Punch Jump: Killzone 2 PS3 beta mind-blowing fun

Sony Corp.'s Killzone 2 beta test version is mind-blowing fun based on an initial test of the latest online-only multiplayer build.

The squad-based shooter relishes enemy encounters with plenty of cross-paths and spawn points that guarantee constant conflict. Bullets and bodies fly constantly due to a snappy four-second respawn time and the ability to choose from several respawn points.

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shingo3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

I agree. I'm in the beta and the gameplay is definitely as superb as the graphics. A good looking game + fun gameplay = WIN.

Cwalat3617d ago

So, is it fair to say that this is the best Beta release in history of gaming?

Can you think of another beta that was this giving and fun?

sonarus3617d ago

I thought warhawk was pretty fun...but then again that was my first was so fun spamming with mines lol

ultimolu3617d ago

Yes. The beta is ridiculously crazy. I LOVE the freakin' music too when you start it up. It pumps you up.

Idk but this game is going to blow minds. And then God of War III might make heads explode too. O_O

Rigmaster3617d ago


My roommate is in the beta and the game is insanely good. The clan betting on matches is absolutely brilliant.

The graphics are so far beyond anything I've ever seen before it is still shocking to see it in person. The rendering of the player's gun is like looking at a real object.

People have been saying this game is like God decided to get into fps development. It will be a good test for review sites. I can't think of another game that so justly deserves straight 10/10s in every review.

Cwalat3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

Rigmaster @

an that is based on the beta alone :P
can't wait for Singleplayer...
but as soon as the bomb the media with footage, i'm gonna go offline on the internet and PC, sit down and just play R2 til the game releases.

Sitdown3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

You forgot to add "+ free online". Given that I have not renewed LIVE...this is another plus. Also, does anybody know if the official headset will be confirmed for this title.....that would be just lovely. I would purchase a collector's edition for it.

ShaIashaska3617d ago

Finally, there's a game that can replace CoD4 for me. I mean, Resistance is cool and all, but not my kind of shooter. And,Socom was disapointing (At least right now).

Storm233617d ago

I am done looking at any new media and articles on Killzone 2. I will do what I did with MGS4 and keep myself away so my experience can be as fresh as possible.

Resistance 2, LBP, Dead Space, MGS4, and COD4 will make that happen for me.

Can't wait!

lukewind3617d ago

Wow, you guys sound really unbiased!

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ruibing3617d ago

Awkward first sentence, but it sounds great. I hope I get an invite when they open up the beta more.

Pennywise3617d ago

I wish it was easier to get into betas. I want to try this game so bad!

Fishy Fingers3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

Seems this is a straight up true beta. Not a demo in a fancy guise. Sony only need X number of people so they've only released X number of codes.

I would have loved to get a slot (been in every PS3 beta so far, except KZ) but at least the impressions thus far are all positive and we'll have a totally fresh experience in Feb. with the complete package. Plus, I don't want it putting my current games to shame, what would you do once the beta expired? :/

memots3617d ago

i feel very lucky to have gotten in the beta. When i got the email i literally jumped out of my chair and screamed !!!!!!!! YES !!!!!!!!

This game is all what your read and more. Its a great game all around and still in beta. Its not 100% perfect yet of course its a beta.

But this is for real. This is for me anyway a day1 buy and should be for any ps3 owner.

ultimolu3617d ago

I was extremely lucky as well. I opened my mail and my eyes were like....(o)_(o)

Um...I wear glasses but that's besides the point. :)

rockleex3617d ago

Although women with glasses turn me on... those didn't really look like glasses or wide open eyes. They looked more like other things on women that turn me on.

Lol, sorry. :P

ultimolu3617d ago

*crickets chirp in background*

...Lol! xD

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Raoh3617d ago

and thats just the beta...

cant wait.

tomfoolery3617d ago

read the title..........


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