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Gamedaily writes: "Zombies run wild in Left 4 Dead, a gory first person shooter that challenges you to survive hordes of flesh eaters. You and three other players, either human or computer controlled, explore four post apocalyptic environments where teamwork makes the difference between life and death. Armed with shotguns, assault rifles and a few med packs, you'll withstand the onslaught by healing your comrades, rescuing them and watching each other's backs.

Although we zipped through the four "movies" in less than five hours, we can't stop playing co-operatively with friends via online play and competing against others in the thrilling Survivors vs. Infected, a four-on-four multiplayer mode where monsters attempt to slaughter their gun-wielding adversaries. Shot-gunning hundreds of zombies and watching their heads and limbs explode rarely gets old, especially after a long day at work. Whether or not you should purchase the game, however, may depend on your platform of choice. PC users can snag it for less than $50, while Xbox 360 owners need to shell out $60 for a game that, while incredibly addictive, has a handful of options. So while it's short on content, Left 4 Dead's frantic blasting makes it one of the year's coolest horror games."

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SKINS4LIFE3679d ago

Can't wait to pick it up after work!!
steaming turds

SRU96003679d ago

I finished Call of Duty: World at War in 5 and a half hours, but I don't remember any reviewers talking about how short that game's single player was (I'm not saying that reviewers DIDN'T talk about it, I just don't remember seeing it in any reviews).

Regardless, I am a little concerned about the very short single player campaigns that we are seeing more and more of.

The L4D demo was awesome though, so I will definitely be picking up the full game.

BattleAxe3679d ago

@ Above ^^

What do you expect when you beat the game on the easiest difficulty.

SRU96003679d ago

In that case it probably would have taken me 4 hours.

I played the game on hardened difficulty.

rucky3679d ago

From GameDaily? From Chris Buffa? I swore he would've given L4D a 15/10 if he could.

snipermk03679d ago

Gamedaily are doing this thing lately of giving reviews really low scores. A bunch of attention whores if u ask me.

thor3679d ago

Really low? How on earth is 8 really low?

_My_ opinion is that the game is not even worth an 8 - but I don't like to put my opinions on a 0-10 scale so I'm not going to go there.

Some people are not going to like this game particularly. I am one of them. This reviewer is NOT but he still acknowledges some flaws in the game.

hermie3679d ago

I'd like to see more of that. Ratings in general are very inflated right now.

himdeel3679d ago

...that complains about a GOOD game being too short and giving it a score less than 80% should be beaten with a 15 pound salmon across the face until they pass out, scaly, wet and stinky of fish.

Harry1903679d ago

throw them in a pond filled with barracudas and piranhas.

Harry1903679d ago

Another review from you friendly neighbourhood Chris Buffa.

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The story is too old to be commented.