SCEE announces UK release date for wireless PS3 Keyboard

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced today that the upcoming wireless keyboard for the PlayStation 3 will launch in the UK for £24.99 on 28th November.

Revealed at the Leipzig Games Convention, the keyboard clips onto Sixaxis and DualShock 3 controllers and contains a touch-pad that handles mouse input, perhaps making RTS games a bit easier, along with easy web browsing.

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InMyOpinion3652d ago

Booktip for Sony;

"Let's design a door and put the doorknob at the top where it's much harder to reach!"

anh_duong3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

jenzo, how stupid do you sound for criticizing sony design when you consider what happened with the xbox??

the keypad is above so that it doesn't affect the gaming aspect and links up with the usb port above. you can wrap your hand around the controller without hindrance.

stop being such a troll. why are you trolling every ps3 post?? don't you have a life?

Wildarmsjecht3652d ago

The answer to that last question? No.

The placement of the keypad is actually comfortable and works. There are similar versions out from 3rd party people that follow the same schematics. To hate on it because it differs from the 360 version (which also works out fine) is just retarded.

anh_duong3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

I bet you jenzo doesn't even know that:

The PS3 keyboard key area can also be used as a sort of touchpad, which Sony claims allows gamers to easily manoeuvre the pointer while, say, web browsing.

not such a bad design idea is it?

ToastyMcNibbles3652d ago

hey i also read somewhere that this bad boy can be used seperate and not just when connected to the ps3 controller anyone know if this is true?

InMyOpinion3652d ago

It's obvious that none of you know anything about usability and product design. Either that or your thumbs are 5 inches long lol! Have fun reaching!

Tragedy3652d ago

Yes, its true. It can be used separately as standard bluetooth keyboard.

ToastyMcNibbles3652d ago

thanks my dude thats awesome...definitely a must buy...jenzo are you dumb...all you gotta do if shift your hands up to the keyboard you dont have to keep your hands glued to the controller and then stretch out your fingers...seriously USE YOUR BRAIN

RAF-TECH3652d ago

Actually... having to change hand positions to reach those buttons defeats the purpose of having a keyboard attached to the controller.

PirateThom3652d ago

Well, the 360 is equally as useless because your thumbs don't bend down like that.

The PS3 Keyboard wins by default since it doesn't even have to be connected to the controller.

ToastyMcNibbles3652d ago

i dont know to each his own i guess...if jenzo doesnt like it thats his problem i guess...personally i can care less about shifting hand positions or whatever the case may be as im not one who likes to nitpick and complain about little things like that

RAF-TECH3652d ago

Sony should have put it in the bottom.
It already has a loop to go there anyways.

but yes.. it is a big bonus that you can disconnect it from the controller and still use it

Alvadr3652d ago

What difference does it make whether its at the top or the bottom. You cant type and play at the same time no matter where it is.

Will be picking one up for sure, deffinatly need one of these. Will make typing comments in LBP much easier.

Milky Joe3652d ago

Wow, that's my birthday! I know what I'm getting...

ANyway, I see no problem with how it's positioned. Yes, it does mean you're going to have to move your hand, but it's still one hell of a lot easier than balancing a keyboard on your lap. Also, I think the touchpad thing is going to be amazing.

Still, I don't suppose any of us know anything until we have tried it so quit your whining... I'm looking at you Jenzo...

ultimolu3652d ago

It's very clear that you are jealous of the PS3 and Sony in general Jenzo. Every five minutes, you're breathing down Sony's neck like any other 360 fan who always has something negative to say about the company.

I understand that it's enjoyable to kick a champion while they're down but you're going way too far with this.

Euphrate3652d ago


Oner3652d ago

While I can agree that ascetically it would look better at the bottom it does not matter. It would work just the same...To confirm this, all that anyone with a PS controller has to do is tilt the controller down slightly to access the keypad. Simple. No big deal.

Mantiz3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Actually sliding your hands up slightly to quickly type some thing or scroll is alot faster that juggling a keyboard/Mouse in your lap when your sitting on the couch this will be great for me and alot of other people if not just because I haven't bought a BT keyboard yet and I am already out of USB ports if I wanna keep any of my RB stuff connected my PSeye external HDD and etc... and not want an ugly ass hub hanging out the fronta my sheez

InMyOpinion3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Or that I study in the area of usability and product design. Read the book I recommended and you'll understand why the design is sh!t as well.

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Mikelarry3652d ago

is selling this for 17.99. if the price goes up to 24.99 they can forget it ill rather get a cheap keyboard on ebay

ultimolu3652d ago


That's a nice deal! I need a typing pad, lol. I've been typing on my controller way too long.

When I get some extra cash, I'm picking that up.

Forbidden_Darkness3652d ago

Hopefully a US release date is announced soon

Oner3652d ago

Amazon states "This item will be released on December 15, 2008" ~

Glad I pre-ordered mine when it was on sale ;)

sprinterboy3652d ago

Looking good will buy day 1, I have a wireless keyboard for online text etc but this will be better for the simple reason it is smaller and is above the controller rather than having a big keyboard resting on lap whilst gaming.

Arsenal4Ever3652d ago

GAME will obviously price this at £24.99. I'll get it from GAME only for the reward points.

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