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Submitted by PrivateRyan 2643d ago | article

NXE: When Old Themes Go Bad

OXM UK posted screenshots showing how the New Xbox Experience ruins old themes purchased on Marketplace.

They say the problem is as the old themes were designed for the old dashboard, they don't fit the new NXE arrangement and as a result, are mostly obscured by the new menus. (Xbox 360)

B-Rein  +   2643d ago
lol i had to edit my background in photoshop to get it right, o well hope ms do summin to fix this
DarkSniper  +   2643d ago
The new Xbox experience seems to be one of frustration, confusion and downright disappointment. In an attempt to polish an already ancient console, Microsoft has done nothing but dig themselves further into the doghouse of many owners of this wretched console. When it comes to consoles, Microsoft clearly does not have the expertise to develop an infastructure that will lead their platform to prominence.

When it comes to menu navigations, Dark Sniper gladly introduces you to PlayStation® Home. Combined with the Xross Media Bar®, PlayStation Home gives you a never before seen look at social interaction and online gaming taken to the next plateau. Home is infinitely better than anything you will see on other platforms as this project will catapult PLAYSTATION®3 ahead of the competition once again.

Dark Sniper strongly suggests you avoid this headache known as New Xbox Experience and find yourself a new home on PLAYSTATION®3. Coming this fall.

Your life, your network, your home. Only on PLAYSTATION®3.

Man_of_the_year  +   2643d ago
Can you please supply a link to your claimes...if not then i am assuming that you would be lying then. And since you are a liar and are promoting the PS3, i take it the PS3 is a console for liars which by following the trail to go back to the original source - that would lead back to Sony themselves...and with my findings Sony has Lied numerous times and made outlandish claimes regarding the PS3...

So in conclusion PS3 only owners are liars and should not be taken seriously.
ultimolu  +   2642d ago
...And Microsoft or any other company has never done this before.

Your true colors show my friend.
Mr.Mister  +   2642d ago
well the thing is
you have to admit that the NXE look way better than the XMB
like everything is better than the XMB, more color(well you decide) faster everything
and no please don't tell me to wait till home comes out
Man_of_the_year  +   2642d ago
@ Juuken
What true colours? I own both. You are really reaching these days huh? I guess you have used up all your excuses as to why 2008 was not the year of the PS3 so now you have to make comments like "Your true colors show my friend". You don't think his comment is a little on the patheticly lame and bias side full of BS? Probably not. I am not surprised you attack me yet he gets away scott free...what ever name you pic Juuken/ultimolu or whatever eles you will still be nothing more than a lemming. You are so Blind i bet you walk into walls all the time and then blame them for being MS fanboys because your feelings were hurt.
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   2642d ago
lol @ Mr.mister

more color? you do realize you can customize XBM, but you are probably right about it being faster then XBM
ultimolu  +   2642d ago
Doesn't matter if you own both. I'm a multi-console owner myself. I own a PC, a PS2 and a PS3. You're acting as if Sony is the only company that does these things when other companies do it as well. I have seen people claim they own both and yet some of them act like pricks.

Let Darksniper say what he wants to say. You disagree with him, fine. Hit disagree and ignore him.

I hope you do know lemming stands for a 360 fanboy.

Lol and I'm blind?
I'm sorry dear but I'm not blind.
I'm a gamer.

Oh and this is the year of the PS3. Plenty of games, plenty of games. :)
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Man_of_the_year  +   2642d ago
@ Juuken
Did you even read his comments...what do you mean "You're acting as if Sony is the only company that does these things when other companies do it as well" thats totally irrelevant to what he said...and ya there are plenty of games on the PS3...i know because i have BOTH systems and i get to compare the games that are multiplat for both systems...and the games just keep going over to the 360...

And you say you are a multi console owner..LOL ya a PS2 and a PS3..ya real multi. Enjoy your lower quality games on the PS3 and your limited amount of me i know as i have both a 360 and PS3.
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Mr.Mister  +   2642d ago
lol @ im da boss
yeah more color as in more theme...
divideby0  +   2642d ago
No biggie...just buy it again....thats the MS way
DJ  +   2642d ago
Sad, but true. Remember the HDMI debacle?

"Want HDMI? Buy a new console!"
typikal82  +   2642d ago
lol...... I want HDMI *sigh*
Johnny Rotten  +   2642d ago
I'm on my 4th system and I still don't have an HDMI output. I remember Microsoft saying something on the lines of "when there's a need for it we will put one in".

btw it would've of been nice to see Microsoft add fast forward/rewind for the music player.
Bladestar  +   2642d ago
"Sad, but true. Remember the HDMI debacle? " DJ... or even worst.. remember the "I want backward compatible... buy a another PS3 or PS2 that can do that debacle?" lol! You want to come here and talk about HDMI which proven to be irrelevant since as of today most worth playing PS3 titles do not run 1080 and components are enough to play games the way developers intended. I rather not have HDMI which I am not even using (I use VGA or components; by the way two of my xbox 360 have HDMI). Or you come here to complain about a Theme? dude I rather have backward compatibility (which is game related and a huge limitation) than to uhhh.. not be able to use a input that any of my games need or a theme of a backward picture... You sony fans have such double standards.
DJ  +   2642d ago
Backwards compability has nothing to do with PS3 or 360 games.
Xbox 360 doesn't even support all Xbox games (still), and Microsoft refuses to improve the BC functionality on that console. Why? Because, as Sony found out, most people don't care about BC.

We bought PS3s and 360s to play PS3 and 360 games.

The HDMI debacle is actually closer to the Dual Shock 3 debacle. Both sets of hardware were introduced fairly late, and their existence was denied by both companies. The key difference though is that it was illegal for Sony to produce the Dual Shock 3 (due to the lawsuit by Immersion), while Microsoft realized they had f-ed up by telling everyone "VGA and Component are perfectly fine. HDMI is not an industry standard, so we don't need to support it."

Then there's the price difference. $300 console vs. $55 controller.
-GametimeUK-  +   2642d ago
I hactually got my PS3 to play PS3, PS2 and PS1 games... Im not missing out on the great PS2 games I have yet to play... And PS1 = FF7
timmyrulz  +   2642d ago
No problem, i feel as though i have been compensated by the new and shiney superb xbox 360 experience with unrivalled features on any other consoles
HighDefinition  +   2642d ago
Your a funny funny man.
Cenobia  +   2642d ago
It shouldn't come at a price though. NXE was supposed to be a free upgrade. I'm sure there are a bunch of people who paid for quite a few themes. I'd be pretty pissed. I mean buying themes in the first place is pretty ridiculous, but having them basically turn to nothing after the update would piss me off.

There is an easy fix for this. Just give everyone access to 1 or 2 paid themes for free (at any time, so they aren't jipped by a small selection of bad themes). That way everyone will be happy, and there won't be any complaining or bad press. They could turn this into a good deal and make their customers happy.

I don't see it really costing MS anything, since I can't imagine the production cost for themes being very high.
SL1M DADDY  +   2642d ago
@ timmyrulz
Major? Trixie?

Who are you really...?
timmyrulz  +   2642d ago
The xbar media is two years old, NXE is no more than 8 hours old. Now please tell me which one is ancient.....
Magic_The_Celt  +   2642d ago
giovonni  +   2642d ago
even waste your time responding to him, Man of the year? Knowing his history, he trolls a lot of Xbox360 post and puts his own spin on things. I find it to be down right funny to tell you the truth. As his claim for "Home" can't even be proven because it's not even out. Dark Sniper shares the same qualities of other super hard core Playstation fans that has been predicting the death of 360.... Wait until Lair comes out...... man when Heavenly Sword comes out it's over...... GTA4 is the finally nail in the 360's coffin,. Haze is going to be it for the 360. Metal Gear is going to move consoles and kill the 360. To be honest I think Dark Sniper is a pr intern for Sony's gaming department because his responses aren't of gamer quality. Don't waste your time on him. Be a gamer and enjoy both consoles like I know you have been. you are going to hear fanboyish things just laugh and go back to enjoying the good life of gaming.
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outlawlife  +   2642d ago
actually microsoft was aware of the theme issue and that why in the last few months the themes that you have seen are free

they actually put a hold on all third part content such as themes and gamerpics a few months ago and that isn't changing until around the first of the year

at that time a few select developers are going to be able to distribute premium themes and avatar accessories

actually having seen and worked with the new theme layout I can tell you the potential has not even been scratched, lot of cool stuff you can do with NXE
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munish23  +   2642d ago
I have the scarface theme, and it looks alright. Just the main page where it's half black and white, is cut in half.But you can still recognize it.
Magic_The_Celt  +   2642d ago
So all the themes you fools payed for are useless lmfao
socomnick  +   2642d ago
Everyone should download that free Gears of war 2 last day premium theme. IT not only changes your background but the actual friends icon section changes too, with locusts, derelicks, tanks, and a bunch of other gears of war 2 related models becoming the background for your friends lists.
STICKzophrenic  +   2642d ago
I'm still pissed that 98% of the time we can only see one image out of the four that were used for each theme. It uses one for the main dashboard, then the others are used for the guide button functionality blades, which is then 85% blocked by the blade. They should make it so the theme images are in a fading rotation on the main dashboard.

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