The King of Fighters XII to Come in 2009

Ignition Entertainment has announced that The King of Fighters XII will be released in North America and Europe in 2009. No specific date or platforms have been announced.

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Yi-Long3677d ago

"This announcements comes on the 15 year anniversay of the series and will introduce completely overhauled graphics. According to Ignition, the spirates that have been used over the past 14 years have been dropped and replaced with "new 2D high definition, high resolution sprites, on detailed 2D backgrounds, drawn 100% by hand."

Awesome! And judging from the few videos we've seen, it really looks impressive and truly sets the new standard for 2d sprite-based fighters!

Such a shame Capcom was too lazy to really do justice to a SF2 Remix.

hay3677d ago

I just hope the fighting system will be tweaked. A bit faster and just a little Guilty Gear'ish.

dxmnecro3677d ago

I really wish they had at least announced what platforms this will be on.