OTG - Numerically Numb: Review Scores, Farewell

Only the Games write an opinion article to match their removal of all use of review scores. "There should only be dialogue. And all I see right now is a flow of shouting matches between people who are so wrapped up in their whole hearted gaming dogma, that they are blinded to the true hindrance of their tirade. One small step to getting out of this never ending rut is doing away with petty digits and scores. So if you're still hell-bent on damning a review, at least you will be fired up about an idea. And that is the first step on the right path."

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Kriller3655d ago

More sites should be doing this. I've heard enough about this metacritic BS.

PrimordialSoupBase3655d ago

Especially when they are making up review scores for sites like Variety... it is getting out of hand. I give this article an apple out of a lawnmower.

cheese3655d ago

Let the words do it all, imo.

Pebz3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

You called for a discussion, and so several points of views need to be considered.

I agree that it is a good idea that people should read the review to get a proper impression of the game, given they actually want it.
Some people already know what games they want and don't want, but a glance at the scores might make them consider again, and then read the reviews as to why.

Lots of sites review games, there are loads of games and reading whole reviews takes time. That can really add up, and someone might just prefer to play games than reading about them.

Then there is the very nature of reviews. They tend to be spoilerish, even if not directly storyline related. If you know too much about a game before you play it, it might somewhat dampen the whole experience.

The final score is basically just a vague summary, and if someone is only interested in reading a few reviews, they can pick a few high scores and a few low scores and read why they gave those, to hear several sides of the story.

Review scores get abused by the fanboys, sure, but the scores are not the source of fanboyism, and if removed they will abuse whatever it's replaced by. If someone is set on doing something, they will find a way.

JeanPool3655d ago

Numbers ftw, how else will JeanPool know if a game is good?

Vecta3654d ago

But people wanna be able to label games flops, prepare damage control comments or bring up an game that failed in the past on a different console ASAP...

Judging by most comments in the open zones most people get paid to advertise/damage control for Microsoft or Sony.... or they have no life.

typikal823654d ago

I guess games will have to go back to plastering "Best Shooter we've played" instead of "IGN: 9.5 out of 10!" all over the back of their box art.

cheese3654d ago

That kind of hyperbolic trash is another problem entirely, but only one thing can be discussed at a time.

TWIXMIX3654d ago

Great idea! Maybe this will abolish fanboy ramblings.

Kriller3654d ago

Well now... that's asking a little too much.