comments in open zone.
Like xbox has been left 4 dead.

or He wasn't able to finish the fight.


But Seriously, Microsoft should get right on the issue.
f789790  +   2515d ago
Average 360 problems. No news here.
And whoever disagreed with RememberThe357 and the ps3's 2.4 update problems has their head up their a$$. It did bring problems when it first came out. I only have a ps3 and I admit there were slowdowns at first.
barakiu  +   2515d ago
Fool Me Once, Shame On You, Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me
i had an XBoX1 and I bought 20 games, but come to find out my drive was defective and all the games i attempted to play got scratched to death.

i never want to see another Microsoft console again.

donate to impoverished, starving people instead of wasting your money on a XBoX, at least you'll see a return insomuch as having a happier outlook on society.

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SonyOwnsNextYear  +   2515d ago
here we go.....
watch microsofts "repairs" be added into "sales" for the holiday season, that way they can technically say "WE moved xxxxxxx (number) of x360s"
gamesmaster  +   2515d ago
"the xbox has been left 4 dead" that actually made me laugh out loud bubbles for that one.
darkpower  +   2515d ago
So where is the proof that it's NOT happening?

By the way, I guess you're the only one that didn't concede that there is a problem, since we have two sources saying there are issues. Why is it that there is always one person that has a tin foil hat on every single time these stories come up and say "OMG CONSPIRACY!" to everything.

@RememberThe357 & f789790: It's not the same thing. When people were having issues with 2.40, Sony IMMEDIATELY went to rectify the problem that was not before an issue (the first widespread hardware issue with the PS3 that I was aware of). Not so here. And it's making something that they said wasn't an issue anymore come back up and bite them in the ass, and they STILL have no answer to it. Yet we're to blame for making it an issue and for bringing the RROD up in the FIRST place? Figure THAT one out!

@disagree(s): Please at least TELL me WHY you disagree instead of hiding behind it. God, why does no one listen when I said N4G needs SOME record as to who agrees and disagrees to comments so no one can hide behind them?
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Ldubbz  +   2515d ago
I disagree..
"So where is the proof that it's NOT happening? " sez darkride...

That made me laugh out loud...remember that Simpsons episode, when they form a Bear Patrol squad because one bear was sighted? Lisa and Homer had a conversation that went something like this..

LISA: Dad, we dont need any bear patrol

HOMER: Why not? you dont see any bears around do you?

LISA: Thats proposterous! (grabs a rock) You see this rock? It keeps tigers away.

HOMER: Explain

LISA: Well, you dont see any tigers around do you?

HOMER: Lisa, I would like to buy your rock
thebudgetgamer  +   2515d ago
i dont know if its a software issue or not
but there is no way we should still bee talking about rrod stuff three years into the 360 for shame ms for shame


above bubble for the simpsons reference
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ThanatosDMC  +   2515d ago
I didnt get it but i had NXE before the official release. It works just fine for me. Sucks for those people. Maybe too many downloading at one time messed it up somehow?
ape007  +   2515d ago
guys,after I installed sr2 on hd

I notice some slowdown and screentearing


I already installed gears 2,sr2,gta4,cod 4,tfu and someother

am afraid my 360 get red lights

if this happens,that's it 360 is the most unreliable vg system in history

enough with my old one,it got e74 and rrod

my head will explode if this is true


do I need to delete all my saved games
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Bodhi  +   2515d ago
LMFAO, you Sony guys are just eating this right up... None of you HAVE a 360 that RROD with this update but you all are flocking to it with a smirk on your face. Hell I could do it too.

"Lol, looks like Microsoft didn't test well enough, RROD is back and it's not good."

Pffft, any of you remember Firmware update V2.40 for the PS3? Hmmmm? Freezing up and locking up of PS3s? Bricking PS3s?

No one on my 100 person friends list experienced a RROD as they ALL have avatars.

I'm not doubting this happens, it will happen, there's no way to stop it from happening. But it doesn't happen too often.

We aren't talking about the RROD in general, just the NXE RROD which is a very small percentage.

How come no one is bringing up how Live is doing an amazing job of not crashing completely when 15 million Live users had downloaded the NXE?

Of the course the bad news is the hottest temperature and the PS3 praising is also at the hottest temperature.

You guys are the ultimate FUD spreaders, I've seen at least 3 forums that I visit laugh and mock this site for the comments as they all know that everyone here is a fanboy, mostly on Sony's side. I don't like to side with any side but honestly, this is ridiculous.

I lost 2 bubbles, I went from 6 bubbles to 4 bubbles from being pissed off at Sony for stripping away their movies from Netflix 360, which made me pretty pissed off. And why shouldn't I be? Would any of you be pissed of you bought a Sony Vaio only to have it not installed with Windows? Or would you be pissed off if you bought a Sony phone and it didn't work with Windows Mobile?

You people make me laugh, hard.
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pixelsword  +   2515d ago
I believe that a processor-intensive program could do it.
So I guess the update could in theory cause RRoD.
shovelbum  +   2515d ago
No problems here but I feel for those who experience them. However I don't put too much stock in forums when it comes to numbers so maybe it's not as big an issue as some fanboys would like for it to be. Anyway I like the new update and look forward to more customization in the future.
big_tim  +   2515d ago
I just updated mine and it lasted....
30 min before locking up. I got to customize my avatar and was checking out the new interface and then it froze. Turned off on again and logged into netflix. As soon as the streaming titles appeared , the screen went crazy and it froze. Powered off then on and logged into netflix and it did the same thing again. This time the RROD happened. This is my third 360 and had been fine for over a year. Now I have to MS to send a 4th. Here I go again...
Homicide  +   2515d ago
You get what you pay for. Cheaper costs = hidden costs.
Ju  +   2515d ago
Just FYI (and OT), but 2.40 did not break the PS3, it rendered it unusable. Reflashing the PS3 would have fixed the very same unit and in most cased, clearing the HDD helped (reformating it). 2.41 fixed the problem, too. But obviously, if your PS3 does not boot you need extra HW to flash the EEProm. No single FW update ever broke the PS3 HW! (That is, what the RRoD is).

But, w/e. I don't even know if this story is true. NXE == Vista for 360 ? :) Nah, if there are reports still in ten days from now, then I believe it, else I consider this a fluke.
darkpower  +   2515d ago
>> LMFAO, you Sony guys are just eating this right up... None of you HAVE a 360 that RROD with this update but you all are flocking to it with a smirk on your face. Hell I could do it too. <<

Nice of you to just ASSUME that anyone that says of this in any kind of bad light are somehow Sony fanboys by default. Too bad you really don't know what they own, or you don't CARE to know because it may damage your already feeble talking points.

>> "Lol, looks like Microsoft didn't test well enough, RROD is back and it's not good."

Pffft, any of you remember Firmware update V2.40 for the PS3? Hmmmm? Freezing up and locking up of PS3s? Bricking PS3s? <<

Read my post up above and you MIGHT be able to know that there is a difference between the two incidents. For one, you IMMEDIATELY went to a Sony-related incident. Alot of things can go wrong with anything when you update it. That's common sense. Now, before you go and try to take me out of context and rush to reply to that, hear out the rest of this answer: Sony rushed to fix the problem, taking the firmware offline until they could get it fixed, and offered to replace the broken PS3s for free because of it. That and it was the first PS3 issue of that kind that was widespread. MS knew about the RROD for years and has yet to come up with any kind of permanent resolution, and this NXE is making an old friend come back, and MS has yet to respond or to even acknowledge that there IS anything wrong. THERE'S your difference. And by the way, none of that makes this issue any more condonable.

But I KNOW you're going to try to say that I somehow admitted that this would be the same thing as my first line (before the REST of my answer that I labeled).

>> No one on my 100 person friends list experienced a RROD as they ALL have avatars. <<

That doesn't mean that they didn't have problems once they installed it. They didn't say the RROD was the ONLY thing that people experienced. There was disconnects and lag and all of that. Apparently you just saw the letters RROD and panicked that someone would think something other than "MS is the best" and went to typing without reading the entire article.

>> I'm not doubting this happens, it will happen, there's no way to stop it from happening. But it doesn't happen too often. <<

Yes you are. You said in your last line that you had a friends list of 100 that never experienced the RROD! What the hell IS that supposed to mean. Oh, I see: "But it doesn't happen too often." Obviously you just didn't seem to pay attention the last 2 or so YEARS that the RROD has been the mark of the beast on the 360 console. That and, like I said, the RROD isn't the only thing they listed as the issues that people have had, but you never read what was said, so why bother with details?

>> We aren't talking about the RROD in general, just the NXE RROD which is a very small percentage. <<

You keep repeating the same damn thing. Again, READ! THE! ARTICLE!

>> How come no one is bringing up how Live is doing an amazing job of not crashing completely when 15 million Live users had downloaded the NXE? <<


>> Of the course the bad news is the hottest temperature and the PS3 praising is also at the hottest temperature. <<

So you think that the thousands of people that DO have issues with the product just ignore them and pretend they don't exist? If anything, they should use this as a way to figure out that there IS something wrong with it and get about to fix it.

And by the way, were you here for 2007? And have you been here the past few days when a LOT of pro-MS news was on the top of the temp list? Seems to me that you think even ONE negative 360 story or one pro-PS3 story is too much for you to handle.

>> You guys are the ultimate FUD spreaders, <<

Look in the mirror.

>> I've seen at least 3 forums that I visit laugh and mock this site for the comments as they all know that everyone here is a fanboy, mostly on Sony's side. <<

Let me guess, one of those forums is the XBox Kings, right? Seriously, though, why not just argue the points without getting into this "N4G is for fanboys" argument like it's your only explanation as to why people react to stories the way they do. Maybe they are just tired of seeing the same damn issues come up with MS's console without any acknowledgment of their pleas to do something serious ABOUT it. You don't get that there are also disgruntled 360 owners that aren't exactly happy that the RROD or the other issues (regardless of where they come from) keep popping up. Why is it that with the 360, you either have to like absolutely EVERYTHING about it or else you're a PS3 fanboy? I fail to get that and no one is ever going to tell me, I guess.

>> I don't like to side with any side but honestly, this is ridiculous. <<

So...is that why you never once bring up anything BAD the 360 has done? You keep denying it happens before you say you're NOT denying it.

>>. I lost 2 bubbles, I went from 6 bubbles to 4 bubbles from being pissed off at Sony for stripping away their movies from Netflix 360, which made me pretty pissed off. <<

No, you lost them because you just blindly defend MS and keep insisting that you are completely right and say that anyone with an opinion that in any way goes against what you want them to say is wrong. You did it in the last place that you were actually responding to me. You said what you could to defend Microsoft ( http://www.n4g.com/NewsCom-... ) without even believing that anything couldn't be refuted with some common sense of research. THAT'S why you lost your bubbles, not because of some conspiracy against your opinions.

>> And why shouldn't I be? Would any of you be pissed of you bought a Sony Vaio only to have it not installed with Windows? Or would you be pissed off if you bought a Sony phone and it didn't work with Windows Mobile? <<

And no one that has a PS3 are allowed to be pissed that MS continues to make people like SE, Eidos, and Namco sell out by making their PS3 exclusives go multiplat while no one ever allows a yet-to-be-released 360 exclusive goes multiplat, all before delaying the game for the PS3 just so the 360 version can be released at the exact same time? It's just them saying that what goes around, comes around, and that it is about time SOMEONE at Sony had a backbone to go and do something that drastic to damage a MS "advantage".

>> You people make me laugh, hard. <<

Maybe THAT'S why you never actually READ this article (because it's obvious you didn't).
thebudgetgamer  +   2515d ago
all im saying is i love my ps3
but if i had to go through 4 of them you can bet your backside it would be out with the trash.
That being said i have tons of respect for the 360 as a gaming console and cant wait to get one for myself but these issues are still prevalent and that bothers me.

Wiinsight  +   2515d ago
Red Wiing of Death
Anybody know Nintendo's tech support number? Oh wait! Nobody would ever need it.
lsujester  +   2515d ago
No, but if they have a number that will let me complain about the lack of games, I definitely want it.
NewZealander  +   2515d ago
ever since the update fable 2 keeps crashing on me, its a new xbox too, anyone else with this problem pm me and let me know
KRUSSIDULL  +   2515d ago
Those who have gotten RROD get a new one and put your old harddrive on it its cheaper than pay 100$ for repairs.
himdeel  +   2514d ago
Warranty not up...
...no problem http://xbox360.ign.com/dor/...
Bloodwar  +   2514d ago
Looks like the Sony Defense Force is at it again. Didn't happen to my 360.
Go Sony!
Hellsvacancy  +   2515d ago
Its about time that theres sum 360 bashing due to updates
The Ps3 has had a LOT of stick in recent weeks its pay back time...

Putting fanboyism aside - i wouldnt wish for anybodys system to break (Except Pog and PP) but hay its tough luck

Ps3 rules
tortella  +   2515d ago
well before that
Think about the millions of x360 owners whose warantees have run out
I feel bad cuz now they have to pay for repairing their consoles which is very costly
chaosatom  +   2515d ago
WOW, this shows that Hardware failure is much bigger issue than software failure.
Sony did an excellent job with the hardware department.
f789790  +   2515d ago
I just feel sorry for everyone after the 3 year warranty runs out
Eventually they will be faced with either buying a new console or paying microsoft to repair their old one.
FreedomReign  +   2515d ago
RROD launch day consoles?
Wow 3 years and no problems, and blam November 23 the thing dies? That's one unlucky SOB.

Edit: Oh wait its not November 23 yet, so every single 360 since launch still has a warranty. If they really wanted to screw people over, MS should have waited a week.
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cheapndirty  +   2515d ago
No problems here...
I have an arcade and a pro. No problems at all.
ofx360  +   2515d ago
WHAT THE F*CK... no one owns me im a free black man FREE!!!! LOL
Sarcasm  +   2515d ago
Power of Green doesn't have a 360.

Why? Because there's too many good games on the 360 and he sure aint playing them, he's on N4G trolling PS3 news.
SaiyanFury  +   2515d ago
Holy $hit. I own an original model 360 that hasn't RROD'd on me yet. I keep it relatively cool with a fan blowing on it, but I haven't played it recently with all of the great PS3 titles coming out. Things like Resistance 2, Naruto, and Valkyria Chronicles (HUGELY addictive game). I guess I won't be 'uprading' my 360's firmware until these bugs get fixed. Lord knows I'm not out of my RROD warranty quite yet, but I don't think I'll take the risk. Good thing I'm not addicted to online gaming. Not that I could anyways; I never upgraded my Xbox Live silver account to gold. I ain't giving MS any extra money for things that I can get on Sony's console for free. *cough* built in Wi-Fi *cough*
#3.8 (Edited 2515d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MaximusPrime  +   2515d ago
"Epic FAIL"
madestar  +   2515d ago
agree and bubbles
1-2-3 red light!!! or should i say 1-2-3 RROD!!! LOL!!!!

fanboyism aside...

i use to own a XBOX 360... i had so many problems with it... i had to ship to fix 3 times... (i know some who shipped at least 7 times)

when i got a ps3 ? after that i never turned back.. i'm glad i'm playing games, surfing the net, looking at my photos, watching bd movies, and yes all in 7.1 surround sound, and i'm also upscaling my old dvd collections, and playing ps1 and ps2 titles, waiting for HOME to hit.. all is grand on the ps3 side of things..

now imagine if i stayed loyal to the XBOX 360.. i would of expeienced who knows how many RROD.. or hardware failure... hopefully they fix it.. cause i do sometimes play games on my bro's XBOX 360.. only because he had GTA4.. (which i can get on ps3 but why when he already has the game) and GOW2...

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Mr PS3  +   2515d ago
Trying Real Hard to Hold Back Laughter !!
Oh Fu*K IT

Fobuo  +   2515d ago
RROD is part of the NXE?!??!its been here all along!

lol I'm joking but seriously though;a system dying due to an update is pretty common,it's just that the RROD magnifies the situation
Shaka2K6  +   2515d ago
RROD aint exactly a '' new xflop experience'' LMAO!!!!
dukadork  +   2515d ago
New Xbollox Experience
Eiffel  +   2515d ago
I updated mine and it works perfectly...

I could give a rats ass about the ones who have their system F*cked up.

As long as mine works they can cry their hearts out, still beats using the PS3's ugly XMB styles.
#8 (Edited 2515d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(33) | Report | Reply
solidjun5  +   2515d ago
oh god.
first you say you don't care if other's RROD as long it's not yours. Then you on to rant about XMB when it has nothing to do with it. Karma will be a know what if your machine RROD on you.
Eiffel  +   2515d ago
I don't know if you noticed but since the new update hit many people neglect the Open Zone and the Gamer Zone. So why only pin me against a statement I made about Sonys flat boring dashboard...Karma in all is a superstition, don't use it as a form of defense.
WANNA GET HIGH  +   2515d ago
Ur very immature.
Erotic Sheep  +   2515d ago
And Home is gonna replace that dashboard... so then what? :|
elorm9  +   2515d ago
Boring &quot;dashboard&quot;
What's bad about it? Its simple enough to use, and you can make custom themes if you like. It's not like you stare at your main menu all day on your 360 right? I don't know about you, but I'm either playing a game or using the browser, not staring at a menu.
silvacrest  +   2515d ago
Boring dashboard?
Custom themes anyone?

and for your stupid and selfish comments i hope (i might even pray)
that your 360 dies
squallheart  +   2515d ago
hmm i actually enjoy the xmb its very simple and stylish. A breeze to navigate quickly. o.O
bigman7387  +   2515d ago
I think the XMB is easier to navigate than the new dashboard.
#8.8 (Edited 2515d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Rhoic  +   2515d ago
Home rofl.. yeah right.

Also.. the NXE is having VERY little problems. Out of the 20 people on my friends list that are on right now.. none of them have had problems. I guarantee you that the goods far far outweigh the bads.
Fobuo  +   2515d ago
&quot;I updated mine and it works perfectly...I call BS. &quot;
Yup,because you,a single Internet poster,represent 22 Million Xbox 360 users
MaximusPrime  +   2515d ago
well-commented. bubble for you
InMyOpinion  +   2515d ago
But a single RROD case represents 25 (22?) million Xbox 360 users...
#9.2 (Edited 2515d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
ultimolu  +   2515d ago
Lol, bubbles for you as well.
Why o why  +   2515d ago
its easy
the only way to avoid the red ring of death is to BECOME A FANBOY as they are immune to any know problem know to man, beast or tech. Just ask pog , blademask et el if they've had any issues. I bet NEVER
Ldubbz  +   2515d ago
If u dont see it, then youre lost
Sarcasm  +   2515d ago
"25 (22?) million Xbox 360 users... "


Xbox 360 = 22.86M

Keeping note that vgchartz has inflated the 360's numbers by 1 million or more.

So where does this magical 25 million number come from?
bviperz  +   2515d ago
Hee Hee
Sarcasm. So fitting :D
rawd  +   2515d ago
Merry Christmas Bots!!

Ho Ho Hold on a minute whats the number for the MS RMA Department
morganfell  +   2515d ago
I ran a Who's Who on the NXE site and it goes back to some company called Grinch Inc.
L4D   2515d ago | Spam
Sparx_4_4_  +   2515d ago
im a ps3 owner got the ylod playing cod W@W getting a brand new 80 gb next friday love the idea of nxe not that i want sony to copy the idea (yes they should npe sounds wrong tho
elorm9  +   2515d ago
That's why they've got home :)

They can implement those features you get on NXE if they want.
bomboclaat_gamer  +   2515d ago
u people are so naive until it turns into stupidity. RROD cannot be caused by software changes. its a hardware related problem. if u believe this then ur stupid as well lol
lokiroo420  +   2515d ago
Yeah but software affects how the hardware runs, vista anyone?, added stress to a stressed out component could send it to failure.
#13.1 (Edited 2515d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
bomboclaat_gamer  +   2515d ago
the NXE is more lightweight than the previous dashboard. those people got RROD due to hardware issues, and blamed it on the new dashboard thats all. if that was the case, then every xbox 360 should be RROD'ing then. dont be gullible and stupid
NipGrip  +   2515d ago
If you don't understand..
How software can affect hardware heat levels.. Then I've got nothing else to say to you other than lol all you want, it's you that is the fool.
Boty  +   2515d ago
Just like the...
Just like the overclocking option in your BIOS/CMSO doesn't effect the heat of a CPU right?
bomboclaat_gamer  +   2515d ago
well i fix RROD xbox 360's for as my second job. just shut up if u dont know what ur talking about ok?
lokiroo420  +   2515d ago
I feel sorry for those people who had you fixing their box, again this is an easy example on how software affects hardware, windows vista, did you read that correctly, it does not matter on the size of the install, bad programming is bad programming and bad hardware is bad hardware, both together together=rrod. But a lot of this could be a conveniently placed towel to get one more fix before its too late.
slinkey123  +   2515d ago
Your right..
Seriously people NXE DOESNT cause RROD, RROD is caused by heat issues! Software can make a difference to hardware but seriously would NXE stress the hardware even more than games? i think not! Games like gears 2 and GTA4 are far more likely to push it than NXE.
VampHuntD  +   2515d ago
I agree bomboclaat
You really should just shut up since you have no idea what you are talking about.

Hey, your words, not mine.
pixelsword  +   2515d ago
Software can cause heat problems, if...
...the software demands more out of the hardware; most specifically anything that's coupled to a heatsink. If the execution of code is demanding on the processor, for example, the useage of the processor will increase, thereby increasing the heat output from the processor. In the case of Microsoft's processor, this will could potentially cause problems to occur.
#13.9 (Edited 2515d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
big_tim  +   2515d ago
I'm not an expert on why it happens...
It just does. I was on my 3rd console. It has been fine for over a year (no lock ups or anything) until I updated today. It froze just navigating through the new menus. Then running netflix on it caused it to RROD. I doubt it was the actual netflix that caused it, but that is when it died. Now I have to wait 2-3 weeks to get a replacement from MS. It doesn't matter which was the problem (hardware or software) it is a problem to have to go through this.
Sky Sentry  +   2514d ago
You truly have no idea what you are talking about. If you fix RROD as your second job, no wonder RROD is still occurring in so-called "fixed" X360.
wray77  +   2515d ago
Are these the same people who gave Gears of War 2 a 0 on metacritic?
creeping judas  +   2515d ago
I thought the same thing!!!
tatotiburon  +   2515d ago
BINGO!!, you got that right
InMyOpinion  +   2515d ago
I'd say it's coincidental, they just found something new to blame it on. I think I read an article a while ago that said Gears of War 2 caused RROD as well.

If anything the 360 seems a lot more reliable while running installed games.
Why o why  +   2515d ago
makes sense
less movement and heat going on. I think it was actually a cunning move by MS. Instances of rrod should, in theory, lessen if more people use the 'optional' install. Only silly people wont install if they have the space, i mean why not??
elorm9  +   2515d ago
Makes sense
It's probably just the hardware again, and the fact that installed games don't cause that much stress on the DVD drive is a good thing. But I don't think this feature is gonna cure the problem, most likely gonna lessen the chance.
VampHuntD  +   2515d ago
@why o why
I agree it is a cunning move, a move that will lead to eventual mandatory installs!

I'm just speculating on that one, but it makes sense. MS has been puching larger hard drives and now an optional install. It's only a matter of time if you ask me.
DarthTigra  +   2515d ago
The only problem Ive had is that when backing out of someone from my friend list 4 out of 10 times the system will lock up.
hazardman  +   2515d ago
Is this a mandatory update?? thanks
tk  +   2515d ago
No you don't need the update to get RRoD. It comes standard.
athlon770  +   2515d ago
you still have the option to not install it, but everytime you start up the 360 or if you want to play online...an update you will be a doin.
JackSchitt  +   2515d ago
lol @ tk
LeShin  +   2515d ago

LMFAO!!!!! That was harsh....but funny as hell!
bviperz  +   2515d ago
Oh snap!
That was too clever tk!
DA_SHREDDER  +   2515d ago
I downloaded Gears 2 on my 360,, its not even half as hot anymore. This article is bogus.
athlon770   2515d ago | Spam
dirtrider  +   2515d ago
correct shredder
and since this article has no links to "all the reports of problems" it is bogus. i predicted yesterday the sdf would have 3 rrod articles on n4g today so they need 2 more for my prediction to be true. i have the update no problem what so ever, got my avatar dude look cool as hell and im liking the update a lot so far. funny thing is 99% of the posts on this "article" arent even 360 owners.....anyways game on man but you are right this article is BS
Sparx_4_4_  +   2515d ago
people said ylod is bs but its not trust me its a harware issue thing only
Menchi  +   2515d ago
Oh, YLOD exists... But barely.

There's a difference between 0.5~1.5% [YLOD] and 10~15%[RROD]

That's what you seem to forget.
Fobuo  +   2515d ago
&quot;Is this a mandatory update?? thanks &quot;
Yes it is,it's about 128MB in size,so if you own an Arcade console you're fine with your 256MB card.

If you own a Core console though,you're basically screwed
InMyOpinion  +   2515d ago
Unless you own a Core with a memory card, which I assume most people do. If they want to use game saves that is...
VampHuntD  +   2515d ago
If You have a core and no card
Then you are a fool. You are already half way there for buying a core however.
Pennywise  +   2515d ago
This is not funny at all. BUT-

I have been waiting for this article all day.
Balance  +   2515d ago
yeah you know the sony defense force fangirls would either make something up or try and magnify a very small problem for a very few people.
inane   2515d ago | Spam
Pennywise  +   2515d ago
Balance... that was not my point.

You seem just as bad as them though. A huge update like this is bound to really cause problems. Shocking it took until 4pm eastern to hear about it.

Not every time you hear about a problem is it someone slandering the product. People arent going to spend their time making accounts to cry about broken xbox's. You make it like the problem is not real.
Captain Tuttle  +   2515d ago
It took until 4 PM because it's not that big of a problem. It wouldn't surprise me if these were mostly modded consoles (of course no one will admit to having one). If reports of RROD start rolling in and keep it up for a couple of days then that would signal a problem.
ultimolu  +   2515d ago
Just like what 360 fans did when a firmware update for the PS3 affected a few people?

Oh no, 360 fans were cool with attacking PS3 fans when that happened. But now, they're on the defense.

It's amazing that it's three years and this RROD still exists.
Sparx_4_4_  +   2515d ago
tho i know updates can corrupt systems and all that but rrod existed before and is still here and the guy just got it at this time coincidence i say
DreamSnach2  +   2515d ago
I smell bull sh!t
again with the crap
blackbeld  +   2515d ago
It's gonna be a cold Christmas for 360 owners.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2515d ago
Not really,360's make wonderful heaters!
MaximusPrime  +   2515d ago
LMAO: Heater! that the brilliant answer for life-long issue with elderly people.
NeonSkull  +   2515d ago
lol, this is funny, this is funny, xbox3fixme
PlayStationGamer4eva  +   2515d ago
More like the Xbox Please Fix Me!
Sparx_4_4_  +   2515d ago
rrod thing aint funny no more to either side because my ps3 broke today
joevfx  +   2515d ago
whatever dude...
go read up on the failure rates of both systems, then post your comment again.
ultimolu  +   2515d ago
My condolences to you.

It's never a good thing when consoles break on people. It takes the fun out of gaming.

Hope you get it resolved.
VampHuntD  +   2515d ago
That sucks man, do you still have at least one console to hold you over while you wait for the PS3 repair?

It's true, any console breaking sucks. I still recall the days when breaking a console involved at least a 20 ft. drop off a balcony or a hammer. Those were the good old days eh?
inane   2515d ago | Spam
RebornSpy  +   2515d ago
I don't have room on my HD for game installs... : (
but besides that, I'm loving the update so far. I really like the new dashboard, especially the friends list and ability to form an 8 person party. The avatars look good too. And they look more like Yahoo avatars than Miis, but they don't necessarily look blatantly copied from any one specific thing. But who cares? The update is amazing.
xg-ei8ht  +   2515d ago
I had a chance to play with the update earlier, a friend has it, was working fine, and it's not bad.

Too all those people, it is caused by one thing and one thing alone.

HEAT!!!!!!!!!!HEAT!!!!!!!!!!! !!HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My m8, cut a hole in the top of the 360 and has a fan sucking heat away.

It has never RROD'D.

On the subject of xmb, i don't it's bad either. Sure they could add some colour or more icon, kinda things,etc. But with HOME coming, i doubt that'll be happening.
Pennywise  +   2515d ago
Has anyone here complaining about XMB look heard about THEMES?
inane   2515d ago | Spam
MediaSpin360  +   2515d ago
Anyone notice that the update sucks?
There cool sliding guide is now this laggy text box thing thats just gross. XMB kills it easily even if it does lag.

Im getting multiple errors just trying to download demos as well you STILL have to go through like 9 tabs to access the game demo page.

Dont know which interface is worse but im going back to the old one I guess. The install feature is a joke. I have a HDMI 20gb console and I installed 1 GAME, yes 1, and I dont have room for another one.. LMAO!!!! Welcome to next generation. The generation where you have to buy 20 consoles just to play games... Im on my 4th 360 what am I suppose to do upgrade to that over priced hard drive? Or buy a new console?

Oh and the avatar thing is just a lil ghetto and looks thrown together. City of Heroes character editor from about 5 years ago makes this look it was done by a child.

Little Big Planets intro was more amusing then this was any day!
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