Why The White Knight Chronicles Is Important for Playstation 3

Currently Playstation 3 owners have not been as spoilt for choice when it comes to Role Playing Games, Aside from western RPG's like Elder Scrolls and Fallout 3 you could say the Playstation 3 has been lacking in RPG territory specifically JRPG's(Japanese Role Playing Games). If you look on the other side, the Xbox 360 has been spoilt with the likes of Two Worlds, Lost Odessey, Infinate Undiscovery, Mass Effect, Fable and the list goes on. Each time a big RPG hits 360 in Japan we witness their sales boost somewhat, and in this case Level 5's White Knight Chronicles has become an important title for Playstation 3.

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die_fiend3652d ago

Yeah it probably will. I dunno why people are banking on it being so good. I know Level 5 are good devs and although it looks quite good that doesn't mean anything. It won't be marketed in the West and will flop hard. They'll go insane in Japan tho...Either way FF13 is gonna be about 10 times better. Spiteful PS3 owners who formerly heralded FF13 as something amazing forget that it still will be. Now that they're weeping over the fact it's not exclusive or gonna turn the console war around they somehow think it's not gonna be immense (which it will be). Instead Versus will be amazing and FF13 will be poor lol. Somehow doubt that

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3652d ago

ff13 will be better on ps3. SE already stated that they're cutting corners for the 360 version. And ffversus13 is still ps3 exculsive. Anyone who wants the full ff13 experience will pick both up on ps3 cuz its the only console where you can get both. White Knight will be amazing too. 360 jrpg's usually flop don't they? I heard that too human and infinite undiscovery got pretty low scores and they didn't sell all that well.

Poirot93652d ago

I don't want to say everyone, but LOTS of PS3 owners have lost complete faith in Squeenix and assume that FF13 is now gonna be a bad game. I think it's going to be epic, mind-numbingly epic.

That being said, I have a nasty feeling that it'll suffer the same fate as FF12: A great world, with interesting new gameplay, but with a weak story and weak characters populating it. Squeenix need to prove that they can write a good story, because I have yet to see evidence of that.

On the other hand, that seems to be Level5's forte. I especially like what they did with the Jeanne d'Arc story and voice acting. We'll just have to wait and see. Should only be about a month or so until we get the Famitsu review.

kevnb3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

and was proof that the masses don't even need a great story, story is such a secondary thing in video games today. Don't get me wrong it helps make the game even better if it has a good story, but its not the main aspect of a game.

kewlkat0073652d ago

The best JRPG from square has been FFX up till now.

So I disagree...

TheForgotten0ne3652d ago

The best FF game is VI, no doubt.

But since way to few have played it, then I have to say IX. I loved the story. X was great aswell, I loved Tidus, he was a great character.

FFXII, wasn't that good. Gameplay was loads of fun, fun grinding, just pure fun. But the story was to, not "ready". It was just bad, so many bad loose ends. New things just came up so that you could go somewhere, and were never finished. The ending was okey, didn't tell us to much though. A bad FF, but a good game : )

I don't have high hopes for XIII, I will buy it, on day one. But so far, I'm not excited, not at all. VSXIII, looks cool, love the theme, but need to know more before I decide.

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coolfool3652d ago

When did level 5 say Sony could acquire them if WKC is a hit?

Tacticity3652d ago

You'll see soon inoff, they have talked about this for quite some time now. Damn its gonna be f!cking sweet.

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