National Geographic Proves it's Fanboy-ism

National geographic has released some new games that has questioning how biased they are in the console wars.
The announced titles seem to show an allegiance to some console developers, while snubbing others.

What do you think of National Geographic's decisions?

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knamelis3598d ago

like anyone that reads National Geographic has a PS3...

what a joke.

hay3598d ago

Actually there are some movies by NG on bluray so It isn't bad move to go all the way that road since customers could watch movies and play their games on the same machine.

Mozilla893598d ago

I have a PS3 and like to read National Geographic, I don't don't understand why its such a reach to think so.

Amnesiac3598d ago

I've had a subscription to NG since I was a kid...Nice assumption though.

HighDefinition3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

My god! Who ever wrote this headline is a flippin idiot.

jcfilth3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )


It's not fanboy-ism, they just work with serious companies, that's all.

ravinash3598d ago

If you wanted to go by stereo types, 360 are the younger crowd like students and people gaming on a budget while PS3 owners have more money to buy the more expensive console and tend to be 20 to 35+. So maybe that's the crowd they are after.
And of course Wii has the biggest number of customers and can reach the whole family.

Kleptic3598d ago

yeah not sure what the joke was about NG...I have had a subscription since I was a kid also, and now get it free through work for some unknown reason (mechanical engineering, has nothing to do with NG...yet I can't get a free subscription to Popular Science, or something relevant...wtfe)

either way...I would assume it would be the 360 audience that wouldn't read most are constantly trumpeting about 'buying more games' and 'putting in more hours online'...that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for stuff like...reading...just an observation I made, thats all...

UltimateIdiot9113598d ago

I'm sorry, but your logic is flawed big time. My friends who own the PS3 are more likely to read NG than my friends who own a 360. I personally do pick up a copy of NG every now and then. The only reason why I haven't subscribe is because I'm not home half the year.

SaiyanFury3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I also own a PS3 and I enjoy reading National Geographic. I also love watching the Canadian Discovery Channel, TLC, and National Geographic channel as well. I wouldn't call them fanboys simply because they're not planning on content on the 360. Maybe it's simply their view that they wouldn't get the same exposure on the 360. Who knows, but I think it's a rather extreme reaction as they've not stated their reasons for choosing Sony and Nintendo. Maybe they want to reach out to Japan as well? Lord knows the 360 isn't such a hot potato over there. That isn't to say that it doesn't move units, but Japanese systems with a Japanese focus tend to sell better in their home territory.

thewhoopimen3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I've been reading NG since I was kid. I wouldn't have had the interest to travel to the 20-odd countries i've been to otherwise. Video footage of animals, plants, landscapes on blu-ray are the absolute best. DVD is like VHS next to it.

ianp6223598d ago

Wow, looks like knamelis got pwned.

ruibing3598d ago

It's bad to establish these kinds of stereotypes.

BattleAxe3598d ago

Wow, a media outlet thats pro Sony.......I thought I'd never see the day. I wish other media outlets were like NG where if they have nothing good to say about the PS3, then they shouldn't even come out with reviews ect. for it.

Jamegohanssj53598d ago

Oh I like NG now. I expect AAA titles for the PS3.


kunit22c3598d ago

can anyone think logicaly? Maybe they dont want to get a 360 because of rrod? hhmmm.... i seriously bet thats why, i mean if i was the owner of national geographic i wouldnt, and also they are trying to apeal KIDS not TEENS *KIDS* the 360 is ALL SHOOTER games almost ALL of them, and the ones that arnt shooters are still rated M, besides like guitar hero and what not but you could get those on wii or ps3 anyway. So yeah actually think before you talk.

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sonarus3598d ago

They just did Afrika game with sony so its expected they would have good relationship. 360 support will probably come in time

But whats the big deal its just national Geographic

Kleptic3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

whats the big deal?...this is a console war...the real question is simply 'what isn't a big deal?'...and that would arguably be answered with 'nothing'...

I heard two grown men arguing at best buy this weekend about the 360 and the PS3...the 360 guy seriously claimed the 360 as 'better', and that games should only be bought for the 360, because the game case is the same size as regular DVD cases...and will look better with your DVD collection...and that the smaller PS3 cases were 'gay' joke...although the PS3 owner did sort of spit in his face with, 'well, the PS3 cases are more appropriate with my growing BD collection'...and the 360 owner wept...

SuicideFLip3598d ago

I've heard the panda game isn't trash. Not that I would really want to play it, but I don't think I'm really the target market.

PS360PCROCKS3598d ago

FANBOYS!!!! j/k what a lame story

MashedButtons3598d ago

you don't even like the clever photoshop?!?


Kleptic3598d ago

photoshop was good...first thing I noticed...but yeah, I thought this entire thing was a joke...I didn't know NG even worked on Afrika w/ i guess, if you like those kinds of games...

GlossGreen3598d ago

Not really, pretty basic and unimaginative if you must know. I know, now I'm just being mean.

Jager3598d ago

"Their first title (this month!) will be a free flash game called Herod’s Tomb, a tie-in for their upcoming magazine and television program."

Simple, they want to release a free game, you cant release free content on XBL.

DeFFeR3598d ago

Ever heard of a game called Yaris? It was free... and it was terrible.

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