Maximum PC Left 4 Dead Review

Left 4 Dead, Valve Software's new multiplayer first-person shooter, delivers that awesomely terrifying experience to us. Abandoned metropolises, a ragtag band of hapless strangers, and an endless horde of infected humans-all the staples of a nail-biting George A. Romero zombie epic-are present and accounted for in this ambitious cooperative adventure. But how does this game hold up to our obsessive zombie fantasies? We busted a few thousand undead skulls to find out.

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BLUR1113653d ago

too bad not even Resistance can't get a 9.0 on average score and the game ppl said was a joke beats in rating


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Obama3653d ago

I just finished the first campaign on the pc. Don't need to buy a firebox to play this.

Ap3theBad3653d ago

this kind of game was ment to be on PC and PC only,hahahaaa its multiplatform and not a 360 exclusive...

anywho. ima buy this tomorrow for my PC that i just built to play creysis on high.
i played the demo and singlew player sux to me but multiplayer is wut its all about.

Keele3653d ago

Thank you for supporting Microsoft.

Xeke3653d ago

He would only be supporting Microsoft if he has bought or buys a copy of Windows, the game is Valves.

I built my machine my self then installed an already activated OEM copy of Vista which I downloaded, so if I bought L4D im sure MS wouldnt see any of the money.

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