Japanese dialogue in PS3 Blu-ray Last Remnant teased

Square Enix has teased fans over the possibility of including the original Japanese dialogue in the PS3 version of inbound JRPG The Last Remnant.

The Xbox 360 version of the game, described by Square Enix president as "the cornerstone" of its worldwide strategy, is due out on Thursday, with PS3 and PC versions planned but without a release date.

Speaking to during an interview with the development team in Tokyo, dialogue editor Yuji Isogawa said "we'll see" in response to a question about the possibility of including the original Japanese voice over work in the PS3 version.

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Socom3619d ago

Sorry people but "we will see" means "not happening".

They are Square enix after all. Why do people still interview SE.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3619d ago

I IS coming out i 2 reviewers just expect us to go by the skimpy gameplay. I NEEDS FEEDBACK.

Foxgod3619d ago

dvd has the space too, game came on 2 dvd's if they would be dying to insert jap dialog, they could cram a third disc in.

Bonsai12143619d ago

i've wanted japanese devs to do this for ages. why not include the japanese track with an english sub..

callahan093619d ago

I agree: there is NO REASON not to. If they don't put it in, especially knowing that people want it, then they are doing it either to be pricks on purpose or because they are lazy. I hope they are neither and they utilize the disc space and put both languages on.

SaiyanFury3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

Yep another reason that BD was a very relevant media format to have in the PS3. I see many games coming from Japan recently that have had both an English and Japanese voicetrack. I was a bit sketchy on Valkyria Chronicles, but low and behold not only did SEGA include a Japanese language track the game has a damned DTS soundtrack as well! As a home theatre enthusiast I was overjoyed to have a full on DTS soundtrack so I can pipe the wonderful 1.5mbps audio through my A/V receiver. For those that are wondering, Dolby Digital has an encoded bitrate of 640kbps, that's twice the quality of CD audio. DTS is over twice that quality. Thanks for Blu-ray Sony! It might have raised the price of my PS3 some but I'm happy to have paid for it. It makes for a true HD experience. I wonder if developers would ever start using DTS-HD 7.1 Master Audio? *salivates and wrings hands in anticipation*

socomnick3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )


kevnb3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

Im not sure what Resistance 2 uses, but its definitely 7.1 and atleast 5 mb/s. Anyone that rates Resistance 2 sound less than 9.5/10 is crazy.

SaiyanFury3618d ago


Resistance 2 also uses a DTS track, something I noticed when the little DTS icon popped on when I loaded up the beta. Damn that game has some slick sound. I have no way of measuring the bitrate, but I'd assume it's around the same. If you could provide a reliable reference, I'd be grateful.

barom3618d ago

I think a big reason why it would be somewhat difficult to do both languages, is the lip syncing. I mean they would need to have two seperate sets of animations.

I really do hope we'll get Japanese voices though, that would've been awesome (love my Yakuza 2 copy).

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pp3619d ago

No point i can't see anyone buying a ps3 version.

solidjun53619d ago

no point of you having them since all you say is dumb things.

kenshin22up3619d ago

SE can put the dialogue on XBL as DLC just like Naruto Rise of a Ninja.

Sarcasm3619d ago

Interesting, is it free?

kenshin22up3618d ago

yes it was free, and lulz @ the disagrees

SaiyanFury3618d ago

That's a great alternative way to do it. Provided you don't own one of the 200 dollar Arcade units. Then you're pretty much boned.

StephanieBBB3618d ago

Additional dlc would be nice.

Simon_Brezhnev3618d ago

well not every 360 owner has internet so they should include it on the dvd

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OmarJA3619d ago

Can't wait for PS3 version of this & Star Ocean 4 with exclusive contents...

militant073619d ago

your dreaming dude
its Squqare Enix they are not giving you any exlusive DLC if they didnt cancle the ps3 version !

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