Who Will Win This HD Console Generation?

We all hear this question around the web and we can not seem to avoid it no matter how hard we try. There are always fanboys out there saying anything possible to back their system up and prove why their console will win and why it is the best. I am going to give you guys a very in-depth view on who I think will win this console generation and why. What will each company have to do to convince customers to buy their console over the other? This is the true non-fanboyish view on who will win this console generation.

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Nick2120043650d ago

Please be sure to leave comments letting me know how I did.

Anton Chigurh3650d ago

well most games are on 720P expect for some games .. I really don't care but I'm still curious about the 4D feature in the PS3 ... I hope I can see it soon

PistolPumptMonk3649d ago

The winner will be the gamer who gets the most enjoyment out of playing games while all of this talking is going on.

Basically guys, I'm in it to win it. Anyone else with me?

pumpkinpunker3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Also, Sony can't afford to drop the price any more for awhile and they've said so themselves to their shareholders. Companies do not lie to shareholders. Sony is still losing money on each console sold at the current price. They built the PS3 with the idea in mind that it would sell for $600. Right now, Sony is selling the PS3 dirt cheap considering the technology they're selling. I'd buy one if I didn't think most of their games suck and the multiplatforms run worse. the only game that I want on the PS3 is MGS4.

Quality of games and good price trumps value of technology every time. The original Xbox was more advanced than the PS2 and look how that ended up.

In my opinion, your analysis is deeply flawed. I could write the same article and say the X360 would beat both the Wii and PS3 if they lowered the price of the arcade model to $99. It's all conjecture with no real grounds in reality.

arika3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

well if we are to compare the two top competitors ps3 vs xbox 360.. ps3 wins hands down. why? let us see.

1. games, the two are almost equal on third party support but the ps3 has a better line up of exclusive games that are considered triple A's.

2. online, the ps3 and xbox are equal on this front, but ps3 still manages to win because it is free.

3. quality, in everything you buy it should always be about quality and the sony brand is synonymous with quality. xbox 360 are known for 30% failure which is unacceptable. also on this area ps3 wins big time.

4. additional features, BLURAY player. if you have an hdtv, the only way to enjoy a true 1080p movies and shows is through a bluray player and we know that the ps3 is the best bluray player around. while xbox is a dvd player, a last gen product that can't produce an authentic hd experience. ps3 wins again because it's the best multi media player around plays cd, dvd, and bluray.

5. and lastly its because of the shape. ps3 is the most aerodynamic console around... lol

so to conclude ps3 wins by a landslide. don't be a hater be a gamer. peace ya all!

Megatron083649d ago

Well if you go by the article its almost a given that the 360 is goin to destroy the ps3. Why ? Cause the chance of a 3rd price cut coming anytime soon for the ps3 is silm to none and closer to the none. The ps3 already drop its price by 200 dollars they are not going to drop it another 100 dolars. Sony did what MS did last gen they made a system that cost to much to ever turn a profit on it.

arika3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

with or without price ps3 will win the next gen console fight. you know why the answer is simple. it is because ps3 is future proof!

xbox will last for 5 to 6 years at the most.

while ps3 will last 10 to 12 years..

so, even if the new xbox comes comes out ps3 will own it, because by that time the ps3 will have a very, very large install base. hehehe.. lol

SonyOwnsNextYear3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

youre trying to say that bluray in the ps3 will never turn a profit.
you Are also trying to say that ps3 software will not turn a profit.

sorry to burst your bubble, but the ps3 is selling better than the 360 AND PS2 did in the same timeframe AT A MUCH HIGHER have you EVEN WATCHED OR HEARD A BLURAY movie?obviously not.

did you know that the ps2 DROVE the ADOPTION OF DVD?
did you know that the ps3isDRIVINGtheADOPTION OF BRD?

SEEEEE what i did there?

Kleptic3649d ago

to the OP: that was your article?..if had a lot of good points on both sides, which is refreshing...normally flags start to go up when someone says 'this is the non-fanboyish view on bla bla bla', because 9/10 times...they are worse than just some backflipper on a message board...

some of the paragraph structure is off though...some sentences make like 4 points (read: the PS3 hit a low point, but soon later it got some AAA titles, then it slowed down again, so Sony dropped the price, then the sales really took off {paraphrased obviously})...just made it a little difficult to read at times, thats all...

but I agree...One thing is pretty terms of the HD consoles...Sony has always had the ball in their court...and the outcome of the generation will be all left at their own feet...

at this price point, and with this marketing scheme...its not going to work...MS and Sony will just chip back and forth at each other for the remainder, and the 360 will keep its ~5-6 million lead most likely...but that paints a very grim picture for the they are currently throwing everything they have at the 360...tons of price...and tons of ads...Sony is doing neither...and still keeping pace just fine; at double the price...with next to zero marketing...

so yeah...i agree with your last statement...its up to Sony...they plummet the price on the PS3...and advertise the crap out of killzone 2, Resistance 2, LBP, etc...this generation will really start to turn around for them...they have the software finally, its just that no one really knows about it yet...Killzone 2 could easily be the single game that turns everything around for the PS3 in the US...but they need to get that price down at the same time, and get some big tv spots for the title...

phosphor1123649d ago

But this is one of the worst subjects STILL brought up today. Sony already stated they will keep their PS3 for "ten" years before they make a new console, while Microsoft, in a few years, is going to throw in the towel for a more storage capable console. That IS their biggest downfall (disregarding the RROD). Because even iD says having to work around the 360's lack of HDD standard and its DVD's (also Microsoft's royalties for 2+ DVD games). So microshit is dishing out more money so iD wont "dumb down" (even though iD said they werent going to dumb anything down..but Carmack said they were going to have to cut some things out..yeah..what?). Yay, I dont want to argue anymore...sigh...*facepalm*

If it wasnt for the subject though, it would be a good

waznotwaz3649d ago

I has under the impression that Sony had said that,like the PS2,they would continue supporting and developing the PS3 for 10 years.That is not the same thing as waiting 10 years before they make a new console.

xwabbit3648d ago

Y do you think Sony is still losing money from each ps3 sold? Sony hasn't been losing $ from each ps3 for a while now. They where losing money at first cus of the production cost. But now its way lower and they aren't losing any money. So people get that out of your heads. Sony hasn't been losing money for each ps3 sold for a while now.

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Ashton3650d ago

lol,,,I cannot believe that i actually defended Wii.

but seriously this article talks like the Wii does not exist.
I know it doesn't exist in GAMER's minds but it actually exist in the real world ,,so we have to consider that Nintendo has won this generation with a toy rather than a gaming machine.

Sorry Nintendo boys,,,,I loved Nintendo but their new strategy is not my cup of tea what so ever.

Nick2120043650d ago

I know that I do not talk about the Wii and the reason why is because I do not put it in the same category as the PS3 and 360 and even if I were to, the Wii is going to win period but I am stressing th battle of the PS3 and 360. Thats why my image only contains a PS3 and a 360.

Ashton3650d ago

so maybe your title should say "which HD console will come out on top this generation?"

PistolPumptMonk3649d ago

Well Nick's title is fair because it is implied that the Wii is excluded since it isn't an HD console. Is it really that complicated of an idea to grasp? It's right there in the title.

badz1493649d ago

Wii is not like the PS2 last gen. PS2, XBOX and GC were competing in the same category and the PS2 won and crushed the other 2 so badly M$ and Ninty had to stop productions. Wii is in fact selling like crazy but it's clearly competing with nobody while PS3 and 360 are those who are really competing with each other. even if the Wii can manage to do PS2 numbers or even exceeds it, it will make neither 360 nor PS3 to go the way of the XBOX and GC! that is how irrelevant the Wii is this generation! if either one between 360 or PS3 which will need to make way for the other and go out of the market, it will not be because of Wii!

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Nick2120043650d ago

I expect a lot of comments in this part of the comment section but I do not mean it for a flame war. I just want you guys to read this great article and give your thoughts on it.

LightningPS33649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

But I think XBOX 360 already won. Sony's decision this holiday speaks volumes to me.

They decided to give this one up. Next year will be too late. Why would Sony decide to take a beating this holiday when consoles sell like crazy and fall behind that much further if they are planning to cut price early next year? That doesn't make sense to me. I think Sony already showed that they just can't afford to lose money anymore on the PS3. I think it's over, Sony made their decision.

I repeat, this war is over. The fact that Sony held so tight to their wallets this holiday is shocking. Especially when they cleary saw that Microsoft went all out for the kill. It's over...

PoSTedUP3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

i think its far from over.... sony has a big ad campaign coming up at the end of nov. its still early for the ps3 to drop its price and shane kim said that the 360 is going to last a day longer than the ps3 so that means this war can go on for 10 years ok. just wait and lets see, but sony does need to drop the price soon b4 the economy gets worse and the 360 extenz the lead.

cmrbe3649d ago

The x360 hasen't reached the xbox installbase yet and only about 1/3 of last gen gamers have migrated to current gen sofar.

this console war is only just starting to heat up you fool.

Socom3649d ago

Sony PS3 is going to win again.
The best format, the best futureproofness, the best games. Its a no brainer.

The next consoles wont come out until 2013 so the race is a marathon. Not a sprint. And even in the sprint, the PS3 has already outsold the 3rd60 for 2 years now in a row (yes, this year as well).

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Ashton3650d ago

it actually has some good points,,,,After the recent 360 price drop,360 sold more in NA and UK ,,but world wide, their weekly numbers are very close despite PS3 being twice as expensive(even more than twice in Europe).

PS3 will do very good in 2009 in japan Due to finial fantasy movei bundle ,sinal fantasy XIII,WKC,and Gran Turismo 5.

Sony needs to work on US and UK for 09.(a 50$ price drop with KZ2 and another $50 price drop for holiday season in 09)

P4KY B3650d ago

Both consoles have now sold enough units to guarantee third party support until the end of their life cycles.

SL1M DADDY3649d ago

And the same point I have tried to put out there for months now. Both the 360 have a large enough install base and steady enough growth that both will go on well into the current generation and will continue to get third party support. In all honesty, I ask myself when the fanboy insecurity issues will just go away but despite the successes on both fronts, they seem to continue. Now it seems that fanboys just fight to hear themselves argue.