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LEAKED: Playstation Home 1.0 out Nov. 20;everything you wanted to know about Home 1.0

Hit the jump now to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Home 1.0. Screen-captures have been taken by GT user 'jontay' straight off the official Playstation Home private beta forums.

UPDATE: Jontay deleted his post. (Home, PS3, PSP)

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Juevani  +   2640d ago
Im @work so I cant open the link, can someone pls tell what it says.. is home comin home soon *lol*

thx (if ya'll do it) lol
Milky Joe  +   2640d ago
It's being made available in the closed beta on the 20th. Still not ready for general release, I'm afraid.
Euphrate  +   2640d ago

Wireless controller release date is set to coincide with HOME.
rbanke  +   2640d ago
Confirmed means an official statement regarding something. Sony has not given us any date of the open beta(even on the private forums).

The only thing anyone knows is that its going to be soon.
xhairs9  +   2640d ago
1.0 is still closed beta for foreigners to join in and test the language packs. That's what this is about just more info regarding this. Has nothing to do with opening for the public, we'll have to sit and wait some more yipee.
mercyless9  +   2640d ago
this better be real !
delays are so f'in annoying
fiercescuba  +   2640d ago
Home could be really awesome and drive the PS3 to new heights for an online gaming community. Or... it could flop. I'm hoping for the awesome outcome.
Algonath  +   2640d ago
NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! .....they took out the vPSP no!!!! ...well HOME better not be slow when we get it. It should be fast as the NXE atleast.
FantasyStar  +   2640d ago
I just hope that Cross-game invites come w/ Home. That's all.
Mozilla89  +   2639d ago
What its gonna take up around 3 gigs of space? What the heck, I like having space!
I guess its okay though this article still doesn't reveal when 1.0 is coming out for everybody.
Dino  +   2639d ago
I'm in the beta
and I just erased what I wrote earlier because I just noticed people talking about an NDA. I dont remember seeing that anywhere but I'll play it safe.
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LiquifiedArt  +   2640d ago
Tons of updates. Looking really GOOD SONY. REALLY GOOD. I cant wait to dabble in Home. And the new addition of "Rewards" and "Clubhouses" looks very promising. WOOT!

From pictures: They are basically inviting more people over the next several weeks and version 1.0 will be out nov 20th. (With LOTS of changes). In-game XMB is now active, the vPSP has been yanked for a new interface. All the Shopping centre stores now have a PSN Store Interface.
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chaosatom  +   2640d ago
WOW, you made me excited for Home.

I am looking forward to home. i really hope they nail the arcade machines and bowling and stuff because that's where I am going!
butterfinger  +   2640d ago
The rumors have been circling around 19th/20th which would be perfectly in line with Microsoft's NXE. I can't wait! NXE and Home possibly in back to back days:)
Pennywise  +   2640d ago
This is N4G, not NDA police. As a gamer, I want to hear anything available. Sony was not nice enough to invite me, so I could care less about NDA. I didnt agree to anything and I am willing to read any news available.

Are you guys screaming NDA cause you care, or because you want to block any good news?
hay  +   2640d ago
Either way, if it gets approved It'll be removed quite fast.
hay  +   2640d ago
Aaand I'm hyped again. Moderately but hyped.
TheMART  +   2640d ago
Ofcourse! This would be here Fall 2007. Look were we are now. Probably release is Fall 2012 with the introduction of the PS4!
thor  +   2640d ago
Don't be stupid mart, it'll release in 2009 - everybody knows this. And it will completely suck - everybody, in their heart of hearts, knows this too.
Deviant  +   2640d ago
yeah it will suck and everyone will hate sony ...oh yeah i hate them so much.

get a life and stop trolling :)
Gue1  +   2640d ago
and why you care Mart?
you don't have a PS3, you don't care about the PS3, you hate the PS3 but then you are in every article about PS3 games and etc. why so much interest? are you going to buy one for killzone 2 or something?
ravinshield  +   2640d ago
Playstation Home 1.5 out Nov 21
to fix home 1.0 like it always happens.
mrdxpr2  +   2640d ago
wow look how many people are hating on HOME.A bunch of haters.. and i would love to know when HOME needed an update to fix another update exactly they dont throw updates to fix another..They fix the glitches there own way..
ultimolu  +   2640d ago
...Why do you care?
Why is it so important to you, may I ask?
blackbeld  +   2640d ago
ONLY FEW DAYS MORE AND HOME IS ON AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kleptic  +   2640d ago
because they are fanatical rats that feel it is important to continue their pathetic agenda for unknown reasons...

if home what...if it doesn' what...its still free...its still innovative...and its still something that MS has absolutely no clue how to can rip on home all you want, at least its a fresh idea on a gaming community...unlike those douchebag mii look a likes...i know what you guys will say, so don't bother...'bu bu but NXE is 4 teh 'coar gaymerz!1' guys are losers...
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2640d ago
This is Micro$oft xBox 360 'New Xbox Experience'(NXE) for tomorrow -

;-D ;-D ;-D

+ I have had a few goes on 'HOME' beta(Japanese)and it's got potential to be really cool;)

+ I Laugh SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! When i think of the Hardcore xBot Zombie Lemmings looking at the New 'NXE' Avatars!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D

HOME is the FUTURE!!! ;-P
tehReaper  +   2640d ago
HOME doesn't completely suck. It's a starting ground, like they have told us. Don't expect the holy grail. It'll grow, believe me, it has major potential.
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pwnsause  +   2640d ago
"Playstation Home 1.5 out Nov 21
to fix home 1.0 like it always happens."

HEy, just remember that NXE patches wont fix the RROD come tomorrow when people get it after the update.
tortella  +   2639d ago
HOME is launching in 2008

Oh wait Xfarts have Mii-like 2D rip offs aka NXE

stupid XBOTS

X360s warantees run out in 3 days

expect massive shock and awe all over
kevnb  +   2640d ago
home meh
how many people actually care about this? Bring on games instead.
edit: I guess atleast eight people are interested in Home. Instead of just disagreeing mind telling me why I should be excited for home?
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creeping judas  +   2640d ago
@ kevnb
I'm not excited, and neither am I excited for NXE. Sure I'll play around and stuff, but to me it's not important. I'd rather have more games!!!
MetalProxy  +   2640d ago
kev you make me laugh at how silly you are. Wasnt there a butt load of "games" that came out in the past few weeks? I have way to many "games" to play. My Home beta adds to the fun but telling you this is probably, Meh. So carry on
ultimolu  +   2640d ago
I still care.

I get this and games.

Awesome package. :)
kevnb  +   2640d ago
atleast im getting respsonses
but I don't think the fact that alot of games have come out recently is a real argument. Another first party game is rarely ever a bad thing, they could of made a really good one with all the time and beta testing they put into this.
Back to the point, what is exciting about home? Maybe I'm just missing the point.
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himdeel  +   2640d ago
Well I care...
...but I'm not overly concerned about it. Just like I care if I eat dessert after diner but if none is around I'm not overly concerned about it either. I'll download HOME and use it occasionally but it could just as easily not be there and I wouldn't be bothered.
MetalProxy  +   2640d ago
Home will be a great place for clan meetings before you go do a game battle... come on man use your imagination just a wee bit.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2640d ago
Everyone's excited for HOME. You obviously haven't seen too much on it, have you?
TheExecutive  +   2640d ago
I guess by your logic there is no need to support anything other than games? Its basically a beefed up version of what MS is offering with their new Dashboard. So yeah, both are ways to support a community and obviously you have a problem with that
sniper4534  +   2640d ago
is home a game
Nineball2112  +   2640d ago
Does a bear crap in the city?

The answer would be "no", for those sarcastically impaired.
Surfman  +   2640d ago
home is everything
ultimolu  +   2640d ago
Are you an idiot?
fiercescuba  +   2640d ago
Bears crapped in my city once. Be thankful you weren't there.

Bubbles for making me laugh at work.

Manbearpig is real.
thor  +   2640d ago
"Open beta will be here when it's here" -

Confirmed not until next year.
Fishy Fingers  +   2640d ago
"confirmed" by who? You?

"we'll be inviting a huge number of people into the closed beta in SCEE territories. The final number of invitations sent will depend on how the load test goes hence no dates yet for the 2nd and 3rd batch or any numbers"

"Open beta will be here when it's here."

Perhaps it will happen in 2009, but it certainly isnt confirmed.
thor  +   2640d ago
OK I'm guessing. But the full version is _certainly_ not going to come out this year (the beta at BEST) - and when you have, this close to the end of the year, no official word on open beta release date, it looks pretty clear that it's not going to release by the end of the year.

Look I mean they said "fall" - and well, I see that winter is closing in. If it were coming this year there's no reason they couldn't announce a date like 20th December.

They have totally screwed up with Home - they don't know what they are trying to achieve, they are spending their resources on pointless things like redesigning the Home square and bubble machines, and they have had huge problems with development leading to this delay.

I blame SCE London Studio - and with all the hundreds of employees there you'd think they could at least make _something_ other than countless Singstar iterations, 2 cancelled games, EyePet and the POS people like to call Home.
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faisdotal  +   2640d ago
So what's your point? Your not making sense for me with the "they don't know what they want to achieve" stuff. I pretty much understand the whole point of Home.
thor  +   2640d ago
They have said that it is a social networking platform, or words to that effect. But look at every social networking _website_ and you'll spot a trend - they all have features to draw you in.

Any website pertaining to some hobby. N4G is a good example, we're a community, right? Because there's news for gamers on the site, and we come here to read it. Whilst we're here, we might chat to some of the other users etc.

Facebook lets you keep track of all your real-life friends, remember new people's names, organise events. I use Facebook for these purposes; but whilst I'm there, I might message my friends or have a game of poker. MySpace also has the draws of Facebook.

Now you might say "But in Home we're all there because we're PlayStation gamers!" - but the reality is, you don't NEED to go to Home to play PlayStation games. There's are few draws to pull you into Home. OK sure, there's bowling. There's pool. There's chess. But these are all games that are a lot more fun in real life and just seemed tacked on to Home. I can't see many people coming back to Home every day just to play pool. Launching games from Home is a good feature - if you want to get a group together to launch into a game it's great - especially if it's usually hard to find a server. But I think that this feature will be broken in that it will only work for a select few games, and not very well at that. Video/music sharing - again, might be a good reason to go into Home, but it's not there.
0verdrive  +   2640d ago
thor your missing the point

i said this in the open zone to palin, but here it goes again...

home, at least from what i understand, does not try and emulate the goals of facebook, myspace, or secondlife. you are right, in that these social networking mediums have the draw in that they try and connect like minded people. facebook and myspace try to keep real life friends connected, and secondlife tries to connect people in a alternate universe. n4g tries to connect like minded gamers.

homes aim is to bring together like minded ps3 gamers. xbox live has built a large online community, and homes focus is to do that same thing, but in a different way: in a tangible virtual world.

keeping this in mind, they have also added elements and features that may make people draw the conclusion that it is similar to 2nd life, but in actuality, they are not the same. home is just trying to help people find games to play with, and at the same time giving them cool things to do in this virtual world.
waznotwaz  +   2639d ago
I'll be honest when I say that I don't get what it is that Sony is trying to achieve with Home.It's this virtual world where like-minded gamers are due to all meet to talk about gaming?Why didn't Sony just copy Microsoft.If they had released the ps3 with a head set and spent the past 2 years give people the firmware updates that they have been asking for then there would already be a thriving online community and no need for Home.After all,what better place to talk about gaming than while you are playing games with your mates.
0verdrive  +   2639d ago
@ waznotwaz
i get where your coming from

but my guess would be that these media giants dont want to "copy" each other, or at least get caught copying. plus i think sony was banking on people using the blutooth headsets that they already had for their phones for their ps3s, but grossly overestimated how many people actually have blutooth headsets.

anyways, i suspect sony is looking for home to help serve as a hub of pre-game congregation, sort of like how in mmorpgs people wait outside of "raids" or group quests and form parties/meet up with friends, before they tackle coop games, etc.
waznotwaz  +   2639d ago
I personally hope that Home is everything that it seems to be and then some.I just not sure it ever will be.I feel that Sony have been on catch up since the release of the ps3 and that this has caused them to drop the ball.This in turn has had a knock on effect and I'm not convinced that Sony has ever had the ball held firmly in it's hands since.Sony must own the world record for "First" to "Worst" and this doesn't instill much confidence in me as to how they are going to handle Home.Time will tell.
Fishy Fingers  +   2640d ago
Nice, 'jontay' was probably asked (told) to remove the post, probably not a good idea to credit him here, 'GT member' or something might of been better...

Guess we'll see what happens in a few days, or perhaps this released info if accurate may stur a comment from Sony.
Wizeguy21  +   2640d ago
Aww so although they will be going LIVE on the 20th! It will only be inviting MORE people to the closed beta to kinda TEST to see how many people the servers can hold. And based on that, the second wave will go next week and so forth!. I hope i get in this time :-(
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Ldubbz  +   2640d ago
Could it be?
Could the virtual world no one asked for finally be ready? I kid...lets hope Sony is on the ball with this one. I personally dont care for it, tho I will take it for a spin...but i sincerely hope its coming soon for all of you that have been waiting...for some inexplicably godforsaken reason....;)
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2640d ago
Well, since you were semi-kind about it, I'll let you in on why we're excited.

- Meet up and watch movies together.
- Unlocking special stuff only available through HOME.
- Playing with all the innovative stuff: Soccer tournaments with your HOME avatar hosted by Adidas, Treasure hunts through HOME created by random developers to help you explore and get your imagination running, New trailers being released streaming live in the town's center where you and your friends wait and anticipate it, Special zones devoted to helping you with games (walkthroughs with trophy help and live advice from others playing the game right then), war rooms to plan strategies in games (warhawk, socom, MAG, etc...), and voice chatting with hundreds of other people...making it as close to real life as possible. (That includes sound proximity: the closer they are, the louder you'll hear them!)
- It's completely open. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. It gives you a sense of freedom. This is what people want...they want to feel untethered by the world around them. That is what HOME is.
- Mall shopping sprees and the ability to help in creation of new buildings.

Last, but certainly not least, CREATING YOUR OWN PLACE! Everybody has designed a room in the Sims or made a Mii...but when you take that to the next level, you get one simple thing: fun. SCEE understands what fun is and why gamers play the games they play. We just want to escape this screwed up world and enjoy ourselves. Why not try a world without restriction? Your home can look however you want it to look and you can do anything in your home that you want. It's your place. You can choose who comes in and who stays out. It's YOURS!

I can't wait to go HOME.
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ofx360  +   2640d ago
The movie thing has been removed

I don't like home. To me is seems pretty useless.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2640d ago
It's been removed until they can get it up again. It will be back though.

Why is it useless?

Do you not want to meet up with your friends and discuss how you're going to play through a level on Killzone 2 or literally meet new people...find some guy from Oregon that just so happens to love The Adventures of Pete and Pete as much as you do...and discuss it over a calming game of pool?

It's socializing for gamers! Maybe some people will learn from it and talk to human beings now!
ofx360  +   2639d ago
I see you have no bubble left so i won't take a shot at your comment. It just doesn't seem right.
Kratos Spartan  +   2640d ago
This will certainly bring the haters out of the basement
Oh, I was right. Look, they're here!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Stinkey  +   2640d ago
Sounds good to me
first bit of news I got in a long time about Home that actually got me looking forward to it. The anticipation can quickly go away if they keep on BSing and not release the service with and adequate amount of features and third party support
Sarah Palin  +   2640d ago
UPDATE: Jonjay deleted his post.

I just dont see the appeal. Nor do I see the innovation.
Now, I know this will bring hatred from many fanboys, and I dont care---they need to work out their issues with their parents, not thru N4G---I just want SOMEONE to tell me whats so great about it.
Tell me whats new about it? Tell me what ideas here with HOME haven't been done a million times before?
What makes it so awesome and INNOVATIVE? Thats all I want. Make a list, and reply to this post.
If you give me something valid, i'd appreciate it. And if you dont mind finding more than ONE thing(but lord knows I am having trouble finding just ONE THING), thanks people.

@TOASTMAN--thanks buddy. I guess you must mean the ONLINE aspect of it. B/c The Sims would have shot down your reply.

@THOR---Meet up with virtual avatars and play games. Hmm....sounds like every social networking game, EVER, lol. Thats the general idea of online gaming. And your right, it IS a complete waste of time.

Anyone else? I'm looking for something VALID....something SOLID......something NEW....SOMETHING No one else has AND/OR has DONE.
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ToastyMcNibbles  +   2640d ago
first thing that comes to mind is its never been done before on a console
thor  +   2640d ago
You can meet up with people virtually, see their avatar "in-person" and then launch a game with them and whoever else happens to be around and wants to play.

Unfortunatly this feature won't work for most games and will have some drawbacks. Home will have no "pull" to get people to use it, and the number of users will drop off. It is lacking features, some of them will be stripped back/broken and you won't often see your online friends in Home. It won't give us ANY of the features that PSN lacks as compared to XBL. It has been a complete waste of money in my opinion.
ToastyMcNibbles  +   2640d ago
i think people really need to realize that Home is a long term project.. this isnt something thats gonna be done and perfect on day not trying to defend it because i know day one it will be broken thats a guarantee but people have to stop thinking its going to be some ultimate xbl destroyer on day one...Home is going to be a service that will grow through time and will be the main online service that sony uses for their future consoles...its starting life on the ps3 and will continue to grow throughout the ps3's life cycle and into the ps4 and happy you can play your damn games online for free and are able to voice chat and video chat and all that good stuff...Home is going to be that extra something that distinguishes itself from the for all the haters please stop your crying and stop expressing your hatred for a FREE service that sony is offering and play your games already...i sure as hell am
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Sarah Palin  +   2640d ago
But exactly how is it distinguishing itself from the other social networks out there?
In terms of Development---Second Life, Sims Online, MMO's, Myspace, Facebook, etc. are all waaaaay ahead of Home in terms of DEPTH AND DEVELOPMENT. All I ask is for is something sold.

But hey, its cool, there isnt anything new about it. Not yet, right? Its a "growing" project. So far, its been nothing but a DELAYED project.

Thats the saddest thing I have ever heard. Sorry, man, but it is.
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ToastyMcNibbles  +   2640d ago
i understand youre trying to compare it to other social networks but i think thats the this to the social network of ask whats new? whats innovative? whats fun about it? and i ask why play games? why buy systems? why play online? why even be on this website? nobody can tell me they wouldnt try out home...if youre willing to play a game with friends or go on myspace or youtube or whatever then why wouldnt anyone be willing to try home out...its something different that hasnt been done on consoles...its another way of meeting people outside of gaming and i know your response is you can meet people on the internet or forums or whatever but to me i find home to be a great idea for gamers when they dont feel like playing a game they can go into home, a casual environment, and meet people, play chess, watch videos with friends, bowl and just relax...instead of us questioning about home why dont we accept it...whats the point of home? whats fun? whats different? whats innovative? why should we care? okay well why are we playing games in HD? why are we watching movies in HD? why dont we just roll with VHS...or better yet lets literally roll film and watch movies like that...instead of trying to take steps backwards lets take steps forwards...Home is a new way of interaction on video game consoles...i dont know i guess im just more open to stuff like this

EDIT: better yet PALIN instead of questioning a product you wont use and obviously dont care for...let the rest of us gamers be excited for it and you can go back to playing games cool?

EDIT EDIT: wait wait wait i think i know what you wanna hear...okay ready? Home does nothing new that other social networks do! DUH! but the fact that its on a videogame console is what makes it cool at least to me
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Pennywise  +   2640d ago
Its distinguished by being ONLY on the PS3.

Go back to Alaska.
Yoma  +   2640d ago
thor you can tell your unsocial,ugly, immature avatar lick your f*cking as*
Sarah Palin  +   2640d ago
I guess you have a valid point. We watch movies in HD. Why? Because why not have the best? right?
Then why would you want HOME when there are literally hundreds of VIRTUAL SOCIAL networks, that do it better on PC?

Youre right. Home Does NOTHING new. No reason to get all fired up, little guy.
And I'm at work right now, so playing games is not really an option(not today anyway, i have a lot of meetings to attend). BUUUUUUUT, I could always get you an Ipod or something like that(maybe an accessory). What do you say buddy?

No, being on the BS3 only ensures it will be delayed, and not meet current standards. But it will catch up, "eventually".
Dont disgrace the band's name---it bad enough that your a disappointment to your parents. You prolly never went to any of their shows, being a kid an all.

You know, that goes for all of you kids, stuck in grannys basement, skipping school to argue mute points on the internet----STAY IN SCHOOL.
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0verdrive  +   2640d ago
i think palin is missing the whole point

the point is not to try and emulate 2nd life, or other social networks. they probably do a better socially networking in real life situations, ie facebook or myspace. or they may be able to immerse you in a completely different universe, ie second life.

but home does not, in my opinion, aim to emulate those objectives. the importance, and idea behind home, is to socially network people who are playing video games, just like you and me, and bring them together in an interactive way.

i see you are an xbox fan, or at least you prefer xbox as a console, and we all know that xbox live has a reputation of having built a large online community. home does exactly that, but in a different way, trying to incorporate different aspects of social network and interaction in a palpable, tangible world.

in short, the innovation is not in the idea of real life social networking, but rather its in being able to connect with like minded gamers, and finding people to play video games with.

plus, i believe i heard that it is going to have some cool features, like a virtual recreation of different gaming events like e3 and tgs.

so i guess im just saying that looking at home as a stripped down version of second life is going about it the wrong way.

EDIT: i just noticed that palin actually has used all her bubbles, which is a shame because i would honestly like to hear her comments on what i have to say.
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Magic_The_Celt  +   2640d ago
Whenever home does come it looks awesome but i doubt people will use it that much
ezcex  +   2640d ago
wouldnt it be cool if like you get a message from your friends while your in home, and your avatar pulls out his psp like if its a real text message? iono i thought it would be cool, cuz i dont have a psp yet lol
kevnb  +   2640d ago
I think it would be cooler if he/she mesaged me on my phone
but to each his own
ezcex  +   2640d ago
lol kevnb.
i meant like in game messageing. when they text you with their ps3
Ldubbz  +   2640d ago
you may be on to something...
thats a good idea...Sony may be contacting But I was thinkng you could have your actual cell phone linked with it so youre getting your actual texts as well. And throw in AIM too. Get on it Sony...

Sorta reminds me of GTA 4...I loved how you could be in MP, and call your friends in-game from your GTA phone and it would initiate a private chat...kinda blew my mind!
#17.3 (Edited 2640d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
candystop  +   2640d ago
Can't you already recieve and send real text messages on Live to any mobile or pc device? Also when home is released will everyone have to use it and for certain features to work do you need to be signed into it?
Ldubbz  +   2640d ago
i dont think so...
@ candystop

I dont think the Xbox can do that. If it can, lemme know cuz thats something I have seriously overlooked. But Xbox should try to get Live messenger on NXE with cell support...I would have to pick up that chat pad for that...
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2640d ago
I agree with LDubbz...

That would be amazing! SCEE is one of the hardest working studios out there. Phil Harrison knows this better than anyone. SCEJ wouldn't listen to him when he told them that casual gaming was the next big thing and they didn't support the EyeToy, Buzz, or Singstar. That's why we never saw them grow outside of Europe. Then, the Wii came out and he had a big "I told you so party", then, left for Atari.

BTW...good job picking up Ghostbusters. That's the smartest thing Atari's done in years.
VampHuntD  +   2640d ago
I'll believe it when I see it
I'm still interested, it would be cool to get into the beta and all. But I also still waiting for OSny to give me my free copy of Monsters Encore for buying Eden.

I guess I should email them again.
C_Dub  +   2640d ago
I can see it happening any second now :P
GamingGeekPS3360  +   2640d ago
If there is one thing that upsets me about my PS3....
is HOME............

Why is it taking so long?

Everytime i forget about it..there is a story teasing me about its exsitance....

When would it arrive can we get a firm date?

I am at the point to where I really do not care too much for HOME...when ever it arrives it arrives...

Why is it so hard to get into the beta.....

When is the open beta?

I feel Sony has dropped the ball on HOME........its like the little white lie your kid tells you when they did something wrong...

I hope we see HOME before the next360?????????????
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pwnsause  +   2640d ago
Because Home is Too Ambitious man. what you want to play v.98??? calm down, it will get here when its ready, and so far its going to happen this Year.

Home was announced last Year!,its not like it was delayed for over 5 years!!
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PotNoodle  +   2640d ago
I insist i don't care about home but i continue you to complain about its release date!

SmokeyMcBear  +   2640d ago
N4G clubhouse... sweet
faisdotal  +   2640d ago
I don't understand what's so bad about Home. Why isit bad? It has everything i want. I'm starting to think the wait has been killing a few people.
ultimolu  +   2640d ago
That's exactly it. It has been a long time. :/

But still, I'm still anticipating the release.
Pauloitis  +   2640d ago
Woo cant wait. Also asia get a great update aswell with cool features. Got to be released before christmas for surem, and open beta will be released shortly after 1.0 patch. YAY!!!
blakstarz  +   2640d ago
HOME is starting to sounds more and more like vaporware to me....I wouldn't be surprised if its not out in all its glory till the PS4 drops....this service has been hyped more than the Phantom console...I really want to believe its coming out this year...but I have my doubts.
pwnsause  +   2640d ago
Vaporware because you are getting an open beta by the end of this year??



since you are typing on N4G right now, why dont you look at the top right of this webpage, What does it say? it says BETA 2.0 you dumb. you are using N4G Despite it being in beta after so long.

Jesus, why are people so F**king Retarded??? i wish i can just hit someone in the face via TCP/IP just so that i can get rid of their Down Syndrome!!!
Fatmanp  +   2640d ago
3gb wtf. The NXE is about 100mb surely home could be at least half of 3gb.
DeforMAKulizer  +   2640d ago
Its not 3 GB... Its an 80 MB download, but it locks up 3 GB on your hard disk for future use i.e. Downloading Spaces, saving avatar customization, etc...
pwnsause  +   2640d ago
NXE= Mii's on Crack

Silogon  +   2640d ago

There's a pic of what you all are talking about guys.
Miraak82  +   2640d ago
I like the whole club aspect of it, it sounds like it would bring alot of people together, You can own 1 club and be a member of 5 ,support 32 players and having 4 others sub-lead. I think when home gets filled with people more software will ( I'm just analyzing) increasing in sales, word of mouth and people buying different games to be in different clubs and doing tournaments.
Alvadr  +   2640d ago
I will believe this when I see it. I dont see anything official in the source, why would Sony not tell the world that they are launching home this FRIDAY???

Surely they would be keen to play down MS new system update and steal some of MSs thunder? rather than keep quiet about their latest jewel in their crown?
Socomer 1979  +   2640d ago
I got plans for home.
its the myspace of virtual reality.
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