Left 4 Dead is Live on Steam

As of midnight EST, the PC version of Left 4 Dead, Valve's zombie thriller, is now available via Steam to gamers around the globe. The title will be available for the PC and Xbox 360 at retail stores on Tuesday, November 18 in North America, and worldwide on Friday, November 21.

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omni_atlas3654d ago

Decrypting the files as we speak. Taking forever...

Bolts3654d ago

Yeah the wait is epic. But when it's done, its well worth it.

Solbadguy3654d ago

files is taking as long as it did to pre-load the game. (@[email protected])

zanthox3654d ago

Since launch... 6 hours already... didn't sleep... craving... brains...

Joejoefhosho3654d ago

No wonder it's a Xbox360 game.

ravinshield3654d ago

its time for all the playstation fangirls like the one above to go buy left 4 dead on their pc's and so that valve can keep making more excellent 360 games with ur money