New Xbox Experience now Live

Enter the ultimate social entertainment experience. Connect with your favorite people and enjoy more games and entertainment online than with any other device connected to your TV. Welcome to the New Xbox Experience. Jump in.

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PoSTedUP3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

get it wile its hot : )

3503d ago
P4KY B3503d ago

The turd you just laid is a steaming pile of diarrhea.

Its nice to know that you're suffering.

Montrealien3503d ago

Just got it about an hour ago, tried it out early but man, one thing to say...

Quickest Update in History, not even 3 minutes and I was already making my avatar.

I am really enjoying this, GJ MS, now don't f*ck this up! ;D

topgeareasy3503d ago

No movies from sony pictures via Netflix streaming service

InMyOpinion3503d ago

Did you notice how smooth all the transitions between menus are? No load times to display pictures etc. Awesome!

Montrealien3503d ago

yeah, the main thing I wanted from this update was to not wait 1 minute for all my arcade games to load, so much faster now, love it!

jaysquared3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

I was skeptical about this whole NXE thing because I was pretty satisfied with the dashboard but after downloading it and playing with it a little bit its so much better than the dashboard! The avatars are pretty gay though but everything else is a big improvement from the dashboard. Its a lot better looking and more organized. Updates like this makes me feel better about paying $50 a year for XBL! Great job M$!

masterg3503d ago

Anybody know where to type in redeem codes in the new xbox?

Bnet3433503d ago

Very cool! Didn't take more then 5 minutes to install. Very fast I love it. Making my avatar now. :)

PS360PCROCKS3503d ago

master G press the big X on your controller and it should be in their

MiloGarret3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

It's ok... Nothing very interesting in it though. The most interesting aspect of it, Netflix, is nowhere to be found in Europe so this update basically boils down to a skin change for a user like me who doesn't care about the community part of Live. I really like the fact that its more responsive though.

PS: I hate my avatar, and all avatars.

Wizeguy213503d ago

Why does every guy avatar on NXE look like hes gay or has been nude on camera before! They all stand funny! :-( aside from that I guess its a good upgrade

elorm93502d ago

You guys are enjoying your avatars? Kinda surprised here...

Timesplitter143502d ago

look at all the people here enjoying this.

A year ago they were saying ''Home is for losers who have no life''

There goes their credibility.

Anyway, I've always thought that these things can never be bad so it's a great update

y0haN3502d ago

It's nice but it's quite meh, blatant Mii ripoffs with nicer graphics yet they aren't even as thorough as Miis. Faster blades is fine..

cherrypie3502d ago

"where to enter redeem codes"

Guide>Marketplace>Redee m Code.


"no sony films on netflix"

Who cares? Its sony's loss. Netflix isnt going to let Sony try and screw Netflix's customers for long. This is Sony shooting itself in the foot -- and, is probably going to attract the anti-competitive / monopoly regulators and DOJ. There are laws against this kind of anti-competitive behaviour.

What are you talking about? 3D avatars that look like PEOPLE arent new or unique to Nintendo. Secondly, Avatars are vastly more customizeable and varied than Miis. You clearly havent created an Avatar.

The bottom line: NXE is another EPIC victory for MS. I've already used PhotoParty with some of my family, they loved it.

disrupt3r3502d ago

My XBox360 is now my WiiBox360

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pp3503d ago

Awesome update ever in the history of game consoles.

Morgan Douglas Jones3503d ago

Biggest retard ever in the history of failed abortions.

Bill Gates3502d ago


Morgan Douglas Jones3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

So basically it took Microsoft years to copy what Nintendo had at launch. Mii avatars.

@ the monkey below: Just kill yourself.

3503d ago
borgome3503d ago

I laughed at your comment morgan, but tell me man, which trailer park do you currently reside in?

Morgan Douglas Jones3503d ago

This update fails hard, not just in comparison to Sony's upcoming Home but it fails overall.

Montrealien3503d ago

how long till you are at 1 bubble and have to go create another account?

chop chop, jump through them hoops monkey and create more accounts to make your self hated to remind yourself that you are alive ! Smoke a cigar while you're at it, nothing cuter then a chimp with a cigar in his mouth, should be cute!

InMyOpinion3503d ago

Mentioning Home only makes you look even more stupid.

ThatCanadianGuy3503d ago

"Welcome to the New Xbox Experience. Jump in."

No thanks.In fact,i'll jump out.

Anyone want to buy an arcade 360 +2 games for 150$?
PM me

Eiffel3503d ago

Sure, you go ahead and blow off money on a system that apparently is better yet uses its "Large Memory" to create flop titles...really only thing you get worth the money is a Blu-Ray much for the extra $200.

ThatCanadianGuy3502d ago

Nah man,i get a standard HDD,Blu-ray player,dualshock-sixaxis motion controller,Built in Wi-fi,Built in Bluetooth,Free online,A web browser
Life with playstation/[email protected],7.1 dolby surround sound.
HDMI 1.3. Etc etc.

You get what you pay for right? You want to spend 200$ on a cheap ass console? That's what you get..a cheap ass console.

Or you could buy a whole media centre for 400$ Tough choice.

" uses its "Large Memory" to create flop titles "

LBP-40GB says hello!
MGS4 -40 GB waves goodbye!

Later man.Im off.Stop posting dumbass comments and making yourself look like a fool.