Sliced Gaming: Warrior Land: The Shake Dimension Review

SG: "Wario is one of Nintendo's B-list characters. Initially conceived as another nemesis for Mario, he has evolved into a lazy character that's always on the search for treasure. Hell, it took three Smash Bros. games before he made an appearance. His platforming solo career has been largely based in the handheld sphere, with the exception being Wario World for Gamecube, a terrible brawler by Treasure that really doesn't deserve being mentioned. His second console platformer has also been handed off to another team, with developer Good-Feel at the helm. Does a return to Wario's 2D roots make for a better game?"

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Smacktard3650d ago

Wow, what a terrible review. 3 out of 10 graphics-wise? I stopped reading there.

Xander-RKoS3650d ago

"It’s a B grade game"

If it's a B grade game, then why didn't it get a B grade?