Is Jack Thompson Working For The UK Government?

Negative gamer writes:

"Has Jack Thompson started working for the UK Government as Keith Vaz's assistant? Surprisingly, it seems so. Either that, or Mr. Vaz has co-incidentally employed somebody who shares their name with the disbarred Miami attorney.

A few weeks ago, Labour MP Keith Vaz made a few remarks about the distasteful flash game "Kaboom". Concerned I may have gotten the wrong end of the stick and were criticising Mr. Vaz unfairly, I contacted him looking for a few clarifications. I was rather surprised at the reply I received."

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Jager3315d ago

When will Jack just Drop dead from some Heart attack or something... the guy is so massively annoying it isnt even funny...

wardrox3315d ago

Good!? Well screw you.

paul-p19883313d ago

but we dont want him! its bad enough our countrys rating department (the BBFC) banned Manhunt 2, let alone if Thompson started work there, they would be banning Barbies Magic Princess: The Game as it 'makes kids wanna kill each other'..........

can we stick him in the middle somewhere, the ocean would do nicely hehe

josh143993314d ago

well if he causes problems in england im sure all some chav will stab him

The Matrix3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

I think he's working for the devil. That or the Russians. Give bubbles if you concur.

P4KY B3314d ago

Keith Vaz is far worse than Jack Thomson.

The Labour party want to ban or heavily tax anything that can be considered as fun.

Pebz3314d ago

Well, if the story is true, you ain't seen nothing yet.

jay23314d ago

Oh Christ please no!

farhsa20083314d ago

hey we dont want him take him back, that guy is a punk

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