Best Buy offers $15 with Xbox 360, PS3, DS titles

Best Buy Co. Inc. this week began offering a free $15 gift card with the purchase of select titles for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360, Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3, and Nintendo Co.'s Nintendo DS handheld.

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The Matrix3678d ago

No thanks, I'll wait until black friday.

Sitdown3677d ago

If somebody was wanting those would be smart to order them on Saturday before this offer is up. What you do is order the games, and do in store pick-up...then on black Friday you go to the store and you will get the current sale price, while still having been able to get the gift card. You can beat the crowd by ordering your items 6 days in advance at the current price, and then when you go in the store on black friday to pick it up...their store guarantee will price adjust for the sales price.

Wardog13683678d ago

Same here. I can wait for the real deals to start. Finally, games are getting the discount too.

Counter_ACT3677d ago

I wish we got deals even close to this in England. :/

Bubble Buddy3677d ago

Guys, I live in Canada but I plan to go to the States on Friday or Saturday. How early do you think I have to be there?

I_am_rushin3677d ago

There will be people camping out Thursday night. However, most of them will be going for a TV or other big stuff. I'd say get there around 4-4:30 A.M. on Friday.

Bubble Buddy3677d ago

Oooh. Ouch indeed. Thanks for the info. Bubbles.

The Matrix3677d ago

To be safe I would get there 2-3 hours before the stores open. If you are planning on getting a doorbuster HDTV or big item you should get there 5-6 hours before it opens and might even consider Camping out overnight. I'm going to circuit city for the 360 deal and some games and I'll be going there about 4 hours before it opens. Probably not necessary but I don't wanna risk not getting one and I have nothing better to do that night. :s

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