PALGN: eGames 08: Animal Crossing: City Folk Preview

The Gamecube version of Animal Crossing was already built around the previous generation, originally created for the Nintendo 64. It's therefore amazing that the series continues on with an almost identical style, opting to maintain its trademark looks in favour of sparkling new visual effects. Holding onto the same appearance, Animal Crossing: City Folk on the Wii is the next iteration of the popular franchise and looks to take the game we know and love to new places. Well, one new place at least; the city.

From what PALGN saw at eGames, the base gameplay in City Folk remains reasonably unchanged since the DS's Wild World. There's still your town, ruled over by that money hungry jerk Tom Nook. You still have to place yourself into indentured servitude to pay off your ever expanding abode and to be able to afford happiness via mindless consumerism. And from what we experienced, it seems that it's going to be as easy to develop a strange attachment to your anthropomorphic neighbours.

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