Shacknews: Left 4 Dead Review - A Co-op Review of Valve's New Cooperative Zombie Shooter

Shacknews writes:

"At this point, you've heard us go on and on about this one. Yes, Left 4 Dead is a great game. It's a fresh co-op experience, presented in unique movie-sized campaigns. If it sounds like you'd enjoy that kind of thing--or you liked the demo--it's an easy purchase.

But there is that pesky question of value, along with the possibility of hidden flaws. And so we trudged down to Valve HQ to review the full package ahead of time, playing countless hours of the game to answer a few necessary questions.

Namely: What exactly are we getting with Left 4 Dead? Sure, the demo levels are largely indicative of the full game, but how much game is there? Is this something that will get old after the first day? And what about this Versus Mode? Is it an after-thought, or a full-fledged component? Read on for our collective thoughts."

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