Rock Revolution Sells 3,000 Units -- Wii Sells Two

Slashgamer writes: "Can this be for real? According to the NPD, Konami's rhythm game Rock Revolution sold poorly. Again, if this is real - poorly would actually be good news for the gaming publisher.

The NPD Group reported - get this, Rock Revolution sold less 3,000 copies of the game for the month of October. Because of the numbers being so ridicules low, I have my doubts about the legitimacy."

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NovusTerminus3675d ago

I... Honestly don't know what to say if these numbers are true...

jorgeanaya0003675d ago

I need to meet these two people.

penguinhunter3675d ago

I wish I bought it for the Wii, just because I would see three sold -- I would be kinda famous

TheColbertinator3675d ago

Maybe now Konami should get to work on Suikoden again

pwnsause3675d ago

not to mention do a contra Remake on the PSN/XBLA not to mention get rid of that Konami ID from MGO and move it to the PSN.

penguinhunter3675d ago

Or maybe Ninja Turtles...Man those were good days.

ceedubya93675d ago

And don't forget the Simpsons and X-Men. Ah, the good old days....

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The story is too old to be commented.