120° Razer Giveaway

In celebration of World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, is running a second Razer competition. They want players to make a video to show their first impressions of the expansion, whether it be the new continent, Northrend, or the awesome new Death Knight class.

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martynmj3682d ago

Yet another great give away from and razer

Leord3682d ago

Yes, they seem to be in cahoots! o.O

thetamer3682d ago

Awesome. This sounds like a great prize. Let's party.

Leord3682d ago


Where is the part? o.O

AndyA3682d ago

Good comp - I'll start working on my video

Leord3682d ago

I SO love Razer stuff though. I have a mouse from them at home, and it's awesome, even if it's getting a bit old now...

Getting this a try. Small effort, and I'd love one of those mice.

Wuushu3682d ago

WTB video editing skills. I'll join! :D

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