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IGN: Need for Speed Undercover Review

Need for Speed Undercover is a poor game with a ton of problems, both technically and in terms of design. The open world design is completely lost as you can't actually drive to any event, many races are closed off which means no cross traffic, and it's incredibly easy. The presentation could have been good but winds up feeling totally contrived and confusing at times. The game could, and should, have been leaps and bounds better than it is. As it stands, though, there's absolutely no reason to pick this up over the likes of Burnout Paradise or Midnight Club: Los Angeles, both of which demolish it in every way possible.

Presentation - 6.0
Graphics - 5.0
Sound - 8.0
Gameplay - 5.0
Lasting Appeal - 6.0
Overall - (Need for Speed: Undercover, PC, Xbox 360) 5/10

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TheColbertinator  +   2516d ago
Looks like this series is officially taking a nosedive
SonyOwnsNextYear  +   2516d ago
and to think, i actually thought EA actually was trying after dead space
Sarcasm  +   2516d ago
Actually it took a fat nose dive with Pro street.

One of my worst game buying mistakes.

Looks like the series is officially STAYING under.
Alvadr  +   2516d ago
Yep, I can remember the original NFS games, every one was a classic. Now they are just dragging the franchise through the mud thinking that anything that says Need for speed on will sell.
mercyless9  +   2516d ago
Criterion Games should develope the next NFS game as they do a great job and their games are not ported. I love NFS and i cant see it go down like this.
cRaZyLeGs 93  +   2515d ago
Midnight club FTW!
BattleAxe  +   2515d ago
@ 1.4

Actually, the PS3 was the lead platform for Burnout Paradise(Criterion) and it was ported to the 360.
Jamegohanssj5  +   2516d ago
ROFLMAO! I knew it!

J@D  +   2515d ago
How doesn't know it ^^
Petay Pan   2516d ago | Spam
hotrider12  +   2516d ago
now, this is the 3rd review I read and all I read is poor scores and bad reviews. IGN GIVE IT A 5/10 GAMEPRO GIVE IT 2.5/10 GAMEPLAY GIVE IT 6.5/10 ONLY THING THAT WILL SAVE NFS IS HOPEFULLY IN 2009 EA WILL MAKE HOTPURSUIT 3 OR HIGH STAKES 2 ENOUGH OF OPEN WORLD CRAP. EA should really take it back to it's rooots

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hay  +   2516d ago
Gamepro gave it 2.5/5 actually.
St0  +   2516d ago
Agreed 500% hotrider12, openworld sucks for NFS games. GTA's the only game that suits openworld imo
hotrider12  +   2516d ago
Foxgod  +   2516d ago
Need for speed is getting better every year.

Hot persuit on the PSX used to be one of my favorite racers, how can they screw up so badly.
VMAN_01  +   2516d ago
Fucc me Underground NFS completely ruined the series.
LastDance  +   2516d ago
No...no...the series was ruined long before this game.
Final_Rpg  +   2516d ago
Definitely picking this one up after that stellar review.
InMyOpinion  +   2516d ago
EA should hire some talent from the now defunct Sega Racing studio.
SolidLiquidSnake  +   2516d ago
That is really a bad score for a NFS game! What happened? I used to love NFS games and now, since Most Wanted, no one really gave me that joy I had whith the older ones!
poopsack  +   2516d ago
wait how did graphics get a 5?
CoVsTa  +   2515d ago
yeah u know!
graphics are immense, they jus takin the piss cuz its ea, i bet this game will kick ass really, most wanted was the king, bring tht sort of thing back and the franchise is the nuts again.
KidMakeshift  +   2516d ago
Need For Speed hasn't been good since Hot Pursuit 2 for the PS2

The Fast And The Furious completely destroyed this franchise
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LastDance  +   2516d ago
swear to god, i made the exact same comment the last time NFS had a new release.

after hot pursuit 2, it went all asian and well..lets just say they deserve the scores they are getting.
kopicha  +   2516d ago
still like the old NFS classic series over the newer ones. they seems to lose track on how NFS series are meant to be. i was about to get this one as i see they they seems to bring back the root of NFS games but i have always hesitate about it. but i should thank god now i didnt pick up my copy. guess its a pass for me again for this NFS
BLUR111  +   2516d ago
wow the sound was the only thing higher than a 6.0

LOL what a joke EA is
MaximusPrime  +   2516d ago
phew im glad i didnt preorder this game. I went for Midnight Club LA.
thehitman  +   2516d ago
I been longing for a good racing game and none has risen.. NFS use to be my favorite racing game from back when I use to play it on PC to the last good 1 they made underground 2. I havent played this 1 but by the looks of it its not worth playing ... Cmon EA hire some better talent on NFS or fire the ppl who obviously are not thinking right.
Strife Lives  +   2516d ago
EA said theres 3 NFS dev teams
Each team has a certain time to put out a game. This startd 3 years ago.Pro street took 1 year to make.Undercover startd late last year or early this year.And next years game was made with a combination of all 3 dev teams ,team 1 from the start and team 2 and team 3 after pro street and undercover respectivly after their game was done with.With that said,next years NFS will probably rock.this half ass attempt sucked,as did pro street.Just get back to Most Wanted everybody.
ZILLA  +   2516d ago
theres no coming back for this franchise,it was made for last gen not now.you take a game like this and put it against BURNOUT or MC LA and it will get crushed.P L A Y B 3 Y O N D !
Squatter Nut Bosh  +   2516d ago
EA published Burnout Paradise too didn't they?
If you guys bought Dead Space there's a couple demos for Burnout and Battlefield something.
theEnemy  +   2516d ago
Guys, let's not support this game.

Look at the PSN Store, there's too many NFS:U Paid DLCs that should have been IN-GAME for FREE!.

If we buy or support this game, I wont be surprised if future games will also do that sh1t.

And yeah, 5/10 from IGN is the first step.

Thanks IGN!
fan_of_gaming  +   2516d ago
all the DLC content that is on the PS store can be unlocked for free in the game by progressing through career mode except one (the Collector's Edition upgrade).
lmao247  +   2516d ago

Oh wait, wrong comment board.
lelik  +   2516d ago
i was kinda hoping it would be good....
bumsick  +   2516d ago
oh dear
another epic fail from the nfs franchise does anyone remember nfs road challenge on the ps1? was quite rare (at least in the uk) best of the bunch in my oppinion awesome police chases, car modification (but not f&f crap) and some cool cheats like an in car view :) my personal fave thoought it deserved a mention. i agree its deffinately time ea went back to basics with the series.
CoVsTa  +   2515d ago
that this game will rape the crap out of charts on the PS3, ea + 360 doesnt work, which is why u have to pay to make a league on 360 online fifa09 LMFAO!, this game will kick ass and make a come back from dodgy pro street, watch.
CoVsTa  +   2515d ago
i think NFS is the king, and this 1 actully looks good and the gameplay ive watched looks great, so im gna see what my mates think of it first to see if i buy it or not, cuz it doesnt look bad, graphics and car customization is wicked, theyre making it into a film, so surely it cant be that bad, theyre jus slating it as they always do to every game. Its as if theres no perfect game, even cod5 was crap.
I_am_rushin  +   2515d ago
Cool 5/10 "Meh"
Seeing the word was just recently added into the dictionary, people are already using it officially.
LarVanian  +   2515d ago
Burnout seems to improve upon every new release.
Need for Speed seems to be going in the opposite direction sadly.
Rythrine  +   2515d ago
Midnight Club: LA it is then.
likedamaster  +   2515d ago
Dang it! I was really looking forward to this title. I thought they were really taking it back to the good old Most Wanted/Carbon days. Didn't get prostreet... I recommend Carbon, it did what Most Wanted did and much more. I might rent it now, or go back to Carbon (people surprisingly still play it).
silverchode  +   2515d ago
dam i was looking foward to this game.
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