Thunderbolt Games Review Mirror's Edge (360)

Craig Nye, Thunderbolt: "This, refreshingly enough, is not the case in Mirror's Edge where running with your tail between your legs is very much the name of the game. And the narrative makes this patently clear: you play a female called Faith and she is a Runner. What that entails is pretty self-explanatory and the reason why Faith and a network of other Runners do this is to communicate messages between people, in a society where its inhabitants have chosen a controlled, safe lifestyle at the expense of freedom. The story is most definitely not the game's biggest draw; the majority of cut-scenes are Flash animated and while clean and pretty to look at, they don't fit in at all with the overall tone Mirror's Edge leans towards. They're also incredibly uninteresting and players can easily enjoy the bulk of the game for what it's worth without having to follow proceedings when not in full control of Faith."

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