Blast Factor and Jet Moto Release in PS Store Tomorrow (Feb. 1st)

As promised a few weeks ago, Sony is updating its PlayStation Store with a few new offerings. Tomorrow will see one item for the PlayStation 3 and one for the PlayStation Portable. Blast Factor multiplayer pack will be available for $2.99; Jet Moto for PSPs downloadable for $5.99.

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Siesser4309d ago

Happy to hear new content's finally coming. Jet Moto used to be a blast, but I doubt I'd really want to play it again. I'm waiting for Silent Bomber, Bust A Groove, Brave Fencer Musashi, Erhgeiz, maybe even Rival Schools

timmyp534309d ago

then out goes my handy dandy gift credit card or playstation card

MikeMichaels4309d ago (Edited 4309d ago )

......damn, thats good.

Blastfactor multiplayer could be nice as well. Me and the people on my PSN friends list have been having a killer "high score" battle for the last few months.

FFVIIFan4309d ago

Those were some good times.

Arkham4309d ago

I must repeat my refrain.

Two Words:

Silent Fking Bomber!!!

Bloody morons promised that would be in the first batch. Pay up now, please.

Siesser4309d ago

It technically was in the first batch . . . just for Japan :(

Arkham4307d ago

I didn't even see it on currently-released Japanese PS Store games lists that I've seen. Maybe I missed it.

Ah well, hopefully soon.

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