Game on: NVIDIA, PS3 hardware in Top 500 Supercomputers list

Ars Technica writes, "The latest Top 500 supercomputers list is out, and it represents yet another step in a trend that is changing the complexion of this list from year to year. No, I'm not talking about the way that the x86 architecture has taken over the list like kudzu in the past decade, squeezing out classic, special-purpose supercomputer architectures with a combination of high performance and low costs. Intel and AMD have owned this list for some time, and at this point they can claim a presence in close to 90 percent of the systems on it.

The really new trend-the one that just recently began and that will only accelerate-is the increasing presence of game-oriented hardware on the list. At the top of the list is IBM's Roadrunner, which first rode the power of the Cell chip to the top spot in June. Roadrunner epitomizes both trends in that it combines a modified version of the processor used in the PlayStation 3 with AMD's Opteron. But the Cell isn't the only coprocessor on the list that has its roots in gaming."

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ultimolu3649d ago

I feel special owning a super computer with amazing games. n_n
It's gonna be one heck of a night for me and my PS3. xD

Nice list.

CEO OF N4G3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Y did my comment get deleted for saying that i know a friend who has seen god of war 3 and he is working on it.And i get a bubble taken for saying im not suprised the ps3 made the list.N4g is getting kinda lame now.U get comments deleted in the gamer zoe if u say fan boy things and i never said any fan boy stuff and im not a fan boy either.Mods are haveing fun!!!. Im sure this one will get deleted again.Take away more bubbles u 360 fan boys.Hve fun while ur doing it.

And u wonder why some people make more than one accounts.Well its because they get bubble down for no real reason....E.G. ME!!!

kharma453649d ago

Don't worry, I gave you some bubbles back =]

DarkSniper3649d ago

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On the same shelf is XBox 360. When a consumer looks at this console, one cant help but to feel a sense of emptiness and poverty. What Microsoft is unsuccessfully making an attempt at doing is making Xbox 360 your poor man's PS2. When in reality it's just a poorly developed console.

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Sarah Palin3649d ago

...sounds like you've had enough.
No more Drunk Blogging for you.
Tsk Tsk.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )



This is Micro$oft xBox 360 'New Xbox Experience'(NXE) for tomorrow -

;-D ;-D ;-D

Darkseider3649d ago

As I have stated before and will again is the most powerful processor on the planet. With the PowerXCell 8i variant and the upcoming Cell 2 being a single chip teraFLOP processor the face of computing is going to change. Running linux on a PS3 and then optimizing it for the PS3 is a wonderful experience. Especially when you see what can be done with it. Coders are just now beginning to write apps that take advantage of the SPEs under linux and the first one is the SPE Scalar which is really really cool. Next on my list of wants is the Sony ZEGO BCU-100, which has been confirmed that it can be configured as a workstation using the optional DVI out board. Depending on its' price it may find a new home on my desk.

ProblemSolver3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Full agreed.

I also hope to get one of those units (either a Cell Blade
or a Sony ZEGO BCU-100) to further develop on the Cell. For
the time being, I use Linux on a PS3 to access the Cell processor.

Bebedora3649d ago

Is there any drawbacks programming Cell on a PS3? I mean any lockouts?

Foxgod3649d ago

pffffff, the cell is run over by the x58 architecture, and by the time the cell 2 is out, it will be meaningless compared to what amd and intel will have out.

Why you ask ?
Because Intel and AMD are lightyears ahead in research and development, and invest 10 x as much money as the remaining competition.

Darkseider3649d ago

I have done this dance with you on other occassions. Intel's closest processor being introduced in terms of processing power to the Cell 2 will be the Larrabee which will fall far short of the teraFLOP on a chip. AMD has yet to even start designing a unit using similar concepts to Cell or Larrabee. Now please, PLEASE refrain from making yourself look more like a putz. kthxbye

Foxgod3649d ago

did you know that the cell's power is theoretical ?

Did you know that in theory even a pentium 2 can match its power, you can crank it up until it gets hot like a volcano, as long as you cool it properly, you can keep clocking a processer up.

Darkseider3649d ago

Ooh man you are a putz ain't ya? Even after I pleaded with you to refrain from making yourself look like a slapper you continue to spew. First off the Cell B/E full on 1 PPE and 8 SPEs has a theoretical maximum sustained FLOPS performance of approx. 204.8 gigaFLOPS. IBM has already attained a sustained throughput of 197.8 gigaFLOPS which is 96.58% of the theoretical max. Secondly, for you the reading impaired, it isn't about speed and cooling. The Cell runs cooler and uses less power than every x86 out there. It is about the architecture.

Right now both AMD and Intel have hit a wall with speed vs. heat/cooling so they are going wide with cores. Problem is the standard x86 core doesn't scale for sh*t in a multicore/multiprocessor environment. They are also a bit on the large side so stuffing more than four on a single die is a problem. This is why Intel is developing the Larrabee which is very similar in desgin concept to the Cell. Intel see's the writing on the wall and wants into "Next Gen" of processors when the time comes and that time is coming soon. By soon I mean 5 - 10 years and there will be a paradigm shift in personal computing and the processors they use. This shift, hopefully but not necessarily the Cell, will make x86/x64/x?? generation processors a thing of the past.

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j4gs143649d ago

pp?? he always makes me laugh

Drekken3649d ago

Probably fantasizing about his new avatar.

ionize3649d ago

He is still at his "sleep over" at Cliffy B's.