OXM UK: Tomb Raider: Underworld Review

OXM UK writes: "Back in issue seven of OXM, our judgement on Tomb Raider: Legend was "a lot of fun, plain and simple... it's the closest the series has ever come to recapturing the glory of the original classic". We can say much the same about this. And that's a problem.

We really enjoyed our time with Miss Croft, but it is more of the same and 'dependable' isn't exciting enough. When you take a look at the gaming world around her, you wonder if it isn't time for another re-invention, not of the character, but her universe.

With a Christmas line-up that's one of the best in recent years and includes games that really push the envelope, we're sad to say that Lara isn't cruising above the competition this year round, she's struggling underneath it."

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