PC World Says Farewell To Floppy.

The time has come to bid farewell to one of the PC's more stalwart friends - the floppy disk.

Computing superstore PC World said it will no longer sell the storage devices, affectionately known as floppies, once existing stock runs out.

New storage systems, coupled with a need to store more than the 1.44 megabytes of data held by a standard floppy, have led to its demise.

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death monk4335d ago

With the rise of flash drives that are a fraction of the size and hundreds of times the storage, it was only a matter of time.

joemutt4335d ago

)One I remember is "Bill & Teds Excellent adventure" and "Days of thunder" anyone remember those oldies?

grifter0244335d ago

I remember the old old floppy's the big ones!! That shirt is awesome I bet if i wore it noone would know what it meant. THeyll be like whats with the hole???? lol Thats when we could beat the game in what 30 mins lol

Covenant4334d ago

Not just those, but games loaded on cassette tapes, as well. I remember playing Solar Fox on a friend's PC back in the early 80s, and the ridiculous load times were a fact of life. (Well, while we waited for it to load, we played the Asteroids console his brother bought from a local eatery). The floppy was the medium of choice when I went to college, and then came the Zip drives, and then HDs became big enough to hold the friggin' Library of Congress. Amazing how things change in just twenty-five years. I can now store every song in my extensive music collection on my PC, with room to spare.