VideoGamer: Need for Speed Undercover Review

The in-game performance is frankly terrible and one of the main event types is deeply flawed. VideoGamer can't deny that there's still fun to be had here, especially in the highway battles (and with some of the dialogue), but they simply can't recommend a game that performs so poorly that it's at times unplayable.

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SolidLiquidSnake3650d ago

I never suspected this game would have such low scores! I saw a review in a mag that gave to it 88%, but now all sites give to it scores ranged 40-60%...If true is a disappoitement for me, as a fan of NFS series...since Most Wanted, the series came down a lot!

xg-ei8ht3650d ago

There are too many good racers out now, back in the day, you had a few decent ones, but it's growing, and basically people won't accept crap any more.

SolidLiquidSnake3650d ago

You're maybe right! Burnout Paradise,Grid, Prologue and MC LA are great! But sincerly NFS games were not crap in the past, It's only now, and I don't see why they changed...

BrianC62343650d ago

EA needs to go back to a game like NFS 3: Hot Pursuit. Why not make a game like that with great graphics? That was a great game. The police chases were really good.

gtafan3650d ago

On top of the extra 60.00 dollars they take in for selling dlc cars that should be in the game when you buy it. Apparently the game is crap. Here is a BIG FU.

hotrider123650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

can't believe NFS is disappointing again all I can say is EA need to step up to the plate with graphic's like grand turismo 5 re-do hotpursuit 2 or high stakes no more free roaming going no where, looking for race's you cant get in. (undercover) and why be an undercover cop and still be chased by them??? that dont make no sense

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