LOTRO, EQ2 Expansions Launch

Not sure whether this is really good or really bad timing: less than a week after Wrath of the Lich King, the second World of Warcraft expansion, went live, new expansions to Lord of the Ring Online and EverQuest 2 have been launched.

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Raoh3682d ago

Screw EQ2 expansion.. i'm waiting on EQ3 for ps3

hay3682d ago

I guess you're not the only one mate!

EvilCackle3682d ago

Have they even talked about EQ3 yet?

EvilCackle3682d ago

Ah, I remember them talking about SOE becoming involved in consoles. Didn't realize there was Everquest talk too. I guess it's inevitable they'll slap that name on one of their upcoming projects. Big brand.

Megatron083682d ago

Both of those games suck. EQ is still the best mmorpg almost 10 years later.

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Raoh3682d ago

they just launched a big EQ2 expansion pack too