Top 10 Bad-Asses of Gaming

Split-Screen writes: "Save the princess? Avert a disastrous evil? Cold cuts in the long term. Sure, most heroes would jump (some literally) at the prospect of flitting from castle to castle in search of their fair ladies. Following any romantic thread even allows for certain extra concessions - witness the birth of the useless emo champion, capable of wiping out entire armies with lots of sparkly.

"Every once in a while, a different kind of hero comes along. And we mean the kind who doesn't give a damn about the consequences, as long as he's in the right. Some dub them villains; others call them anti-heroes. However, if two words could properly convey the heroic dismembering of a baddie when he thinks you want to negotiate, its 'bad-ass'. Here are our top ten picks for the bad-asses of gaming."

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fishd3682d ago

Dante > Kratos and Boss????

Dante is cool, if you are a girl:P

Kratos eats him alive,Boss don't even give a sh1t about dante!

shotputking3682d ago

kratos is a brooding semi-god, who while badass, just doesn't compare to dante. go watch the intro to devil may cry 1. no contest, baddest ever. the boss is cool and all, but come on.


Kratos is my #1 (-_-)

He is the GOD OF WAR. "Theres Know Getting Badder Than That"

Xi3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Ares and Mars are the greek and roman gods of war(respectivley)... Kratos isn't in any of the greek mythology.

ThanatosDMC3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Dante caught a bullet with his teeth, took one through his head, got sliced up and impaled several hundred times, impaled by his own sword Alastor, burnt by his own greaves and guatlets Ifrit, he has a fetish for girls that look like his mom, he kills hookers, two women for him, three if you include Nero, has the coolest murderous brother, a demon father who annihilated the whole army of the underworld and who had intimate relations with a woman afterwards. Dante showed up in a lot of games, got his own anime, soundtract, fanclubs, manga, novels, woman version of himself... and he impregnated Chuck Norris dad who is also Chuck Norris.

Dante >>> Kratos >>> Hyabusa(sp?)

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austere3682d ago

bad list...

where the hell is Kirby?

Xi3682d ago

i would think the pedophile-rapist-murder from clock tower would make the list... since you know, I don't think you can be more bad or more of an ass.

Timesplitter143682d ago

what a waste of good megahurtz

ReTarDedFisHy3682d ago

1 - Dante
2 - Kratos
3 - Big Boss (not The Boss)
3 - Sephiroth (tied)

Dunno why HK-47 is there :O
Evil yes, badass hardly.

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The story is too old to be commented.