NXE Avatars Now on your Gamer Card is back up with a new addition, your avatar. Avatars have now been added to your Xbox Live Gamer Profiles, so not only can you look at the likeness of yourself on your console with the NXE but on as well.

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Mr PS33314d ago

Have got some Cute Avatars to Dress up and Play With !!


What a load of Crap !!!

panasonic233313d ago

ahhhh what u so mad u can't play home ahhhhh

ionize3313d ago

Now you can show everyone the kind of virtual dork you are

RedVsBlue3313d ago

& when Home comes out everyone that uses it can show people that they have no real life

ionize3313d ago

And when NXE comes out, people like you can show off where the fire started that burned your house down.

fredy3313d ago

I wanna go Homemmmmmeeee....

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The story is too old to be commented.