Call of Duty: World at War; better than CoD4? - PS3 Attitude review

"Let's be honest.

The only question everyone seems to want the answer to is whether Call of Duty: World at War is better than CoD4 or not. Right?

Thankfully, the answer is a lot more involved than you might think..." - excerpt from PS3 Attitude.

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villevalorox3618d ago

umm,. no its not. Its good, but no where near as good as cod4. Its new and fresh but cod4 will not be topped until killzone 2 comes out.

byeGollum3618d ago

have you played it or are you just following the herd.
Cod4 was exaggerated -
it was a solid shooter just as cod5 is also a solid shooter -
they are both as good as each other to me, based on the same engine.
i have to hand it to the media, they have the ability to brainwash ppl .. WOW

Kratos Spartan3618d ago

But I will say it's way more intense. The way they japanese run straight at you. All of a sudden. From some grass. Or the ghost bullets. From the trees. Anyone saying it's not intense? Then you aren't playing it on veteran.

And yes it does play the same as COD4, so if you enjoyed COD4 for the gameplay, but don't want to whine about "it's WWII, I'm sick of WWII" like some baby, then this is the shooter to get.

yoghurt3618d ago

Its great, easily as good as COD4, and IMO probably better. I feel the graphics have had a notch in the right direction, awsome in every way. Annoys me that once again gaming sites etc have downplayed it because 'it does nothing new' and all that lameness. Review a game for what it is for god sake!

ali3123618d ago

Here is my checklist

Graphics - More or less the same
Gameplay - The same ( As in Character movement and shooting )
Story - very similar to COD4 but COD4 Better
Online Multiplayer - exactly the same but only difference is tanks, dogs, co-op and the best bit which is the Nazi Zombie mode.

All in all a fantastic effort and worthy of buy if not at least a rent.

DolphGB3618d ago

...of your checklist - having played the game through for the review:

Graphics - better. More destructible environments. Better lighting.
Gameplay - The same, but with better enemy AI.
Story - very similar to COD4, but does require you to not have 'flashback-itis'. If you don't like stories that hop around across the years, you won't like this.
Online Multiplayer - The same assured experience.

Additional points: Co-op mode for the first time in the CoD series adds extra value, replayability and depth.

And Zombie Nazi's FTW!

Snyph3r3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

CODWAW has one (not 100% working but it is working, COD4 - none, even after all players asked for it. IW ignored their customers!

Radiodread3618d ago

graphics in COD:4 are soo much better than WaW. WaW is so damn linear its incredible. At least COD:4 gave you some room ro breathe. And who the hell wants to go back in time, without the M4 without the awesome M16 without the 50 cal, to WaW where its garands and tommy guns. Come on. COD 4 IS STILL THE KING, UNTIL THEIR NEXT GAME.

kornbeaner3618d ago

All I can say is "PTRS-41". Read up on that anti-tank sniper rifle. That gun was way more bad ass then the Barret .50 Cal.

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