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Eurogamer Review: Left 4 Dead

Eurogamer writes: "My favourite moment in Left 4 Dead? I'm playing Versus mode, and we've reached the apex of the Blood Harvest campaign in a desperate farmhouse siege against overwhelming odds. I'm part of the overwhelming odds, playing the corpulent blob that is the Boomer. I wobble up to a window and look inside, to see Louis firing away desperately at the horde around him. I just watch, smiling, waiting for him to turn in my direction. Only when he does, when he realises that I'm standing there, do I spray him with my zombie-attracting vomit, prompting another wave of infected to crowd in and hammer him to death." (Left 4 Dead, PC, Xbox 360) 9/10

tatotiburon  +   2448d ago
Best multiplayer of the year??
user9422077  +   2448d ago
I would think so, yes. One of the best game I've played, I would buy a 360 just to play this let alone own it!
Socom  +   2448d ago
There is no reason to buy a 360 ever.
Because just like 99% of all 360 games, a game like Left4dead is not exclusive and Im actually going to buy this one…for my PC which is the superior version anyway.
Drealmcc0y  +   2448d ago
I dont like PC gaming so no I will stick to my 360
Traveler  +   2448d ago
I use to mess with PCs but I don't anymore. I have only consoles and so for me Left 4 Dead can only be played on the Xbox 360.
silvacrest  +   2448d ago
im also getting this on the PC
and to anyone saying "i dont like playing games on the PC"

gamepad anyone? you can even get a 360 controller if needed
Marquis_de_Sade  +   2447d ago
There are many more reasons than controls, general interface, ease of use and community. Most people i know have a 360 but don't have great PCs, and online play on 360 is a lot more user friendly with built in VC for a start.
Keele  +   2448d ago
I agree, Eurogamer. Europeans do own Americans.
Slinger420  +   2448d ago
I feel like the game is a bit of a letdown. Maybe it's because I have been spoiled by such eye candy like Fallout 3, Gears of War 2, Dead Space, and Call of Duty: World at War. This game is freakin awesome when there's a massive amount of zombies overwhelming you or when the tank comes after you but the repetitive nature seems to bog the overall experience down. I love the AI director which makes for a different experience everytime. I don't like the lack of a save system, I mean WTF is that?? I wish there was a deeper story and the game ran on the COD engine, there would be no stopping it. The game is unique but I feel like it ultimately lacks variety and depth. The visuals can be good at times, but mostly it looks like Rainbow Six Vegas quality graphically.
Traveler  +   2448d ago
Well, it depends. There are good and bad and every shade in between in every country.
Traveler  +   2448d ago
Nah man, the game is awesome in my opinion. No scenario ever plays out the same way twice.
Firstkn1ghT  +   2448d ago
AAA title confirmed! :)
baum  +   2447d ago
I thought AAA meant 90+ at metacritic


Should be even lower due to that 5/10 it got yesterday.
solsub  +   2447d ago
^^ What defines a AAA title is subjective. I do get where you're coming from though. A lot of 360 fanboys claim it must average a meta score of at least 90%. Nice way to stick it to Firstkn1ght, one of the biggest 360 fanboys around.
Marquis_de_Sade  +   2447d ago
Double standards, a hallmark of all good fanboys.
Tarmgar  +   2448d ago
The Versus mode is AMAZING! I love Left 4 Dead. The 4 player online co-op is awesome too, but the Versus mode is what will give this game it's huge buzz. It's fun being the infected and being a tank or smoker.
Bolts  +   2447d ago
The messed up thing about vs mode is that some people had no idea they're playing against human controlled boss infected. They're playing through the game like normal expecting to roll through the map then all the sudden some human controlled infected start stirring up all kind of hell. Its a great mode to play when you just want to ruin people's day.
Magic_The_Celt  +   2447d ago
Pretty good score for a 2 hour game

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