TechRadar Review: Microsoft Xbox 360 with New Xbox Experience

TechRadar: "The NXE is likely to breathe even more life into the Xbox ecosystem.

But it's often forgotten that Microsoft's console is also an excellent media extender. You can share files from any PC running Windows XP or Vista, and Windows Media Player interchanges media files such as video and photos."

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jedthehumanoid3649d ago

Can't wait to download NXE - I hate the current 360 interface

zoydwheeler3649d ago

I cannot actually believe some people have been griping and complaining about the shift to an avatar based UI... I don't CARE who 'invented' it or came up with the idea originally... it is just BETTER...

This is commonly known as HOW PROGRESS WORKS.

green3649d ago

bubbles for that comment.

PirateThom3649d ago

I have NXE and I'm looking for a way to revert to the blades. I hate the iTunes interface, which is what the NXE interface basically is.

Montrealien3649d ago

I have NXE and I never want to revert back to the blades. I Love the iTunes interface, which is what the NXE interface basically is.

3649d ago
Montrealien3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Don`t worry Socom, I`m sure some (bias) Sony site will have a perfect rewview score for home when it comes out, and someone will scream and cry that the site is (biased), just like you are doing..

And, the, wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, and the wheels on the bus go round and round, all the way,

ThanatosDMC3649d ago

I agree, but like Home people will complain even though they dont own the console.

power of Green 3649d ago

I'm not going to sleep untill I download it so I don't have to deal with the traffic later on durring the 19th.

EVOLVED3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

stayed up and it was worth it. right now i'm uploading gears of war 2 to the hard drive. diffently made the whole xbox experience way better. have to say it was a good move by M$.

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Calcio3649d ago

You compare it to the PS3 GUI at the moment and it's men against boys - this move makes it men against gamers. Good stuff.

mchax3649d ago

So, when is the lawsuit from Nintendo coming? Those avatars sure look familiar.

zoydwheeler3649d ago

Did not invent cartoon men, despite what Mr Iwata might believe in his funny little brain.

Calcio3649d ago

Not like Nintendo invented avatars...

tehReaper3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I think RARE has proof that they came up with it first, anyway.

EDIT: Not really proof, but they did release a statement.

But really, avatars(not the 360 kind) have been around for a long time. What do you call the pictures beside our names? Avatars, Miis, and the HOME characters expand that direction.

mchax3649d ago

Whatever. Still smells like Wii to me

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Bleem3603649d ago


WTF? Seriously - WTF?

"With the 360 selling pretty much as poorly as the first Xbox worldwide"

Before you post comments like this, you really should do a little research otherwise you just look stoopid.

Xbox sold 20m units during it's 4 year lifespan.
Xbox 360 has sold 25m units in 3 years.

Please get facts right next time!

Rigmaster3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

The Xbox sold 25 million units worldwide in 3.5 years from November 2001 until it went out of production in June 2005.

The Xbox 360 has sold around 21 million in 3 years from November 2005 until the present. With 22 million shipped according to Microsoft to the beginning of this month.

The 360 only shipped 2 million new 360s worldwide for the entire first half of 2008 according to Microsoft's own numbers.

The 360 might be able to eek out a tiny bit more consoles by the 3.5 year mark.

The numbers are the numbers and the 360 is selling at a virtually identical rate as the first Xbox.

I don't know where the hell you got 25 million 360s. Hell even the massively inflated vgchartz 360 sales numbers aren't close to that.

Bladestar3649d ago

When Microsoft sues Sony about achivements, gamertag, voice chat on a game console, the middle guide button or Microsoft and other PDA sue Nintendo over style Pen on the DS... which is never because all these existed in one way or another on another device, system or concept... So, let's cut down on the "they copy" hate... because they all do. And if you use both and compare them you will see that the only similarities between Home, Xbox live and the wii as far as avatar is the art direction..

wii - less realistic.
Xbox 360 - avatars have joints, fingers, etc (mid-realistic).
PS3 Home - most realistic.

Bleem3603649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Like I said already Rigmaster - do your research before posting utter garbage.

[EDIT] Even I don't trust VGChartz - wash your mouth out with soap

Rigmaster3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

2.2 million consoles for the quarter. Right there in Microsoft's own quarterly report. Add that on to the 20 million they had shipped according to the previous quarterly report and as of the end of September 2008 the 360 has SHIPPED:

22 million worldwide.


In the future to avoid making a fool of yourself avoid getting your sales numbers from a damn gaming site quoting what someone predicts they are going to sell.

22 million shipped
with most likely around 21 million sold

The 360 is selling to the same people who bought the first Xbox.


LOL! At someone claiming posting Microsoft own damn shipment figures is someone 'bashing' the 360...

kewlkat0073649d ago

The only ones that worry the most are haters of the console...not a surprise.

This NXE cannot come soon enough...

Montrealien3649d ago

Rigmaster did not just join, he just created another account...

I wonder who he could be...

*rolls eyes*

Bleem3603649d ago


I was thinking that earlier - problem being is that Nasim can't even put a sentence together, at least this fella can manage that.


Rigmaster3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )


A whole bunch of babble and the reality is the same.

The Xbox sold 25 million in 3.5 years - Nov. 2002 to June 2005 when it went out of production.

The Xbox 360 has shipped 22 million in 3 years. With the usual million or so sitting on shelves worldwide giving roughly 21 million sold in 3 years.

Xbox sales rate == Xbox 360 sales rate

The only way the 360 will outsell the Xbox is if Microsoft doesn't pull the plug on the system next year. It might be able to eek out 27-8 million worldwide by the end of next year.

Fantasy sales numbers always lose out to Reality.

ezlife3649d ago

it not about hardware, its about software. does anybody know what $59.00x15,000,000 user is , because thats what ms makes a year. not even counting DLC. sony and nintendo combined can't come close.


DJ3649d ago

At E3 2005 during their respective conferences, and both had the guide/home button in the center.

If anything, they copied DirecTV. =P

Traveler3648d ago

Ringmaster, you are full of crap.

The 360 is set to surpass the 25 million mark by the end of this month.

"Following October's sales boost, Xbox 360 is now poised to do in three years what its predecessor, Xbox, failed to do in its four short years in production. "By the end of this month, we expect our global installed base to reach 25 million units, surpassing that of the first Xbox," declared Microsoft Entertainment & Devices Division CFO Mindy Mount at yesterday's BMO Capital Market conference in New York. Mount was confident that this milestone was "only the start," though, since historically, more than 75 percent of a console's total sales come after its price has dropped to $199 or below."

You are also completely wrong as to when the original Xbox was released. It was released on November 15, 2001 in North America, February 22, 2002 in Japan, and March 14, 2002 in Europe and Australia. Not November 2002 as you stupidly claimed.

All of your talk was complete nonsense.

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zoydwheeler3649d ago

Is it ALIVE? No. Therefore it is not an eco-system.

Any more pedants out there want to chat?

Dread3649d ago

have u ever heard of a metaphor?

P4KY B3649d ago

Have you not seen Tron?

Every frag you get is another innocent electronic life form dying

Calcio3649d ago

We'd have to change it from RROD to Red Ring of Fail if we can't say it's alive...

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dale13649d ago

can you go on the net yet

falviousuk3649d ago

yup its called xbox live !

I expect you meant can we use it to browse web pages which is just one part of the net.
No there is no browser and thank goodness for that. I use my games machine to , you know play games.
I use my computer to browse the web. And both of them live happily together in synergy <--- new buzz word for next year

Diamondwolf3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

So you won't be using your "games machine" to stream netflix, look at pictures, watch movies, download trailers, watch and record tv programming?

Sorry guys, but the Xbox is more than a games machine now, kinda like another system I know about.

Xbox does gaming better, granted, but you guys calling it a "games machine" while Microsoft is working hard to turn it into a media hub is very schizophrenic on your part

On topic: Good job MS, can't wait to check out and make up my own mind on the NXE. Pictures and reviews don't do it for me, need hands on time :)

falviousuk3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

@5.2 nope i wont
There is a big world outside of the good ol US of A where we dont get such things as netflix. Dont assume everyone on here is American

I dont watch movies on it either as again the service here (UK) is piss poor and i assume the rest of Europe is the same, again big world outside of America.
I us my appleTV and itunes for all my movie/tv downloading. Far better service at the moment.
No i dont look at pictures with it, again i have my pc and if i want my apple tv to do that. so yes my 360 is just used as its main purpose, for gaming

yes i know the machine is capable of much much more, but that only applies to America. If the rest of the world got the same level of service you guys do then I probably would use it for the video service but until MS get their act together then its just a games machine to moe

Diamondwolf3649d ago

Yes, I know there is a big world outside of gaming but what is Microsoft pushing with this NXE? What is their marketing goals and what are they telling everyone about the features that you can do with NXE, that's what I was pointing out.

Now basically what I got out of what you said is since the only thing you can do is play games, it's a gaming machine. Once you have access to the other features that the Xbox offers then it's more than a gaming machine.

Not even you can make up your mind about what you want out of your system and you would rather have a bunch of peripherals that you have to switch to than have one machine that does it all? Why?

And no, this isn't a rant against Microsoft, it seems they are getting to the point where they can do it all but for a long time, people have been comparing Microsoft and Sony's box when they are essentially the same just people find little minute asinine reasons to bash one side and are completely hypocritical when it comes to yours. All of the people who said Microsofts box is a gaming machine are now loving the fact that they can do more when months ago, Sony "forced" all of those features to their userbase.

Same thing with Sony, people bashing achievements and whatnot until trophy's come along and it's gods gift to gaming, like Microsoft never had it.

360 does more than games. It's been doing more than games for a long time now. I admit I don't know how things work on the 360 in other countries but I know what Microsoft as a company is offering it's consumers here in USA and it's more than gaming but people still consider it a gaming only machine when it's not

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