Destructoid interview: Nathan Fouts, nasty alien killer and XNA developer

On November 19, the hard work of many XNA developers is finally going to pay dividends. Along with the New Xbox Experience, gamers will get access to the Community Games blade, which is the spot to download highly touted titles like The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, Battle Tennis, and Weapon of Choice.

What does that mean to you? It means you'll have much more to pick from than the standard Xbox Live Arcade offerings. Community Games are a special breed of game – they're essentially Indie titles given the opportunity to bask in the sunlight of popular downloading. For the majority, these titles are inspired and certainly unique. Often, they're the brainchild of the developer – an unrealized idea until XNA and its development tools came strolling along.

Recently, Destructoid had the opportunity to talk to Weapon of Choice developer Nathan Fouts. His game is the product of two years of conception and work. Fouts and Destructoid talked a lot about XNA, how he started developing for it, what some of his motivations were and ultimately why you should purchase his game.

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panasonic233626d ago

look awesome can't wait to dl dishwasher dead samurai.