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Dawn of the Dead Mall in Left 4 Dead

A mapmaker has taken his previous work on a recreation of the mall in Dawn of the Dead for Half-Life 2 and converted it for use in Left 4 Dead. (Left 4 Dead, PC)

Update News post now has links to additional screenshots and info.

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dxmnecro  +   2449d ago
The mods for this game are going to be ridiculous.
Morgan Douglas Jones  +   2449d ago
360 port = No mods.
dxmnecro  +   2448d ago
Yeah, that's why I bought the PC version.
ThanatosDMC  +   2448d ago
Yup, that's why it's smarter to buy Valve games on steam. I watching and waiting for the melee weapons mod to come out. They're trying to come out with melee weapons copied from the ideas of Dead Rising!

Just give me a chainsaw, a battleaxe, and throwable knives and i'll be happy.
Silogon  +   2449d ago
I'm taking the 360 version back because it controls like donkey spit and because it has no mod support. The graphics are also considerabbly lesser quality too. I was running a buddies Left4Dead tonight on my pc and it just number crunches the 360 version all to hell...
Raimon Taro   2449d ago | Spam
The Matrix  +   2448d ago
Haha that's cool.
pp  +   2448d ago
y0haN  +   2448d ago
Please.. no more HL2 models and textures, update it for L4D now the game is released!
ActionBastard  +   2448d ago
And this is why I now know I should've bought the PC version...sigh...Maybe when the PS3 version is released?
Jinxstar  +   2448d ago
Like I said the PC version is better, cheaper and mods are free... Hate all you want 360 fans but you know it's true.

Edit: I have had an ongoing feud with a few peeps here over left 4 dead. I have nothing against the 360 per say I just prefer PC. Those who this is geared towards should know. i.e. POG, Traveller and so on.
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typikal82  +   2448d ago
thats too cool, gotta love pc games
unid3ntifi3d  +   2448d ago
I'd like to see a map from 28 Weeks/Days Later. The house in the beginning of the Weeks, maybe?

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