Diablo 3 Will Have Several Expansions

The Diablo 3 network site, compiles several comments made by Blizzard from different sources which summarize their plans:

We'll see more than one expansion for Diablo III.

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Dorjan3654d ago

No real surprise!

I was expecting to have a few for DIII! Thanks for the confirm!

Leord3654d ago

Blizzard ppl say so many different things at different places, just putting 2+2 together isn't horrible hard in the end =)

emazzuca3654d ago

uhh.. this isn't a confirmation,

Its just an assumption.

Leord3654d ago

Well, I guess now the deal is HOW MANY expansions will be seen? =D

ThanatosDMC3654d ago

Chances are each expansion is to fight one of the three brothers of evil: Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal

Wuushu3654d ago

Real Blizzzzzzzard style, can't wait! For the game, and the expansion, the next expansion.. and the next expansion and so forth! :P

Leord3654d ago

Consumer society ftw? =P

thetamer3654d ago

Cool, more expansions to come...I cna't wait

SCFreelancer3654d ago

Sounds interesting indeed. The question remains how often will this include killing Diablo again? :P Can't do without it if the title says Diablo imo!

Leord3654d ago

Well, if you check out, where most of the diablo community hangs out, there is actually a huge debate on whether that big "Diablo face" is truly Diablo, or possibly some other demon. Diablo might have been "upgraded" to immortal status, and "too powerful" for a game boss, or perhaps he's really truly dead...

SCFreelancer3654d ago

@Leord: Nah, Diablo represents evil so I don't think he is truely dead anytime soon. Who knows, maybe he did die but he is revived. I have no clue how things like that work with an entity such as Diablo or his brothers for that matter.

Maybe someone who read the novells knowns more on the subject?

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The story is too old to be commented.