A.V. Club: Mirror's Edge Review

Beyond the game: Speed Runs challenge you to get through each of the game's levels as quickly as possible.

Worth playing for: Skimming along rooftops, making daring leaps, and dodging and disarming guards can induce a Zen-like state.

Frustration sets in when: You wind up in a room with no apparent way out. (Tip: If you see a gun lying about, pick it up and use it to shoot out any nearby glass walls. There. We just saved you about an hour of misery.)

Final judgment: The story and dialogue are clunky at times. And there are many situations where you'll be utterly perplexed as to where to go next. But overall, no game this year looks, or plays, quite like this one.

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Arsenic133678d ago

Finished it in one sitting, good but short.