White Knight Chronicles Box Art Revealed

The official Japanese cover of White Knight Chronicles has finally been released to the public.


Large box art added.

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Narutone663676d ago

the game have English subtitles. It's being release at the same time as Japan in where I live. PS3 in Japan hopefully will sell like hotcakes when this game is released.

jkhan3676d ago

You sure about english subtitles?
I guess I will have to weight, I don't want the multiplayer to be region locked. Can't take any risks.
One thing is true, PS3 will crush the Japanese market when this game comes out.

3676d ago
Sprudling3676d ago

You haven't been outside the US I bet. But to you, the US is the entire world right?

jkhan3676d ago

Do you really need to be an @$$ on every news? I mean seriously grow up kid. Your parents must have been very disappointed in u.
Anyways great game, I can't wait for it.

L Ronald Hubbard3676d ago

Bubbles to Sprud.

Its a shame because some people can't point where Britain or North Korea are on the world map.

Anyway, the art is looking decent. Doesn't need to be too extreme.

-GametimeUK-3676d ago

Lightning has valid reasons behind his opinions... His opinion in no way has any real affect on your lives so get over it or at least respect it... If you read he actually says he wants the game...

As for sony... Well I seen an amazing mirrors edge advert last night which shown the Playstation 3 logo at the end (it was crazy cos im so used to seeing the 360 logo)... It was nice to see for a change

plain rice3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

For Lightning, its hard for him to enjoy games because Sony is doing poorly in sales. lol.


Just because he said he's looking forward to WKC doesn't make his comment credible by any chance. Tell me, are you @ss kissing him, or are you that gullible to his comments?

Antan3675d ago

"This year, it seems like there's just 1 console on the market."

Yep, he`s right...the Wii is just kicking everyones arse!

ultimolu3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

...Why do you do this? I mean WHY?

Sony is doing FINE so far. This is not a race. This is a sprint and they're at their own pace. When they're ready, they'll get things done. As long as they bring out awesome games, I'm very happy with that.

Jamegohanssj53675d ago

Box art is teh secks. Lightning is obviously mad because 360 has no games compared to the PS3. Being out sold world wide hurts doesn't it? Get over it


arika3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

it doesn't matter what kind of cover it has. what's important to the japanese is that this game is the first true rpg for the next generation and a 100% system seller. mark my words my friends this game is going to put the ps3 on top of the charts again in japan.

prowiew3675d ago

am I the only one that has lost interest in this game?

Yipee Bog3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Is it one of those turn based games, or more of a Mass Effect or even a diablo type of game, where gameplay is a little more involved. I'm not really into those turn based games, you just feel too helpless. I want a really good RPG on the PS3, hopefully this is it. I just want a demo

prowiew3675d ago

well. with all the disagrees, it looks that im really the only one that lost interest in the game. Maybe with time, the interest comes back.

Lifendz3675d ago

you gotta give it to Sony on style alone. Their systems just look better than the competitions'. Their boxes just look cooler. Even games with the same box art (i.e. multiplats) tend to look better in the PS3 casing. The green and white just looks so bland and generic compared to the stylistic piano black and PS3 font.

Let the hate commence!

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Flipfito3676d ago

it looks plain....well it doesnt matter that game is gonna kick ass!!

Sony Rep3676d ago

That looks really good. imo

It's so different than any other box art. Japan should eat this up come December.

agmsd3675d ago

And here's the Knight... I noticed that you've already used the box art as your avatar... I'm bubbling you up for it... :D

UltimateIdiot9113676d ago

I like, a lot of US boxarts over do it. I like some plain variety.

Sony Rep3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

True. I guess US box arts have to have a lot of explosions and action in order to sell...

I like the subtlety that many Japanese box arts seem to have, though. I would buy the Japanese version just for the box art. lol

UltimateIdiot9113676d ago

Personally, I prefer Japanese boxarts, a lot of them are happier and the coloring are more easier on the eyes. Although, on rare occasion, there are some US boxart that are better than the Japanese counterpart.
I hated how Kirby has to look mean in the US. There is usually too much going on, giant heads, dark colors and too much anger
To be honest, sometimes, a boxart can make or break my decision on a game purchase.
One of the reason, I'm not a huge fan of DLC is because I enjoy boxart and appreciate the art.

Charlie26883676d ago

One of the best examples on how US boxarts over do it its on the FF ones cuz while the Japanese one is as simple as possible putting all the emphasis on the title+logo the US ones are a freaking colash of ALL the stuff the can be cramped into the cover -_-

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