Poll: What's the best way to first-person shoot?

After a week of heavy lobbying, fundraising, scheming, opining, and mudslinging, the results are in for's "best way to first-person shoot" poll. As no surprise, the trusty mouse and keyboard still sets the bar when it comes to FPS controls that are quick, accurate, and still feel natural. But it's also apparent that many believe Wii has approvingly evolved the controls with already existing games and/or on the potential of soon-to-be released titles..

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DC RID3R4310d ago

interesting poll.

looks like its a 'heads up' for the keyboard/mouse players when i'm on Live anywhere!

You See Me?

timmyp534310d ago

yet its too confusing for me.. too late to go there..... dpad and analogs for me~+!

grifter0244309d ago

This is kinda funny... Like one of the comments said its wait to cluttered to really play for fun... unless you just play that single game and by the 2nd week should know what buttons do what ...then its alright but if your moving around in diff games d pad is good.. but if you only play source then I guess keyboard.... It made me laugh when this came up "It's sad when the shooter games on Rayman feel much more fluid than actual FPS's." haha I laughed when I saw this one it was funny... d pad for me.. all the way. I tried playing avp2 didnt really do it for me. Plus it looks like a pc site to me ..

calderra4309d ago

Console joysticks don't have driver issues or system requirements. That's what I like.