GOA Feature : The 3 Things EPIC Need To Do To Improve Gears 2 Multiplayer.

Gears of War 2 released on November 7th with great anticipation. Unfortunately there are some aspects of the multiplayer experience that disappointed a lot of Gears 1 fans. Read inside for what we think Epic should do to improve the multiplayer mode in Gears 2 and rightfully take its place at the top of everyone's most played list.

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sniper45343651d ago

true lol they need to fix all that

MiloGarret3650d ago

No they don't. I understand the issue with lag, as a european I've experienced times when it was virtually unplayable. I have a very fast connection so I get picked as host very often, but sometimes when I play with amricans and I'm not the host it's incredibly annoying.

Haven't really noticed that they move slower, but yeah, they should move faster.

Shotgun needs to stay the way it is, it almost ruined the first gears. What they should do is add a stun effect to people chainsaw charging who are hit by close-range shotgun shots.

Firstkn1ghT3651d ago

I swear some people just cry about anything. First everybody hated the shotgun in gears 1 and now they hate the shotgun in gears 2. Stop crying and play this fantastic game. People just need to get better. So many noobs.

mattius19893651d ago

you cant really get better and therefore no longer be a "noob" if you cant get into a game that is free from lag.

bloop3650d ago

I don't think they should change the speed or power of the shotgun, but you have to agree, it is pretty annoying when someone runs at you from a distance of 30 feet, straight through every cartridge in your shotgun with the chainsaw still revving. The chainsaw should be lowered when you give them a lead sandwich. Having said that, I do think the chainsaw battles are hilarious. Chainsawwing someone never seems to get old :-).

d2dahoopa3651d ago

i would say just print Gears of war 2 on top of the gears of war 1 disc

tell me thats not genius

MiloGarret3650d ago

Go play gears1 if you don't like the second one, you and all the rest of the whiners should make up a pretty decent amount of players.

JeffGUNZ3650d ago

Other then lag issues, the game is great. On EPICS defense there are over 2 million people trying to play at once. What does everyone expect?