Square Enix announces Kingdom Hearts DSi bundle

Square Enix announced today a hardware bundle that will combine Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days with a DSi system. The bundle will be named "Kingdom Hearts Edition." Details on color and price will be shared in a future update.

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TheColbertinator3562d ago

Will the US also receive a bundle or is this Japan only?

CloudsEnd3562d ago

Sadly, thats going to be one of the last Things that im going to buy from Square Enix..

Kingdom Hearts (DS / PSP / Next Gen)
Fabula Nova Crystallis

:( Bye Square Enix.

agmsd3562d ago

I'm totally on your side man... during the last 10 years I recall at least 15 titles I've bought from SE. but, If they don't change their attitude toward the PS3 fans soon. I'm not buying even this one for my DSi.. go to h3ll SE...

zoosrfun3562d ago

take things too personal much?

FinalomegaS3562d ago

Seriously, all game dev can do what they need to do to stay and make money. It's not like your financially keeping them afloat. I was so pissed when Capcom made the exclusive 5 for the GCN and... then pretty much made them multiplatform and even killed a lot of the RE4 sale because they had mentioned even before the release it was going on PS2. "Show me the money"

Trust me, if I were them and I knew the user base and how much it cost to make a game vs how much profit that can be made, I would of done the same. Gamers point of view would be OMGZ, but business ... well you know the drill.

Square needs to remake FF VI ( part 3 in US) and on every damn platform ( you know their style of milking) and that would be the last game for me to get.

DarkBlood3561d ago

it would be nice to get a bundle like this is canada and us much rather then get the dsi alone