PALGN: Bioshock Review

This late release is not the definitive version of Bioshock. The game is essentially identical to last year's release, which for all intents and purposes is a good thing. However, when this includes the game's detractions as well. While most of the detractions are negligible, it is disappointing that the game is being slugged at full retail and then asks you to pay more for the challenge rooms, especially since it has been available for over a year now. Still, this happens to be one of those games that didn't need to be tampered with much. For those who only own a PS3, this is a unique and immensely well-made experience that will stick with you for some time. That is, unless you have already played it.

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Silogon3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

This review is everything that is wrong with the system... They reviewed the damn thing on price and what it didn't offer over the orignal xbox 360 version. Why do you compare? Review it on it's own merit, with the competition on it's own system. Price isn't a factor cause most consumers are conditioned to pay 60 bucks for a game now anyways... good or bad.

Do you think people are going to go pick up Too Human for 60 bucks and say to themselves "Man I wish the reviews would've told us this wasn't worth 60 bucks!"

F*CK no they're not! They're going to say "man this is a $#*TTY game we should've bought something else"

And if you want to compare it to the original so much then why not bring in the patch that made the PS3 version look just as good, if not better in some respects, than the xbox 360 version? Reviews are bias and I think I'm the only one who isn't.

mintaro3654d ago

Of course they should bring up price, especially when the 360 version is more than $30.00 cheaper.

People should know about that.

SolidLiquidSnake3654d ago

To Mintaro: you forget that are a lot of gamers that only own a PS3...Sorry, but I think Silogon is right! Of course the xbox 360 version is cheaper, but for the only-PS3 owners this is a must buy for sure! That's no reason at all to give a low score to this game just because of that! The PS3 version of this game is nothing inferior of its couterparts PC and Xbox 360, I own xbox 360 version and played both PC and PS3 and I assure you that! That score just show to us that unfortunely there are sites that are not to be trust!

Bebedora3654d ago

They can't try to compete with the 360 version in price. They are focusing on gamers not enjoying it already. Full price is therefore (sadly) warranted.

If someone wanted to play it on anything but the PS3 have done so already?

panasonic233654d ago

damn o well i guess i go buy the 360version then