Sony: InFamous game length still undecided

Sucker Punch hasn't worked out how long its openworld superhero game inFamous will eventually be despite (admittedly jokey) reports to the contrary stemming from our live interview with Nate Fox last week.

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IzKyD13313678d ago

open world games tend to be 20+ hours long

Kush_Reaper3678d ago

Hopefully this will be the same story. I'm dure sucker punch will deliver a lenghthy and enjoyable experience.


360degrees3678d ago

Do Not go the Heavenly Sword route and assume that True gamers do not care about game length...I mean u could be the most hardcore gamer around, but in the End a short game is just a Huge letdown and makes anyone question forking over $60 for such a short experience

PoSTedUP3677d ago

hell no, heavenly sword was epic and the story was deep, just not long... it was really good though!

Ichiryoka3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Gears 2 was a let down? Was God of War a let down? No and no. Now go troll behind that garbage can that you live in.

ThanatosDMC3677d ago

To bo honest i hope there a lot more about this game that free exploration like a spiderman game. When i saw the gameplay, i was afraid that the gameplay will become repetitive fast, especially since he seems to have god-like powers and wouldnt die after getting shot. They really need to explain his powers first since this isnt Marvel.

Dark General3677d ago

I'm expecting 18 hours from Infamous seeing as it's open world. Though i usually get long legs out of my games since i fool around in them a bit.

TheExecutive3677d ago

if the main story is 15 hours I will be happy. But I NEED a lot of interesting side quests. I hope the immersion factor in the game is high too.

I have 34 hours logged into Fallout and I havent even begun the main quest yet.

RememberThe3573677d ago

Give me 50 hours of game play guys!

cyax3677d ago

Even being a sandbox open world game doesn't automatically add anything to the main story. Sure you could go around exploring the city but that doesn't add as much to the value as a fleshed out story. Not to mention potential low scores from critical reviewers because of a "shallow story" or something similar. If it's anything in length like a smaller scale Oblivion then I'd be happy.

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Aclay3677d ago

Seeing that it's an Open World game, it seems like there could be a lot of potential gameplay, so I'm not too worried about the game length... for an Open World game I think that the main story should be 15-20 hours minimum and I hope it's not shorter than that.

InFamous should have some replayability though even if the game is short because your actions in the game will affect the story (you can choose to be a Hero or Anti-Hero).

CrippleH3677d ago

I like it to be +20 hours or at least 15.

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