Big RROD Warranty Worries

Gameplayer has identified that a big day is coming up in regards to the RROD warranty system and that Microsoft will be pressured to make some key decisions in regards to its future.

"Whether it is right or wrong to do this is irrelevant, it will happen and just like that RROD will be back circling Microsoft's image like a hungry shark taking chunks out with every disgruntled bit of word-of-mouth and media article. "

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SlappingOysters3675d ago

I got mine two months after launch... I have gone through two since but hey it has been a while since the last time.

Starting to feel nervous.

ThanatosDMC3675d ago

I doubt you can still do this but try getting an extended warranty from where you bought it. But chances are by now they wont let you anymore.

pavarotti3675d ago

my premium is a jan 06 model which has seen a hard tour of duty, and my elite is fine too. any probs and i'll send them back, if not, i'll buy a new one....same as i did with my ps1 ans ps2 when they went to he wall.

anyway, here it is, some fuel sony boys! flame on and enjoy....a n4g favourite thread. 1000 degrees within an hour.

Milky Joe3675d ago

I'm sure they'll do the right thing. Sony seem to just be ignoring the whole warranty thing right now and will replace your system regardless.

Oh and... "Daisy, daisy, give me your answer dooo"

HighDefinition3675d ago

than many would admit. Best of luck to you all.

gaffyh3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

This has always been the worry for me, which unlike all the xbox fanboys, I knew this day would eventually come so if my 360 dies 1 day after the 3 year warranty runs out, then I'm f***ed. And all the MS fanboys were like "but...but...MS gave a free 3 year warranty for RROD out of good will", more like because it was the cheapest and least destructive option for their business, and even after 3 years the piece of sh1t RROD is still not fixed!

I just hope I don't get RRoD.

Luckily though most of the time when you call MS up they don't ask you for proof for date of purchase, so you could say you bought the console a month ago and it wouldn't matter.

iamtehpwn3675d ago

but I always keep a secondary fan blowing on it. You know, one of the little portable ones that you get for rooms without ceiling fans. So that keeps it's ICE cold, and that's why I never get RROD.

It's kind of annoying, and I prefer to get games for PS3.
but my a lot of my friends are still on Live.

arika3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

a big headache i mean, for both xbox 360 owners and microsoft. first off to the several million of early adopters of xbox 360 you know that this day is coming and most are on their 2nd or third xbox's which poses another problem because the ones that they got are mostly refurbished ones, so it can break down easily and there goes your warranty.

as for microsoft well they have a bigger problem on their hands, either they are going to lose a lot of customers or they can extend their warranties some more and spend millions again on that.

a word of advice to the ones whose warranties are about to expire, just be very careful with your xbox's, no more updates and playing games for long hours because both can cause rrod's.

Oner3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

I just caught my 3rd RROD/RLOD but whatever, I was gifted the 360 when it got it's 1st hardware fault and I fixed it for all of about $3.08 and just spent another .04 cents to fix it again. But that is the extent of what I would spend on this POS, seriously. It's funny though how MS consistently gets away with such a business model...I mean, think about it

1) M$ is known for crappy business ethics (stealing others ideas)
2) M$ is known for crappy broken software (just about ALL Windows except MAYBE for 2000)
3) M$ is known for crappy broken hardware (started with the original Xbox's ACTUAL red ring of death ~ RROD and now red lights of death ~ RLOD on the 360)

I just don't get it? How could they get away with such unacceptable behavior across so many years of business. Remember this is not a "360" only thing people, but those who still don't beleive in RROD/RLOD really should read this

And just for the fake "gamers" / haters who will doubt me ~ STFU

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SlappingOysters3675d ago

I have heard that the reliabiliy of the 60GB SKU of the PS3 is turning out to be a bit dodge. This was from a mate at EB Games who has had a few returns. Has anyone else been hearing about this Orange Light of Death

mrdxpr23675d ago

ive heard about it but its rare but dont worry mate its rare... i have a 60gb and i have had nothing of the sort me or my 360 wise well my bro and 2 of my friends have gotten it...

Bigrhyno3675d ago

Every piece of high tech hardware will have it's problems. Just because some people have had to take their PS3s back doesn't mean it's about to have the next RROD.

Senbo3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

my 60 gb is dead and so is my friends both with the orange or yellow Light of death what ever you want to call it.

on top of that it seams to happen after 1-5 months after the one year warranty

edit: one disagree? looks like some one is watching me and hasn't noticed my dead ps3 btw look me up on psn i haven't logged on in about 1 month(to lazy to get a job and pay sony to fix it)

edit2: @ultimolu what are you talking about i get hard every morning just from waking up next to my piano black ps3!........ OK I'm exaggerating but my hart definitely skips a beat.

ultimolu3675d ago

My original 60gb is pretty good so far.

I just wish the PS3 was different color other than black. It's hard as hell to clean sometimes and I've gotten a few undescribable scratches on the surface.

dukadork3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

but no:

the ps3 is 100x more reliable than the 360: period
in fact, i don't know a single case of failure around me.
my 60GB launch sku is on all the time, it's [email protected] all night, hours of gaming everyday, hours of bluray/DVD/music playback: not a single glitch in 2 years.

it's striking when you compare with the 360: what a POS hardware this thing is! no wonder why it needs so much bullsh!t(ers) to survive

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power of Green 3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

This is an SlappingOysters post, better not read it. I have a hard enough time finding news in all the spam on this site as it is.

EDIT: Dissagree?, This contributor's news posts are mostly spam, there is nothing to dissagree with only a fool would dissagree; that much of the news posts on this site is rehashed garbage seeked out to get points or to piss people off.

I feel like Bill Maher/Paul Begala at the RNC

ThatCanadianGuy3675d ago

So it's only spam if its anything negative towards 360?

Pff,you're a joke man.

ultimolu3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

...So the RROD is a fairytale.
PoG, please stop defending the 360 and THINK for once.

You know why I'm annoyed with the 360?

Because there is no reason why anyone with half an inch of a brain should have to deal with hardware problems like this. The original XBox was built like a tank. What the hell happened to the 360? What, did Microsoft decide to throw all the cheap parts in and just focus on software?

jadenkorri3675d ago

seriosuly did u not figure that out by his name, anything bad about the 360 is spam, and anything bad about the ps3 is news, why cause sony apparently fails at everything...its what MS told him....
MS is perfect they make good O/S like win 98, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista, along with a quality Xbox and an 360.... there all perfect and have no problems, RROD/RLOD are myths made up by PS3fanboys, it happened once to 1 person and been edited and posted so many different times, its a comspiracy against MS, there making money on the 360 along with outselling everyone else......obviously im being xbox 360, manufacturing date was August 2008 got the RROD, yes mine did, within a freaking im on my 2nd 360 being a 1 month owner so far, my gold mem just expired...

elorm93675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

About time you guys did some damage control. There's been quite a number of articles on this matter, and it seems like people on N4G are starting to get it now. I don't see as much hate towards the PS3 as I did a week ago. Btw, I still miss pp and FBI :(

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austere3675d ago

just got a new Xbox arcade free with a TV I got. I also had a launch Xbox that I never got fixed cuz it messed up and I couldn't get it to RRoD. Wow tho, maybe my launch one was really Fed over, I dunno but the new xbox sounds so much better and even the buttons and things seem to work better on the system.

Sux for people with the older models that are ticking timebombs when warranty goes out. I was pissed when my messed up for awhile but there was nothing I could do about it.

Rigmaster3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

The RRoD fiasco has proven to be pretty much irrelevant to the outcome of the current console gen.

The Xbox 360 is selling at the same rate as the first Xbox and in an almost identical pattern across the various gaming regions.

The Xbox sold 25 million in 3.5 years on the market between Nov 2001 and June 2005 when it stopped being manufactured.

The Xbox 360 has shipped 22 million in 3 years with about 21 million sold.

The same 21-25 million people who bought the first Xbox are buying the Xbox 360.

The same 140 million + 23 million PS2 and GameCube owners who didn't buy an Xbox last gen are not buying the console this gen.

Microsoft has really no reason to fix the problem. Playstation and Nintendo fans aren't buying the 360 just like they didn't with the Xbox, and Xbox fans have shown their willingness to pay for 3,4,5... replacement consoles.

pavarotti3675d ago

you have anew account again i see. and i've seen you write the same rubbish in about three threads now. sad person you.

how wells your precious ps3 selling compared to the ps1 and ps2??? oh that's rite, it's selling absolutely terribly!! the ps3 wont even hit 60mil units with the ps3. does it hur to hear that???

power of Green 3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

You keep saying that fanboy jibberish in every 360 thread you can.

Your numbres are all wrong and your assumption that XBOX owners are the only consumres buying the XBox 360 is moronic at best.

I say the 360 and the Wii are taking the casuals that made up the PS2 base mixed with past XBOX owners, we'll see Wii and 360 take more of PS2's base now that the 360 is cheap enough although the Wii was already taking PS2 owners.

@4.1: Nasim's new account is only 190 points old lol. Agreed!

I have 30 of his accounts on ignor maybe more,m now 31.

ultimolu3675d ago

...What are you doing?
Stop making sense!

Anon19743675d ago

I'm the only 3 people with an original xbox, and 2 of them have the 360 (the other is thinking PS3 but hasn't jumped yet). I'm sure there's some new 360 owners out there as well but look at Halo numbers. Halo 3 sold 8.41 million copies - Halo 2 sold 8.6 million copies. It certainly looks like the same people who bought Halo 2 were buying Halo less. Of course that's rather circumstantial evidence at best. Sales of the 360 have certainly slowed year over year, you have to admit. Could we be seeing 360 saturation?

Also, how is the PS3 selling vs the PS2? That's a good question. Why don't you look it up, pavarotti. It looks to me that they're selling damn near identical from their respective launches. The PS2 chart has pulled away recently but only because due to the different launch months the PS2 is showing the holiday season earlier than the PS3. After this holiday season we should see the charts back in line again. You should really do some research before you start throwing around sales data.

3675d ago
Bubble Buddy3675d ago

Heh, do you guys that care about how much a console have sold get like profit or something?

The Wii's selling tons and I would rather have a PS2 than a Wii. Whoever thinks RRoD is a myth is either a liar, lucky, or oblivious. I have seen about 20 RRoD's all from my family, friends and in public. Basically, this problem is scaring me not to get a 360. Also the fact that I have to sell out $100 on Wi-Fi and $60/year on XBL. So even if I do pay for the fees, and it red rings, I know it's going to create a whole mess of problems.

Microsoft better not be aware of this problem from the start and not fixing it for faster release or a lot of people will be pissed.

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