Ultra Ninjas: Mirror's Edge Review

From the review:
"While Faith might predominantly be about running away from things, towards things or just for kicks, she can also take on enemies... if only 1 at a time. She has the ability to disarm the cops and guards she meets in the game if you time it right, and to help you with this she can also slow time for a short period. You only really want to take on 1 at a time as while she's fannying around with the animation you can get shot from all sides. It seems wearing kevlar's too constricting for running around in, so you'll die in a couple of shots. While you can take a weapon from an opponent and choose to kill people with it, she'll never pick up clips or only find weapons with a low amount of ammo in. Mainly of course because this is a game about running and not fighting, and while perhaps some of the levels are designed to give that Matrix feel as you run down corridors with glass shattering around you, flying into an opponent to quickly disarm him and shoot another on the other side of the room. It's certainly a great concept in theory."

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