Game Difficulty, Do You Really Miss The Good Old Days? - I have read many articles and listened to more than one podcaster complain about the difficulty (or lack of ) of modern games and how "It's not like the good old days". You know those days, back when you pumped quarter after quarter into the arcade machine to keep "continuing". The days when you started off with 3 lives and earned extra lives as you went along, all the while the difficulty level was going off the charts!

So what happened to those days? What happened to those mindless hours of wave after wave of quarter eating pixels? I think the shortest and simplest answer is the industry grew up.

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VampHuntD3682d ago

No, The industry got weak. I remember the days when throwing a controller was completly justified depending on what game you were playing. It forced you to work though teh game and get better. People complain about lack of playtime in games too. When games were actually a challenge, you didn't see this complaint because 1 game could last you months of trying to survive through it at least. Now people beat games the same day they get them (not to say that never happened before, but it wasn't as common)

Hell, It took me about 4 yearsto finish the First Phantasy for Sega Master System because the last guy was A. Impossible to find and B. Hard as heck.

Product3681d ago

Completely agree.
I for one wish games were harder.You noticed that online features are a big deal nowadays?ill tell you why because the single player modes are just to easy.People love a challenge,if we could bring that challenge into the single player campaigns i think you would see a huge response from gamers who claim online is the best feature to games.
For people who like easy games?your a casual gamer.

Smacktard3682d ago

Games aren't difficult nowadays. I found Megaman 9 more difficult than the other Megaman games though (except Megaman 7's Wily. UGH). It was a great, refreshing experience. Fun as hell. Some games deserve higher difficulties. Platformers and FPSes nowadays are simply far too easy. I desire a bigger challenge. Mercury Meltdown Revolution was great for that.

SmokeyMcBear3681d ago

i remember those days... the new megaman brought me back.. and almost to tears... that was hard man. I dont think i have the reaction time anymore for those games...

JimmyJames703681d ago

Are the games getting easier, or, after a lifetime of playing games, are you just too good?

I like the idea of games getting harder based on your skill level. If the game sees that you're advancing too quickly, then the bad guys should get tougher and multiply.

Jotenks3681d ago

I think your on to something and probably the answer to the question, gamers who have been playing games for quite some time are just becoming to skilled at it and are finding the level of difficulty not quite up to snuff. Thus we get all this complaining what not, though I'm sure the devs try to pin this little "problem" by sticking in extra difficulty levels for the storyline or what not to help, but either A. Most complain it is too hard or B. Just don't play through that after beating it the first time.

Also that would be a wicked AI to do something such as that grow harder if your tearing them up or what not. Would be interesting to see it implemented. I guess a bit of tweaking to the Dead Space's AIs and perhaps it would work?

Dlacy13g3681d ago

Left4Dead AI director supposedly does just that. If you are kicking butt it ramps up the difficulty of the AI and throws more at you. Conversely if you are getting your butt handed to you it will dumb it down a bit.

I definitely think its the future direction of story based games.

VampHuntD3681d ago

While I do think playing skill increases (I had no trouble with Ninja Gaiden even though many found it hard because I beat DMD mode of Devil May Cry and had trained for NG in a way because of it), I also know that games are dumbed down already. Shinobi for PS2 is an example of a hard game, one that you will die and replay the level from the start due to one missed jump. This is not the standard of most games today. Instead you have checkpoints and the game almost goes easy on you (God of War comes to mind here).

I know it can be argued that Frustrating doesn't equal difficult, but in many cases games that are hard get frustrating.

Citizen Cook3681d ago

I'm not going back to the old days of repeating that same old sh!t over and over!

Thank god Sony introduced the PS1 and the memory card!

MediaSpin3603681d ago

Re-Charging energy/life was the best invention. We just need the AI to evolve more and I dont mean like Gears of War where they basically give you less life and the enemy more life, thats lame.

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